Best Golf Bag Organizer on the Market in 2021

We reviewed common golf bag organizers on the market to find the best golf bag organizers in 2021.

Let’s admit two simple things:

  1. Golf clubs alone can take up a lot of space.
  2. As a regular golfer, you will end up with a fair bit of equipment on your hands over the years.

Sure, you only need 14 clubs to make up a regulation set, but as you improve your game over the years, you will end up owning more than just fourteen. Add to that your varied collection of balls, golf bags, gloves, and caps and you are bound to have at least some storage related challenges.

Bottom line?

Keeping all your golfing equipment in one place saves you time and keeps your home and mind clutter free.

As you can’t just keep everything stuffed inside golf bags, a golf bag organizer can help you avoid unwanted clutter.

In this comparison review we reviewed the best golf bag organizers on the market right now and discuss how to choose among them.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Golf Bag Organizers are:

At a glance: Out top picks of best golf storage racks

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Golf Bag Organizer Buying Guide

What is a Golf Bag Organizer?

Think an all in one storage space to keep all your golfing equipment in a neat and tidy manner, and you get a general idea. As its name suggests, a golf bag organizer is a place where you can keep your collection of golf bags along with space for other stuff like golf balls, shoes, towels, club head covers and everything else.

Golf bag organizers come in several formats, materials, and purposes. The most common variant of the golf bag organizer is the one you keep inside your home or garage. Other than this home storage option, there is also more portable golf equipment storage solutions for your car as well as long distance travel.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing exclusively on the home storage solution.

Why Use a Golf Bag Organizer

Modern golf clubs are manufactured using various raw materials like titanium, carbon fiber and graphite. They tend to have innovative hollow clubhead designs and can be quite fragile.

The safest way to store these clubs is to keep them in a high-quality golf bag, replete with club head covers for all the clubs. But keeping golf bags leaning on the wall is not a safe storage method at all. There is always the risk that they will fall over and cause damage to clubs.

You can avoid this risk with a golf bag organizer. Having one at your home will help you keep all your clubs and bags in one easy to reach space. You also get additional travel bags for your other golf equipment, but this won’t really save you space at home.

This will save you precious time when you are getting ready for a day on the local golf course. And since most organizers come in the sub-$100 price bracket, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a reliable storage option for your prized golf clubs either.

Golf Storage Organizer: Choice of Materials

Golf clubs can be quite heavy and require a stable platform for safe storage. Among golf bag organizers wood and metal are common choices. Of the two, metal is considered more desirable than wood, due to its sturdiness and durability.

The best-selling golf bag organizers in the market tend to be all metal affairs. They are also easier to transport over long distances, especially when you buy from online sources.

Basic Design of a Golf Bag Storage Organizers

These organizers are usually in the form of metal or wood racks with large spaces for storing entire golf bags filled with clubs.

Along with these larger areas, you also get an assortment of smaller shelves, racks, cabinets or baskets to keep the smaller items like golf balls, shoes, and gloves. A golf bag storage rack is designed with a balance between compactness and storage space in mind.

You can buy a golf bag organizer for the garage as well as any other indoor space in your home.

Two-Bag Variants Vs. Single Golf Bag Organizer

It goes without saying that a single golf bag organizer is the more compact option. But most golfers end up with more clubs than they can store in a single golf bag. It is quite reasonable for the average golfer to have at least two golf bags filled with clubs.

If you are a beginner, a one bag organizer will be enough. But unless you plan to golf only occasionally, a single bag option will not last very long. It is much better to go for a two bag variant to future proof your golf storage option. And even a cursory look at the top models on sale online will show that the two bag configuration is by far the most popular one.

Always check the product dimensions before buying to avoid ending up with a product that fails to accommodate your larger cart or tour bags.

Organizers and Compatible Golf Bags

There are at least five different types of golf bags used by golfers:

  • Carry bags: Carry bags are the lightest and most compact versions. These come with shoulder straps and are easy to carry around the course. They are ideal if you are a recreational or casual golfer. Due to their compact size, These bags will easily fit into any organizer out there.
  • Stand bags: Stand bags are heavier than carry-bags and have a pair of legs which enable them to be kept upright on the course. These can be used either carried around or used in tandem with a golf cart. They will also fit quite well into a golf bag organizer.
  • Cart bags: Cart bags are much heavier and less portable when compared to the other two bags. Since they have more storage space, they are also bulkier. You might have some trouble fitting two of these even onto a two bag golf organizer.
  • Tour bags: With maximum storage, tour bags are quite bulky and preferred by tour professionals. Since most golf bag storage organizers in the market are aimed at the recreational and amateur golfers, you may have trouble fitting those bags on an average sized golf bag club organizer.
  • Travel bags: Travel bags are huge contraptions that can easily store an entire golf bag inside them for transportation purposes. Golfers who want to travel with their equipment will use these bags. Since we are talking about home storage of golf bags, the issue of travel bags doesn’t arise.

