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What are the Best Golf Shoes to buy in 2018?

Best golf shoes 2018

When tackling wet rough and soft ground conditions, your golf shoes give you a solid foundation to stand on.

But if you've ever looked for shoes online, you know the market is flooded with options.

Bottom line?

Finding the right golf shoe or other apparel for golfers online is tough but worth it.

This is why we cover the best golf shoes on the market today and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor's Choice: ECCO Men’s Bio Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

The shoe has excellent quality features such as ample space, comfort, superb support, as well as being weather resistance.

In fact, the extra length in this shoe is still an advantage because it gives reasonable extra space to the foot to stretch comfortably while playing.

This ensures that the wearer is able to perform very well in the game.


  • Fits comfortably around the heal and mid-foot
  • Reasonably wide hence comfortable as they do not hurt the feet
  • Has anatomical last shape to offer ideal levels of support
  • Weather resistance, since HYDROMAX™ and an anti-stain formula is used while designing these shoes.


  • Have a bit of extra length in the toe box for every size

Best Value: Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

The significant features such as stability, comfort, lightweight support, as well as responsible energy appeal to the customers who want the quality product at affordable cost.

Furthermore, the extra length in the shoe gives the buyer an option of buying a half-size lower or sticking to exact size and have the room for the foot to stretch when wearing.


  • PWRCAGE® TPU saddle offers lightweight support
  • IGNITE form provides responsive energy return, stability, and comfort to golfers
  • Has textile lining which further offers quality comfort
  • Duoflex in the shoe enhances movement making it more natural.
  • It comes in different colors.


  • A bit longer: ordering a half-size lower would be helpful to be comfortable.

Best Seller: Adidas Men’s Adipower s Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe

adidas Men's Adipower s Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe

The fabric in this shoe makes it not ideal for sunny places. Wearing this shoe in sunny places may make you feel uncomfortable in that case it may “stifle” your feet. However, the fact that this shoe has spikeless bottom ensure that there is no need to replace the spikes.

The spikes are placed at the bottom of shoes to enhance traction and speed. This of great help when playing because the player can increase the speed of movement.


  • Have spikeless bottom hence no worry of replacing spikes
  • Lightweight shoes hence comfortable to walk
  • Relatively generous in width hence fit well to everyone, even to big-footed individuals: great fit!
  • Comes in different colors


  • Has plastic fabric hence not ideal in sunny areas: feet may feel like burning up!
  • Appear dark charcoal gray

Worthy Competitor: NIKE Men’s Zoom Stefan Janoski Skate Shoe

Nike Men's Zoom Stefan Janoski Skate Shoe

The shoe is very durable. The streamlined style due to the autoclave construction fuses of the middle sole and outsole make it appear superb, and it is a cold shoe to the wearer.

The different colors give the buyer a variety to choose from.


  • Made with premium suede and nubuck upper hence clean look and durability in high-wear areas.
  • Autoclave construction fuses the outsole/middle sole for streamlined style and a low-to-the-ground fitCome in different colors.


  • Narrow inside hence hurt to wide-footed people.

Worthy Competitor: Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

The shoe is waterproof and comfort, and this makes it ideal for all-weather playing situations. It comes in white and black colors, and this also gives the buyer the chance to choose from.

However, the low durability level of this shoe may downplay its other quality standards. It will be upon the buyer to check out these variables before deciding whether to go for this shoe. Ensure that your desired needs are met before deciding to buy this shoe.


  • It is waterproof since it has Opti-repel microfiber leather on the upper side.
  • Has 7-spike dura-rubber outsole for maximum comfort and durability.


  • Appear smaller than typical size: one needs to order one size larger to be comfortable.
  • Do not last long as the faux leather easily separates from the sole.

Best golf shoes 2018

How to find the suitable golf shoes for you?

I believe you’ll agree with me when I say that, as a golf player, selecting the best shoes is key to excellent game performance and personal satisfaction. Well, it turns out that you can choose the best golf shoes by looking at how well the available shoes in the market meet your desired needs exceptionally well.
The following factors will show you how to choose the golf shoe which best meets your needs:

A. How to choose golf shoes?

1. Spikes or No Spikes

This appears as the first factor which you should look for before buying golf shoes. Irrespective of whichever condition you are playing in, whether wet or dry, spikes will provide more traction compared to the stubby lugs on the spikeless golf shoes. Spikes will offer you reasonably more traction as well as stability when playing in rainy, wet, an even hilly grounds.

On the other hand, spikeless shoes usually are more comfortable since they are lightweight and have more flexible soles. The recent generation of spikeless shoes resembles running shoes or different types of casual athletic shoes. As such, you can choose
between spike shoes and spikeless-shoes depending on the conditions you play

To learn more about spikes in golf shoes, watch this video:

2. Comfort

This is another factor you really need to consider when buying golf shoes. As earlier mentioned, comfort relates to the fitness, familiarity with the shoes regarding whether you have ever worn such type of shoe before, and appearance. You want to buy the shoe which is not too tight or too loose.

The degree of comfortable is significant because you desire to concentrate on the game and perform better. The size of the shoe and its appearance may also contribute to the aspect of comfort which ensures that appearance of your shoe does not attract unnecessary attention from your colleagues. However, the preferred appearance will depend on your taste of color. Some people prefer dark colored shoes while others want a few shiny shoes.

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In wet weather, you want to have a shoe which is waterproof. This too is also related to the element of comfort and convenience. You may want to consider the lightness of the shoe concerning it with your body weight. For individuals who are heavyweight, they consider buying shoes which are not too light.

