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What are the Best Golf Gloves in 2018?

Faiway Wood

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to maintain the perfect grip on your golf club as the round goes on.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically improve your grip by adding golf gloves to your golf equipment.

Golf gloves are an essential golf apparel that professionals always have in their golf bags because it helps them make great swings, especially in the later stages of a tournament when the palms gets sweaty.

In today’s article, we will compare the best golf gloves on the market today and how to select the right ones.

Let's dive in.

Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove: Editor’s Choice

Bionic Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove W/Patented Natural Fit Technology Made from Long Lasting, Durable Genuine Cabretta Leather.

It is durable – This golf glove is made of genuine leather, which is 2X more durable compared to the standard leather golf gloves. This is a glove that will fit you perfectly so you can say goodbye to gloves that make you want to re-adjust your wrist strap all the time. The interior is also made of terrycloth which makes sweaty hands in your glove a thing of the past!

Product description
This glove is all about Three-dimensional pads. These pads are wrapped around the palm, around and between each finger giving you a perfect firm grip on the club.

Bionic original pad technology is used in the glove to increase its durability and maintain its quality even after an extended period of use. The pads on the palm increase its lifespan and give extra support.

The tapered finger design aligns with the individual shape of fingers to give a more natural fit. The Index fingertip has been enhanced in the glove, thereby helping with stability and durability.

It has mini-towels inside, which provide great moisture management to keep the hand more comfortable and dry at the same time.

There is Lycra in-between the fingers and top knuckles, which makes it flexible to use during humid and hot rounds. It is made following the design of pre-rotated fingers, thereby acting as a natural curvature for your hands.

Care instructions:
Wash delicately with a machine using mild soap. Do not bleach as you might damage the surface.


  • You feel like your hand has a second layer of skin.
  • It is highly breathable as it is flexible.
  • It has a patented pad technology which ensures its grip and durability.


  • The fit can be too skin-tight, making it uncomfortable.
  • It is expensive, which is a sign of quality and reliability.
  • it can be worn only on the left hand

Zero Resistance Men’s Compression-Fit Golf Glove: Best Value

Zero Friction Men's Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove, Universal Fit One Size

This golf glove is a one-size-fits-most. For people who do not know what sizes their hands are, these gloves are an option. Though it is small, people have larger hands (not extra-large hands) can still wear them and the glove will automatically adjust itself to the shape of the wearer.

It also comes with a detachable tee and ball marker.

Product description

This glove is made to fit most people and comes in 13 different colors. The thread used in it to stretch with users with larger hands can wear out quickly from overuse.

It is made entirely using synthetic material; a palm patch is added on it to ensure durability. Your hands can breathe well inside as it is made with Lycra.

To ensure a firm grip, a synthetic patch has been wrapped around its forefingers.


  • It has an extra patch on the forefingers to guarantee solid grip
  • It is available in 13 different colors.
  • When you order it, it comes with a ball marker.


  • Not made for users with extra-large hands.
  • It is hard to put on, and pull off after wear.
  • The stitching on the gloves needs reinforcement as it loosens easily.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Men’s Golf Glove: Best Seller

Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove (Leather)

This golf glove is elegant and is entirely made out of leather. Many golfers go for the Callaway Patrol Golf glove because its comfortable.

Though this glove is only men, women have used them because small sizes are offered.

Product description

The type of leather used to make the glove is reinforced digitized Synthetic Leather: this helps improve grip and durability irrespective of the weather conditions.

It uses Opti Flex material, which gives you a great feel, flexibility, and durability. Its adjustable closure using Opti Fit design gives you a secure fit. It is also thin and light.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol golf glove uses X-Spann advanced performance material that enhances moisture wicking, flexibility, and breathability.

Thaks to the cotton terry cuff, the glove is not only soft but absorbs sweat as well. Perforation features have also been included in it to air your palm, thumb, and fingers, reducing moisture and increasing breathability.


  • Made of leather, it is durable
  • With perforations on the glove, your hand will have maximum breathability.
  • It is very comfortable, the design and features are just unique.


  • The size of the glove tends to run small.
  • It requires some time for breaking in
  • It is meant for left-hand use only.

