The 5-Minute Golf Swing

An Extensive Exercise Book For Time-Saving Hacks To Play A Single-Handicap

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Developing a repeatable golf swing is the cornerstone of playing consistently low scores. Whether you want to get back in the game after a long break, or simply want to break 80, this e-book is packed with time-saving exercises for natural learning and will set you up with a dead simple mindset to play your best golf.

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Creator of the Five-Minute Golf Swing training method

About Carlo Reumont

Starting golf in 2001, Carlo fell in love with the complexity and wisdom of the game. Over years of ups and downs, he started breaking 80 only after cutting his way through the thick jungle of technical knowledge and months of intense training.

Now he stripped his practicing routines to the few fundamental basics that actually work consistently. Today Carlo enjoys 10-12 rounds of golf a year, scoring his handicap of 11 and better consistently – with 5 minutes of training a day.

What’s inside?


The Five-Minute Mind-Set

Breaking 80 is NOT a part-time job. All you want to learn is the core of what really matters and find out how it would apply to you.


Goals – (Re-)Defining What Golf Is About

Learn this simple logic that simplifies your approach to the game.


Exercises for the Five Elements of an Effective Swing

There is a jungle of technical golf material out there. Cut away the clutter and get dozens of step by step exercises to optimize what really matters.


Element X – Mastering the Inner Game of Golf

Your swing is solid and your game is tight. What happens now? Now the inner processes count more than ever, and you will learn to master different approaches to staying on course.

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