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What are the Best Golf Bags in 2018?

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It’s no secret that a golf bag is a vital piece of equipment for any golfer.

In fact, you need to know your personal golfing needs, as well as the way in which you will prefer storing and transporting your golfing equipment.

Bottom line?

If you want to have all your clubs, balls and accessories any time you are playing the game, choosing the right golf bag for easy transportation is a must.

And in this article, I’m going to show you the best golf bags on the market right now and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor’s Choice: Cobra Ultralite Golf Bag

Cobra Golf 2017 Ultralight Stand Grey/Org (Dark Shadow/Vibrant Orange)

The Cobra Ultralite can be regarded as one of the best options if you’re looking for a bag that does it all. It’s been designed to have as many features necessary for carrying your equipment, and still remain as one of the most affordable premium golf bags you can buy today.

It’s simple and effective to use. The durable material promises to give you value for many years to come. The aesthetic appeal of this bag is also hard to ignore. It looks like something a professional golfer would use.

There are also a variety of fashionable colors to choose from. The bag itself is also appreciably lighter than most.

With this bag, you receive a separate cover which is meant for additional waterproofing, or when you get caught out in the rain.


  • Features completely separated full-length dividers
  • Can be easily strapped to a cart
  • Made from 100% Polyester and weighs just 4.2 pounds


  • Legs may be weaker and need constant attention to maintain

Best Value: TaylorMade Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black

TaylorMade’s offering here features many extras that will favor the golfing enthusiast. These include a rain cover and a special slot for carrying an umbrella. You get the perfect combination of storage for your clubs inside a well laid out five-way divider arrangement.

There are just four colors to choose from, but this bag definitely gives the impression of class and sophistication. In addition to being reasonably affordable, this bag stands out as one the strongest and most durable of golf bags you can buy right now.

It’s also very comfortable for carrying on the shoulder and can be used as stand bag as well. Not the ideal choice for hardcore professionals, but it will certainly suit the casual golfer very well.


  • 5 Way divider system and 6 pockets for clubs
  • Very light in weight for such a durable bag


  • Legs don’t feel secure and slip out occasionally

Best Seller: Prosimmon Professional Tour Bag

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag Black/Red

The Professional Tour Bag by Prosimmon has a lofty 14 dividers for perfectly storing your clubs individually, and so they are well-protected from knocking into each other.

Designed for professionals, the bag comes complete with all the fitment requirements so attaching it to a cart is quick and convenient. You also get lot’s of smaller pockets for you to use as you like. All these have zippers to protect valuable your valuable items.

Like the previous two bags, you also receive a rain cover as part of the package. Even though it is marked as Professional, the bag stands apart as the simplest of designs you will see. This simple approach to design and usage does not, however, hold back the outstanding look and aesthetics of the bag.


  • 14-way dividers and plenty of extra pockets
  • Superb aerodynamics for better driving performance
  • Excellent for better organization and storage


  • Extremely lightweight material might not last very long

Worthy Competitor: TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Golf Bag Gray

Another bag from TaylorMade, but this one it is built from the ground up to take on the best stand golf bags available. The beauty of this bag lies in its ability to compete with premium stand bags and still remain a cost-effective solution for the average golfer.

There are five distinct styles to choose from, and the bag has many extras such as a water bottle, and an insulated cooler for carrying drinks and food items. TaylorMade has quite a reputation for buildings which are easy to maintain.

They also claim this bag can withstand carrying a lot of equipment and personal items without tearing or falling apart. This is made possible by TaylorMade’s own patented Flextech technology which allows it to be very light yet extremely strong.


  • Very resilient outer material for weather and scratch protection
  • Full-length dividers for individual club storage
  • Designed for comfortable carrying as well as strapping to a cart


  • Not intended for first-time golf bag users

Worthy Competitor: Callaway Fusion Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Fusion 14 Stand Bag Stand / Carry Golf Bag 2017 Fusion 14-Way Divider Top Titanium/Red/White

Callaway is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands of golfing equipment today. Their Fusion Stand Bag contains a total of 14 dividers and 8 pockets. It also features a towel ring, a water bottle, and a waterproof pocket for valuables.

For convenience, you can set it up either with a single or double shoulder strap, depending on how heavy your bag is. The Fusion can be configured so that the bag can function similar to a staff golf bag.

This is undoubtedly one of the better stand bags though, and many proud owners have reported excellent stability with minimal falling over.