Golf Bag Storage Organizer: Assembling Vs. DIY

When you buy a golf bag storage rack online, what you are getting is a knocked down or disassembled product. This is, of course, the easiest way to deliver these organizers. You will have to spend an hour or so assembling the organizer at your home or garage. But the whole process should be easy since the best golf club organizers will come with detailed instructions on their assembly.

If you are really into the DIY ethos, you can even skip buying the prefabricated kits and do the whole manufacturing yourself at your workshed. For this, golf bag organizer wood variants are much easier than metal versions, since wood is much easier to craft.

But keep in mind that you will obviously need some metal or woodworking skills to create a reliable rack to keep your expensive golfing equipment. But if you are short of the time and inclination, buying a golf bag storage from a reputed manufacturer is the best option.

Here is a very helpful YouTube video for those who are interested in building their own home-brew version of a golf club bag organizer:

Our Top Picks for best golf storage racks in 2021




No products found.No products found.
No products found.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Extremely stable in terms of both design and durability.
  • Protective wire mesh casing for additional protection of equipment.
  • High quality construction with multiple storage compartments for all your golf equipment
  • Portable and can be fit even in larger storage space.
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No products found.
  • Offers sufficient space for two golf bags and five extra shelves for additional storage
  • Very tidy and can be ideally fitted in garages
  • Well-polished edges and bolts that protect from cuts and scratches
  • Highly functional and simple to assemble
  • Offers the best value for money spent
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No products found.
  • Durable steel construction for extra tenacity
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can fit two large golf bags and an additional four extra spaces
  • Well-polished edges give additional protection against injury
No products found.
No products found.No products found.
No products found.
  • Very stable design with robust metal bars as an alternative to wire mesh covering
  • Durable Constuction with additional spaces for all your equipment
  • Pocket- friendly price tag that is affordable to most golfers
  • Larger than average bag opening makes it highly versatile
  • Adaptable for both amateur and casual golf bags
No products found.
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No products found.
  • Well thought of design that is highly compact
  • Comes with high quality construction and premium features
  • Can be fit in home rooms, office, garage and closets
  • Incorporates mesh on the shelves making it easier to store accessories
  • Foam strips offer protection to your golf club shafts
  • Comes with well written instructions and is relatively easy to assemble
No products found.

5 Best Golf Bag Organizers in 2021

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  • A high-quality product by Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Compact and minimalist design with no branding.
  • A sturdy and stable product that is easy to assemble.
  • It can even fit into larger closets.
  • Has wire mesh covering.


  • You might have trouble fitting the larger cart bags.
  • The model is a bit flimsy when compared to some other organizers.


Though devoid of any conspicuous branding, this simple and straightforward organizer is a Bed Bath and Beyond product, and it does show in the overall build quality.

This golf bag organizer for garage is quite capable of taking care of your entire set of golfing equipment.

With space for two golf bags and several areas for other sundry equipment, this rack should fit the requirements of most beginner and amateur golfers who need a secure space for all their golfing paraphernalia.


The Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer by Bed Bath and Beyond gives you ample space to store all your golf equipment including 2 golf bags and other paraphenalia.

You get an organizer that is sturdy with high-quality construction, compact size and quite good-looking. If you are looking for a golf bag organizer that will serve take care of your storage needs for all you golf equipment, this is the right product for you.

No products found.

No products found.No products found.


  • It takes only 20 minutes to assemble.
  • A functional rack that is ideal for garages.
  • No sharp or jagged edges and all bolts have plastic bushings to protect them.
  • Good value for the cheaper than average price.
  • Five storage racks along with space for two large golf bags.


  • Instructions are poorly written.
  • At times, a few screws or small parts were found missing from the delivered product.


With a discreet, powder-coated metal construction, this golf bag organizer offers a beautiful organizing space for all your golf equipment. Like most other products in our review, this model also incorporates two separate spaces for golf bags, with five extra shelves in between offering a clean and tidy look.

The entire setup is very easy to assemble and measures 39.75″ wide by 36″ high by 15″ deep. The bag shelf sits a couple of inches above the ground.