This is because they want to feel a bit of something healthy on their feet as they step on the ground. For this reason, ensure you buy the shoe which matches your specific needs. The bottom line is to ensure that you purchase the shoes which enhance your comfort as this is key to good performance in playing golf.

3. Stability

Stability is another important factor which you need to consider when deciding which perfect shoe is best for
your needs. Stability is crucial because you need to ensure that the shoe gives should the desired support while doing swings in playing golf.

For instance, when performing a backswing, the pressure on the back foot builds up, and a significant amount of potential energy is stored. This means that the golfer requires shoes which can offer stability to support him while performing the swings.

4. Flexibility

This is another thing which is critical to the golfer. Most of the golf courses are situated in hilly and irregular grounds. As such, a golfer is required to be proficient at taking swings in such awkward slopes.

For this reason, the golfer requires golf shoes which are more flexible. The elasticity in the shoes ensures that there is flexibility needed for the golfer. The golf shoe which offers better flexibility is the one designed with materials that are a bit soft inside and the foot can stretch easily inside the shoe without being hurt.

B. Benefits of Golf Shoes

Are golf shoes really required to play golf? This may seem like a tricky question because not many people have ever sat down to think about it. Perhaps this can make sense if I go further to ask: what are golf shoes? In other words, some shoes are specifically designed to play golf? Is it a must you wear such kind of shoes, or you can as well substitute them with any other shoe? There are a variety of shoes in the market which is specifically designed to play golf.

However, the reality is that golf shoes are not mandatory to wear. You can as well wear any other type of shoe, so long as it does not damage the turf and that they are permitted by the golf course. As such, it all depends on the golf course rules.

Then, you may ask: what are benefits of wearing golf shoes? Well, golf shoes are designed to meet the ideal needs of
the golf play. They are designed to keep your feet from sliding around when making the swing. The shoes are designed to offer good fitness which prevents your feet from sliding inside the shoe as well ensuring that the shoe does not slide out from under as you perform the swing when playing golf.

Furthermore, these shoes are designed in such a manner that they offer the required support and stability to the wearer to enhance better performance. The gold shoes are designed in such a way that they improve movement by having the desired lightness and flexibility. The aspect of waterproof in this type of shoes ensures that the wearer can play golf in all-weather situations.

Check the purpose of golf shoes in this video:

C. Attributes that Differentiates Golf Shoes

  • Color
  • Spikes or spikeless element
  • Make-up material (e.g., leather, synthetic, etc.)
  • Cost

Understand attributes to consider before buying golf shoes in this video:

D. Best Way to Use Golf Shoes

Do you know that using golf shoes is as easy as 123? Put on the socks which are medium thick to ensure you get the
desired comfort. Then, insert the foot on the shoe and pull the ends of the shoelaces to tie them twice a bit tight in such a way that you feel comfortable.

Ensure that you do not unnecessarily hit hard objects such as rocks or stones along the way as you work as this may rapidly tear your shoes. In order to ensure that your shoes last longer, smear on the suede or dye which is applicable to the shoes and wash them regularly. Always keep them in clean shoe racks.

E. Controversy Surrounding Golf Shoes

The controversy surrounding the use of golf shoes relates to the labor issues facing the manufacturers of these
products. One of the manufacturers of golf shoes which has ever found itself in this controversy is Nike Inc.

Most of the multinational golf companies like Nike has the manufacturing plants in China and other Asian countries where
labor and raw materials are relatively available and cheap. There have been many cases of mistreatment, low pay, and employment of minors in these shoe manufacturing plants.

In the recent years, Nike has been accused of underage jobs, poor pay, as well as mistreatment of the workers in these shoe manufacturing companies. The controversy hence arises of why such companies sell their products very expensive, yet they are unable to pay their workers well.

In fact, in some cases, workers in these shoe manufacturing plants have been reported to be overworked and paid a few dollars. The “sweatshops” is the common word associated with the poor and inhuman conditions in which the workers in these shoe manufacturing plants go through.

This video clearly explains the sweatshop's issue that Nike faced:

F: Prerequisites to Using Golf Shoes

What are you required to have in order to use the golf shoes effectively? Ensure that you are knowledgeable enough about the material which makes your shoe. Is it leather or synthetic? Is it waterproof? Do the shoes have spikes or not? Does your shoe use dye? By knowing all these things, you will be able to make use and take care of your golf shoes effectively and efficiently.

It is important that you read the User Guide paper which you bought to ensure that you are well aware of the nature of your golf shoe.

Our Choice

The Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe seems to have the ideal features that meet exceptionally to the needs of golf players that are professionals, business people, or active investors. This shoe stands out among the five shoes reviewed first because its PWRCAGE® TPU saddle offers lightweight support and this enhances better movement.

This shoe is also the best choice because, its IGNITE form provides responsive energy return, stability, and comfort to golfers. The other feature which stands out in this shoe is that it has a textile lining and Duoflex in this shoe which offers quality comfort to the wearer and making it more natural.

The fact that this shoe has a bit longer space in the toe box ensures that the wearer has flexibility when stretching. This is important to enhance better performance. The shoe is waterproof and this makes it ideal for all-weather situations. A golf player always want to buy the shoe which is worth your money and time of buying.

Furthermore, Puma Inc is a global company with good reputation and this enhances the reliability and authenticity of this shoe.

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