  • 14 way top with individual full-length club dividers
  • 8 main pockets plus a waterproof pocket for valuables
  • Two-way split stand for excellent stability


  • Dual layered construction ideal for regular use

golf bags

What are some of the popular types of golf bags I can buy?

All golf bags are not created equal. This clear from the sheer variety that exists in the golf bag arena.

The main point for you to remember is:
Golf bags were initially intended for the simple purpose of carrying your golf gear. But this has now evolved to satisfy the many additional needs of modern-day golfers.

That is why you can find golf bags designed for travel, a quick walk around the course or to be put on a cart.

We will be covering all the main types of golf bags that are currently available. Each of these is tailored to serve one or more of your specific golfing needs.

You can use this handy guide as a reference any time you forget what each type of bag is used for.

Once you’ve established how you intend using your golf bag, it becomes easy to decide on the actual type best for your needs.

Right then. Let’s get you knowledgeable about the various kinds of golf bags out there:

Stand Golf Bags

The first thing you will notice on a stand bag is that it has two legs which can be pulled out at a moments notice. This is the key distinguishing feature of this type of golf bag.

The main function of the legs when they’re extended is that you can stand your bag at an angle while you are selecting which piece of equipment to use. Then when the legs are retracted the bag can stand in a perfectly upright position. This useful for when you need the bag neatly out of the way, and you prefer not to have all your clubs lying on the floor.

Most stand bags have the legs neatly hidden when they are retracted.

Another useful feature you will find on most stand bags is they have straps for carrying the bag around on your shoulder. This comes in handy when you have to pick up your bag and move on to the next hole.

Stand bags are usually designed to be lighter to make this carrying aspect lighter for you. Many of the latest stand bags also have cushions in various places so that the bag does not slide uncomfortably around while you're walking.

Stand bags are mainly popular with golfers who enjoy playing the game by walking the golf course. So when they're busy on uneven terrain on a slanted piece of turf, the golf bag does not have to be left lying down untidily. It can still be kept in a relatively organized and upright fashion.

A useful tip at this point – be very careful how you transport your stand bag. This also applies if you decide to dump it in the back of a golf cart. Always make sure the legs are fully retracted and tie them down if you have to. Your main concern here is that the legs themselves are secured and not damaged in any way.

Carry Golf Bags

They are also affectionately known as Sunday Bags among experienced golfers.

Carry bags are very similar to the stand bags that we've just covered. With the major exception that these do not have legs at all. But they serve very much the same purpose of allowing you to move your gear manually around a golf course.

One of the advantages of these basic carry bags is that they are the lightest weighing of all the bags we are discussing here. Which means that they are also the cheapest golf bags you can buy today.

You can expect the average weight of a standard carry golf bag to be about 2 pounds. This is because they do not have some of the additional features which go into designing the other types of bags mentioned in this section.

Manufacturers are also able to make do with much lighter materials for construction because of the reduced usage requirements of the end user. But don’t let this fool you. Carry bags are still strong enough to handle quite a bit of golfing equipment.

It might also seem like a sacrifice of such a minimalist design because carry bags do not have that many pockets or dividers like the other heavily equipped golf bags. But golfers who use these bags are quite content with the basics and no fuss approach.

At this point, we want to make mention that golfers who prefer to use this type of bag need to adopt a good habit of carrying your bag around the course.

Learn more about the safe way to carry a bag.

Staff Bags

The name staff bags can be a bit misleading if you’re new to the sport of Golf. This particular type of golf bag is actually ranked on top in terms of quality and popularity. It’s also the kind bags used by real golfing professionals.

A noticeable characteristic of staff bags is that they usually feature some famous brand logo smacked on the side. Many of these come from leading companies at the forefront of the sport internationally. And often it is the logo of the particular player’s sponsor. As you would expect you when you invest in a staff bag.

They are almost always the largest bags on the market capable of carrying virtual tons of equipment. An obvious side effect of this much capacity is added weight. All that extra provision for carrying your stuff certainly makes for a much heavier bag – even when empty.

But if you’re the proud owner of a staff bag, chances are your faithful caddy is one tasked with dragging it around. Maybe not. There are many companies offering wheel attachments made specifically for staff golf bags. And some bag manufacturers are incorporating this feature in their bags today.

Staff bags easily weigh 10 pounds or more. Bear in mind that this is the weight with none of your equipment packed in.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are frequently confused with staff bags we mentioned earlier. The difference is that cart bags are lighter in weight and hence easier to move around.