The Golf, Gifts & Gallery 457 Metal Golf Bag Organizer comes with enough space for two golf bags and five additional storage partitions for extra equipment.

You get a high-quality product that is easy to assemble and store in your garage or closet. If you are on a budget and want a golf bag organizer that will serve all your golf equipment storage needs, this is a product worth considering.

No products found.

No products found.No products found.


  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Discreet and durable black paint finish, with no sharp edges.
  • Can be put together in under half an hour.
  • Enough space for two large bags, 11″ wide max.


  • Instructions are not detailed or well written.
  • Some of the screws and threadings might be of low quality.


This organizer from All-Home features a sturdy metal construction involving durable steel. Though there are only four additional storage spaces, they should be more than enough for most of your golfing related stuff.

Golf organizers tend to be more functional than aesthetically pleasing, and this affordably priced unit doesn’t stray from that blueprint.

If you want a golf bag storage option inside your garage or any other out of the way storage location in your home, you can safely consider this model. It ships with class standard 39″ x 36″ x 16″ size configuration.


The Dual Golf Bag,Sports Dual Storage Metal Organizer is one of the most afforable products on the market. It comes with good-quality metal construction, durable& strudy build and enough space to store two golf bags and other golf equipment- all at an affordable price.

It is also easy to assemble and requires just half an hour to assemble completely. If you are looking for a golf bag organizer that will suit all your storage needs at a reasonable price, this is a product you might want to consider.

No products found.

No products found.No products found.


  • The bag openings are wider than average at 14 inches and can take even larger cart bags.
  • The final assembled product is very stable and sturdy.
  • A well-made product for the sub-$100 price point.
  • Durable and sturdy construction with plenty of room.


  • Some holes are not fully drilled out.
  • The racks in the middle are just plain surfaces with no wiring on the sides.


This is yet another no frills golf club organizer, sold by Pro Active.

While a few of the organizers in this list opts for a rack design without any wire mesh cladding, this model looks particularly naked due to the absence of significant amounts of wiring around the frame. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the golf bag spaces have robust bars around it to prevent any falls.

The whole product has a bog standard 39″ x 36″ x 16″ size and can fit most amateur and casual golf bags with ease. The four extra storage shelves in the middle are a bonus.


The Dual Golf Bag, Gear and Equipment Storage Metal Organizer by Pro Active comes with generous space for all your storage needs. It is a premium product with high-quality metal construction for durability and wider openings- 14 inches wider than other organizers in our review.

If you dont mind the investment value and are looking for an ideal golf bag organizer for your regular golf storage needs, this is the product for you.

No products found.

No products found.No products found.


  • Easy to assemble, with well-written instructions.
  • The use of mesh, especially on the smaller shelves, make it easier to store golf accessories.
  • The model is the only one with adjustable feet for proper leveling on uneven surfaces.
  • The design looks great inside a home as well as in a garage.
  • The club bag storage space comes with foam strips for extra protection to your golf club shafts.


  • Compact design may not have enough space more than one of the larger cart or tour bags.
  • A bit more expensive than other models, but that is a minor issue considering all the extra features.


Most of the models in our list are ideally suited for garages and would look rather out of place in well-furnished homes due to their functional designs. But the Suncast GO3216 is a pleasant exception to the rule, with an aesthetically pleasing and compact design.

Instead of a central rack space flanked by two large spaces for golf bags, this model incorporates a single vast space for two bags on one side, with four smaller shelves on the other side. The organizer is very compact at 32″ x 16″ x 37″, but should comfortably hold two large carry bags with ease.

The model incorporates metal mesh in construction, and it lends a well-covered look to the organizer. The topmost shelf is encased in mesh and has a box shape, which is great to hold stuff like golf balls.


The Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer is unarguably the best golf bag organizers in terms of features, usability and looks. It comes with premium quality construction, ample space and a cool urban design.

You get a golf bag organizer with a unique design to fit two golf bags and extra shelves for your golf shoes, balls and other appliances. If money is not a major consideration and you want a premium product for your storage needs, this might be the ideal product.

Conclusion and Editors Choice

Most of the models we have reviewed here are ideal for garages, not so much for other places in your homes. The Suncast G model is an exception with its excellent design and aesthetically pleasing looks, and it is our pick for the best golf club bag organizer, despite a slightly smaller size.

If you want a larger option with a more functional and threadbare look, the Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer with metal mesh from Bed, Bath & Beyond is a safe choice.