What are the Best Cheap Golf Clubs in 2017?

The Global Recession has had an impact on both golfers and the golf industry as a whole.

Although interest in the sport remains quite high, club sales are falling, and courses are steadily closing down all over the US.

But as they say, every cloud has its silver lining. The "Game of Kings" has become somewhat more inclusive in recent years, thanks to a gradual decrease in course fees and club membership fees.

But golf remains an expensive proposition. Brand new clubs from top manufacturers can set you back by thousands of dollars, especially if you buy into all the marketing hype and rush out to buy the latest and greatest clubs on the market.

Rather than reviewing the latest technical wizardry conjured up by golf club manufacturers, let's take a look at some of the "diamonds in the rough," with our review of the best cheap golf clubs in 2017.

Our shortlist includes:

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When To Buy Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf club purchases can be a serious investment. Before we get into any debates about the wisdom of buying cheap clubs vs. the folly of buying overpriced new clubs, let's settle the issue of need vs. want. Of course, if you are a beginner, this question is quite redundant.

You do need a set of clubs to learn the game, and best cheap golf clubs for beginners (or even used clubs) are the way to go. But if you already have a full set of clubs in your locker, it is always a sound plan to think twice before making any costly purchase decisions.

In several situations, an upgrade can be essential and unavoidable. If you have a broken driver or bent irons or something like that, you can always find some good buys among the best budget golf clubs online.

Also, if you are a not-so-beginner golfer who has outgrown your starter set, an online search into the good golf clubs for average player segment could give you several leads on what you seek.

Age is also another important factor that can prompt the need for a change of clubs. When you enter the senior category, you might find that those trusty irons that served you well all these years simply don't work as well.

A cheap set of easily workable hybrids might be the best golf clubs for the money when you reach the "golden years."

But if you are a mid-handicapper experiencing a massive improvement in your game, even the best affordable golf clubs may not cut the mustard for you.

If you manage to get a great deal on the best golf clubs for intermediate player, that is fine.

But otherwise, it might be a better idea to just and save up some extra cash for a competitive priced newer set with all the latest bells and whistles.

Used Clubs And The Risk Of Counterfeits

If we were asked to name just one thing the recession has changed in the golf clubs market, we would have to mention the used clubs market.

The passionate golfers never stopped playing their game, but a lot of the casual and recreational players did, and a booming used clubs market has risen in recent years.

Buying a used golf club is not as risky as buying a used car for obvious reasons. But even if the risk of ending up with a lemon on your hands is considerably low, you still have to be cautious.

There are a lot of sites online dealing with used clubs. While many of them are legit, the same cannot be said about many of the clubs being advertised as "used clubs." There is a lucrative counterfeit market these days and there is a real risk of ending up with fake clubs when you shop online for used clubs.

Manufacturer sites are the safest source of used clubs these days. Since the seconds market became big business, brands like Callaway have launched their dedicated portals for certified pre-owned clubs. Even the PGA has a dedicated service that deals in used clubs, aimed at promoting golf among the public by offering cheap clubs.

If you are set on buying some used gof clubs, check out this YouTube video for some helpful tips:


Closeout Sales: A Much Better Option

An article of Forbes back in 2016 highlighted how manufacturers like TaylorMade were struggling to sell of old merchandise due to low demand and over-saturation of the golf club market.

This a phenomenon that works in favor of golfers seeking the best golf clubs for the money spent. As newer equipment arrives on the market, unsold stock of older clubs get moved to the closeout section.

And TaylorMade are not alone in having a lot of unsold inventory these past few years. Almost all major manufacturers have their older models doing the rounds on discount and closeout sales. 

If you want to buy the best golf club sets for the money, or even the best cheap golf club sets, check out the discount/closeout market before looking at used clubs.

You might easily find great deals on clubs in mint condition that were released a few years ago. Unless you are a competitive golfer, you don't really need the performance bump offered by the latest golf clubs.

Most new golf clubs offer small incremental increases in performance over older clubs, nothing more. Beginners and mid handicappers can realistically expect a similar level of performance from a brand new club and its predecessor released in 2013 or 2015!

Is There A Time Of The Year For Good Deals?

Yes, because like any other organized manufacturing industry, golf clubs also have a regular release calender that all brands stick to.

For instance, the newest clubs hits the market around the fall, or immediately into the new years. For example, you can expect to see the earliest 2017 editions of major clubs arriving from October 2016 onwards.

This is not the best period to buy a brand new club, though you might find great deals on its predecessors. Prices of clubs tend to fall as the release date of newer clubs draw nearer, usually a year after their initial release.

So you can expect the price listings for best cheap golf club sets to start appearing in the second half of every year. 

Best Types Of Clubs To Buy On A Budget

Individual clubs like drivers and hybrids come to mind when looking at the kind of clubs that you might want to buy on a budget. Drivers tend to be the most expensive single clubs on sale, and you can often find great deals on older models.

Hybrids work great as replacements to any long irons or woods you already own, and you should really get one if you find a good deal online.

By the same logic, wedges are also good choices, especially since most iron sets do not include the higher lofted wedges. Individual irons are also nice buys if you have gaps in your set, but we.


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