If anything the name accurately describes the primary purpose of the bag this time. These golf bags are made specifically for use in conjunction with a golf cart. They work well with both push styled carts and motorized driving carts.

Having said that, you will not enjoy a cart bag if you’re trying to walk around the golf course all day with it. They are nowhere near as efficient as your basic carry bags.

So do not make the mistake of buying a cart bag if you’re a casual walkabout golfer. You need a cart for this bag to be worth your time.

These golf bags weigh in at roughly 6 pounds so as far as general use goes when lifting and placing on carts, they're not severely heavy. Although their ease of use will be determined by how much or how little things you put into them.

One of the best things about cart bags is that they allow easy access to many pockets while you have the bag on the back of a cart. This makes it convenient to reach for items without having to dismount the bag beforehand.

Most cart bags also come fitted with a rubberized base to prevent the bag from sliding around while the cart is in motion.

Travel Bags & Covers

Although these do not exactly qualify as the run of the mill type golf bags you’re learning about here, they do and will come in handy when you need them on a holiday or business trip.

Generally, a golf travel bag works in this way:

You take your existing golf bag which contains all your golfing equipment and drops it straight into the travel bag. The travel bag can then be securely fastened down to conceal you main golf bag. A travel cover works similarly but may not have straps usually found on the travel bag.

One of the main advantages of using a travel golf bag is protecting your clubs that would otherwise be exposed and ease of mobility when they come fitted with skate wheels.

Sometimes you’re lucky to get a few pockets on the outside of the golf travel bag, in case you didn’t have enough already. A travel bag is perfect for when you’re using public transport like buses. It certainly makes life easier if you’re traveling by plane. And lastly, they will protect your actual golf bag during baggage claims and checks.

What useful features should I look for in a Golf Bag?

Aspects which we consider secondary to the main function of a good golf bag are intentionally not listed here. These include additional storage devices, special hooks, pockets for your personal items, and all the other fancy extras you will find on the modern golf bag.

What we are concerned about is:
The proper care of your golf clubs, and the convenience you must enjoy carrying your golf bag around in the real world.

So with this in mind we’re answering the most critical features:

Club dividers

As a golfer, one of your primary concerns is the well-being and upkeep of your golf clubs. They are your tools of the trade and take up the most space as well. So it stands to reason that golf bag manufacturers would look for ways to help you protect your clubs.

This is why you will find golf bags and complete golf sets with many unique styles of pocket and divider arrangement.

For reference, a divider is usually a special piece within the bag which is used to separate pockets. Some bags like the cart bags we spoke about have a single divider you can use for individual clubs.

Carry golf bags generally have between three and five dividers.
A good basic arrangement to look for will be a two pocket bag to keep your woods and irons separate. It doesn’t hurt to have another pocket for your longer irons as well.

Golf bag straps

When buying a golf bag like a carry golf bag, remember you are going to be carrying the bag on your shoulder as you walk from one hole to the next. So you want straps fitted to your bag which provides you with maximum comfort and minimal strain.

The broader the straps, the better the support. This means the weight is spread out further along your shoulder, so it tends to feel lighter than it actually is. Thicker straps are designed to make carrying easier so that you do not feel the strap digging into the meat of your shoulder.

Lastly, you will want straps that can be adjusted to fit your dimensions better.

This is the ideal position the bag should be when you’re carrying it:
It must fit squarely on your shoulder. If possible try to test this with a bag full of clubs. The bag should not lean too much to the side. If you find a bag that does this even while empty, move to the next one quickly.

Our Choice

If we had to suggest an excellent golf bag for you try, one that you will undoubtedly enjoy without any regrets, then The Cobra Ultralite is a sure winner in this roundup.

It packs loads of practicality and style. And it’s also very temptingly affordable.

However, let us mention again:

Your final choice will remain subjective. And will depend largely on your personal preferences and practical needs for the bag. Some golf bags promise you everything but the kitchen sink. Others will try to convince you that you need all the space because you are carrying the kitchen sink with you every time you hit the green.

They forget to tell you how heavy their bag is, and that you’re the unlucky one going to have to carry it around.

“What really makes a golf bag fully functional?”

“Does it offer adequate protection for my golfing equipment?”

“And how will I be using it?”

These are the most important questions you should be asking.

As a golfer you should remember your priorities.

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