Best Seller: Nike’s Dura Texture VIII All Climate Golf Gloves

NIKE Men's Dura Feel Golf Glove (White), Medium-Large, Left Hand

This one is unique: you remember above we said most golf gloves were made of either leather or synthetic material? Well, the Nike’s Dura Texture VIII All Climate Golf Glove is made up of polyurethane- 85%, nylon- 10% and goatskin leather- 5%.

Product description

The goatskin leather has been placed on the palm and thumb sections of the glove to ensure superior grip and durability. To give better support and fit, a closed but adjustable tab has been angled on it.

For enhanced breathability, perforation features have been added to it along the back of the fingers and the hand in general.

It is advised to get a slightly larger size because the glove sizes tend to reduce with time. The glove is generally durable, but since the stitches tend to loosen up quickly, it might lose its shape after overuse.


  • There is good breathability due to great perforation systems on the glove.
  • It is very comfortable, and the stretch fabric further provides flexibility.
  • It has excellent grip on the clubs
  • Can be used in the rain because the nylon in the glove slides the water off


  • The glove shrinks after some use
  • The stitches are of poor quality, so the durability of the glove is questionable

Worthy Competitor: Puma Golf 2018 Men's Pro Formation Hybrid Golf Glove

Puma Golf 2018 Men's Pro Formation Hybrid Golf Glove (Bright White-Puma Black, Med/Large, Cadet Left Hand)

With this glove, you will look like a pro even if you are not one. And if you are a pro, it will complement your professionalism.

Just like the 2017 model, the Puma Golf 2018 gloves provide great performances in the wet weather. The difference is, the 2018 model now has a prompt dry mesh panel that is very appealing to golfers.

Product description

It has a bright white-Puma black color, and 78% of it made of leather, 18% polyester, and 4% spandex. It has been constructed with a tender knit suede which offers maximum grip under the rain.

It also has a Velcro closure that provides secure fitting and exceptional comfort. It also highly breathable since 23% of Lycra is incorporated in it with fingers being perforated in double lines.

It has genuine Cabretta leather mixed with a 4-way stretch Lycra. It has a TPU Cat logo on it, and it comes with its own storage bag.


  • It has good breathability as the perforation systems are strategically placed on the glove.
  • Comfortable, relaxed and available in all sizes.
  • Using it will make you look like a pro as the design is unique and smart


  • To suitable for wet conditions
  • It has not yet gotten many reviews, though currents one are very positive

Faiway Wood

How do you choose a pair of golf gloves?

All these golf gloves are available in a variety of styles, color, sizes, and prices. They are made of either leather or synthetic material or both. Some are harder than others, others soft; some are more durable than others. Some are easier to put on than others and so on.

What do you need to consider before buying a pair of golf gloves?

Here is a list of considerations. At the end of the day, fit and comfort are the two most important things you need to consider.

You may also want to watch a video on this by clicking on this link:


quality of gloveThe durability of golf gloves will depend on the quality. Pose questions related to what material the glove is made of; its designs and its thickness or lightness.


There are golf gloves for men and for women. In general, some gloves have short fingers, others long fingers and some have wider palms than others. In general, women gloves come in smaller sizes, but that is not to say that ladies cannot wear men's gloves or vice versa. You want to try each type to see which fits you best.


Manufacturers produce a variety of sizes for golf gloves. This range from small to extra-large and beyond. It is always good to know your size and try them to ensure a good fit.


different colour glovesFashion and design count a lot with golf gloves. There are gloves with openings to appeal to those who have long nails or other issues. There are also golf gloves fashioned in a way that wearing them with a ring on your finger won’t disturb. There are equally manufacturers who produce in a variety of colors to please different golfers; women or me, the married or single folks and all the like.

Extra features

Some golf gloves come with easily detachable ball markers. Generally, golf gloves that are cheaper have fewer features than those with high price-tag. Most higher priced golf gloves are made of soft leather while low-end gloves are often made of synthetic material.

Some gloves allow you to adjust their tightness, and others have padded and reinforced palms and fingers that help improve their durability.

Why should every golfer use golf gloves?

Just as every sport has its own dress code, so gloves part of every golfer's apparel. They not only make you look good, but you look like a professional when playing. When it comes to choosing golf gloves, It comes down to knowing what you want and what is right for you.

So why you need golf gloves?

Is it just to complement your attire or will they help you improve your scores? Well, we can both agree on the fact that wearing golf gloves will help improve your game and your increase your level of playing especially when the glove is of good quality and fits well.

Why do you think about 95% of golf players wear a glove?

Apart from improving your game, golf gloves have a lot of benefits.

Below are some reasons why wearing golf gloves are important:


worn glove

When wearing gloves, you protect your hand from blisters and pains linked with friction from your hand frequently rubs itself against the grip. Imagine how painful your palms and fingers will be after 20 holes played. Won’t you want that right? It is especially critical l to wear gloves if you have soft skin because your hands can develop callouses easily.

What if the holes you see on most golf gloves were to appear on people’s hands… how dangerous is that?

Play the game and let the gloves handle the pains.

Wrist support

stable grip

Wrist injuries a common golfing injury and should be avoided at all cost. A golf glove will support your wrist and prevents it from this malaise.

Improve your grip

Gloves keep your hands dry. Quality gloves are designed using surface fabrics or texture that will enforce your grip. Your hands get sweaty as you play and so without gloves, the stick will be sliding from your hand you might even hurt yourself in the process.

Climatic conditions

playing in the rainGolfers are easily affected by weather conditions; whether it’s rain or the cold. When you are playing in cold weather, it is vital to wear golf gloves because they provide warmth for your hands. When it rains, the water on your palms and the club affects how you play; when it is hot and your hand’s sweat, it is necessary to have gloves on to avoid the ball from slipping away carelessly from your hands.

Gaining control

With golf gloves, you have control over your club and the ball. When you have them on, there is a higher probability that you have more precision and consistency. With a good pair of gloves, the club feels lighter, and you can hit the ball without hindrance. With gloves, you can hold the club firmly, but not tight. A tight grip reduces your chances of winning. Gloves help improve your swing speed and accuracy.

You see?

It is vital to wear golf gloves, and it is all for your own good. If you want to be a professional, then know that that is what professionals do.

If you are already a professional, then you probably know this and personal reasons why you wear gloves:

Golf gloves are an accessory that will wear out after some time. Even if you believe you have a pair of 'lucky' gloves that you use, you will still need a pair of gloves eventually.

You need to know when it is time to change-over to a new pair to maintain your look and your game.

CALLAWAY-ALLWEATHER-GLOVE-3Three main factors affect the lifespan of golf gloves:

  • Their quality and features,
  • How often you use or wear them,
  • How tightly you hold the club with them

When do you change golf gloves?

Firstly, as a golfer, you should have at least three pairs when you go out to golf. This way you can change them in-rounds. You need an extra pair when they get sweaty, no longer feel comfortable or when they lose their quality grip.

There are times when you feel as to change your golf gloves. You can do it frequently during a round, but there should be more gloves in your bag to serve as replacements. Don’t just forgot to air them when you get home or wash them!

When your gloves get worn out, you need to change them. It can be in three months, six months or a year, depending on the three points given above on the things that affect the lifespan of gloves.

How do you care for your golf gloves?

glove care

You can get a good and quality golf glove but fail to take good care of. This will render it useless after a short period of time. Similarly, you can own a pair of low quality golf gloves and take good care of it, and it will last longer. So the durability of golf gloves depends on the manner in which you care for them.

To ensure longevity, you have to air them immediately after use or wash them. It is safer to wash golf gloves by hand using mild detergent, and then lay them flat or hang them to dry. Note that leather golf glove should not be washed unless recommended.

When golfing, avoid wiping your sweat with the gloves because salt and water damage them, especially leather.

Only wear the gloves during swinging, when you are not swinging, take them off so that you won’t have to use them in wiping sweat. This will extend the lifespan of your golf gloves.

Our Choice

The Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove is the overall winner of this review rating of best golf gloves in 2018.

When we selected the best gloves in 2018, we considered criteria such as:

  • grip improvement,
  • blister protection,
  • comfort,
  • protection against dryness and cold etc.

The Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove is topped in preventing blisters, and it is also very comfortable.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, it is very helpful to maintain a strong grip throughout the game.

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