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What is the Most Forgiving Driver in 2020? The 5 Best Driver Options that are Easy to Hit

Let's face it:

You most likely don't have the time to practice like crazy and you don't want to spend the money to always pay a professional for lessons

So what can you do?

Thankfully, there is still another option to improve your long game.

The world's most forgiving drivers will improve your game without needing to change a thing. Get a forgiving driver, and you'll be shooting longer shots that go straighter down the fairway.

I've decided to write a short buyer's guide for the world's most forgiving drivers to help you understand them and to know what to look for when getting one.

Here are the drivers we will be looking at in more detail:

Our pick for most golfers
TaylorMade Men's R15 460, Left Hand, Regular, 12-Degree

TaylorMade R15 460 Driver

Why is it the Most forgiving Driver?
  • Offers maximum forgivness through increased sweet spots and the innvoative inverted cone technology
  • Great adjustability thanks to a dedicated loft sleeve and sliding spin weights
  • Excellent launch height through low center of gravity

Featured Recommendations

TaylorMade Men's R15 460, Left Hand, Regular, 12-Degree
Most forgiving Driver
TaylorMade R15 460 Driver
  • Offers maximum forgivness through increased sweet spots and the innvoative inverted cone technology
  • Great adjustability thanks to a dedicated loft sleeve and sliding spin weights
  • Excellent launch height through low center of gravity
Our rating:
Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Golf Driver
Most forgiving Budget Driver (Best Value)
Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver
  • Delivers long shots with reduced spin thanks to innovative RMOTO technology
  • Excellent launch height thanks to 'Gravity core', adjusting the center of gravity
  • Lightweight and easy to swing due to premium shaft and head design
  • Versitile adjustments through OptiFit adjustment options
  • Fairly priced
Our rating:
Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Regular, Graphite, Black, Right Hand
Most forgiving driver for mid handicappers
Cobra Fly Z Driver
  • Maximizes your swing speed thanks to a special club head face called
  • Stabilizes your swing through dynamic weighting
  • Always hit the ball right on target thanks to the smartpad technology
  • Can grow with you thanks for adjustability features
Our rating:
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Custom Driver, Left Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 9.0-Degree, Black, 45.5-Inch
Most forgiving driver for slow swing speeds
Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver
  • Stabilizes your swing thanks to lightweight shaft and lower center of gravity
  • Forgiving shot thanks to a Huge sweet spot
  • Precision adjustability offers 12 settings to tune in your lie, loft, and face angle
Our rating:
TaylorMade Men's M2 Driver 460cc (Right, Regular, 10.5 Degree)
Most forgiving Driver for Beginners
TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver
  • Very easy to hit thanks to a massive sweet spot and large club head
  • Get great launch height thanks to Inverted cone technology and a basic adjustable loft
  • Easy to hold thanks to the Golf pride tour velvet grip
Our rating:
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Most forgiving Driver
This award is a tough choice. We need to decide amongst the hundreds of drivers to see which offers the most amount of forgivness for most players.

The TaylorMade R15 460 Driver is a forgiving driver that helps you to reduce spin on your shots and increases the sweet spot allowing you to make a good connection easier.

This driver uses newly optimized TaylorMade metal woods technologies. The inverted cone technology expands the clubs sweet spot and the thick casting pushes the center of gravity lower and more forward. There is also a loft sleeve that provides maximum adjustability.

A new Front Track System acts as a speed pocket reducing spin and increasing the sweet spots size. Sliding split weights add some fine tuning ability to your club. Choose weighting in the heel to draw shots, in the toe for fade shots, and split weight for the most stability.

There is a lower center of gravity that is moved forward a little to promote higher launches and less spin. A four-degree loft sleeve helps provide for more adjusting to dial in what your ideal launch conditions are. It has a big head that will make you feel confident.

If you need a club that will help you reduce the spin that you put on the ball and has a huge sweet spot, this is a good option for you.

  • Four-degree loft sleeve for more adjustability
  • Center of gravity is lower and more forward
  • Front track system reduces spin and increases the size of the sweet spot
  • Sliding split weights to adjust your shots
  • No wrench or head cover
  • Doesn't have a good feel when you strike the ball
  • Stiffer than many other clubs

The TaylorMade R15 460 Driver is our pick for the most forgiving driver for most people. It's not the latest model, but still offers that easy to play feeling, delivering high, long shots consistently. Thanks to it's adjustability features it can also grow with your golf game.

Most forgiving Budget Driver (Best Value)
Here we take the price development of the product into consideration. We look for the optimal combination of performance and affordability.

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver is a very forgiving club with many features to aid your shots. Expect to get the maximum distance with this club because of the extremely low amount of spin it produces. If you have the speed on the ball and the right conditions at the time of launch, you will see extreme distances on your drives.

The new face technology, RMOTO, provides structure while saving weight creating a higher speed on the ball across the face. They weight moves the center of gravity lower and more forward giving you more speed. You can adjust settings changing the spin separation in between the low and high settings. You don't even have to change your clubs face angle or loft. A modified crown allows for a taller gravity core.

The clubs head is compact with a deeper face. The face angle and the shape of the crown is suitable for better players' eyes.

OptiFit Adjustability provides eight ways you can adjust your loft and lie angle. The loft can be changed to -1, S. 1, and 2 while the lie angle can be switched between draw and neutral. Draw and neutral center of gravity settings are other options.

A leather headcover is included to keep your driver clean and shining like new. This is a great club that creates a nice reduction in spin and has a huge sweet spot for easy connecting.

  • RMOTO distance technology
  • All of the best and most important technology is in this club
  • Gravity core adjusts the center of gravity
  • Premium shaft and head design
  • OptiFit technology provides even more adjustments to your shot
  • Adjustments can strip screws rendering them useless
  • All the adjustments can become tiresome during a match
  • Very stiff golf club

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver offers excellent club technology that delivers reduced spin and great distance in typical Big Bertha fashion. While newer models exist, the Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond option also delivers in terms of price.

Most forgiving driver for mid handicappers
Here we are looking for the most advanced adjustability and complete golf technology allowing for forgiving shots under any condition.

The Cobra Fly Z Driver is another very forgiving driver designed to improve your game without you having to do anything.

A trench was engineered around the faces perimeter that thins the structure of the wall to increase speed. The crown zone weighting technology takes the weight out of the crown and repositions it lower and towards the back of the head affecting the center of gravity.

A forged E9 zone face structure takes weight out of certain areas increasing the speed of the clubs sweet spot allowing more speed on hits that are off from the center. MyFly 8 adjustability allows you to tweak the loft from 9 to 12. SmartPad technology can deliver a square face at the point of contact no matter what the loft setting is.

This club has more technology included with it than I know what to do with. There are so many adjustments you can make that will change different things about your shot.

  • Speed channel Face
  • Crown zone weighting technology
  • Forged E9 zone face structure
  • MyFly8 adjustability
  • SmartPad technology
  • Screws holding the weights on have a tendency to snap off
  • Potential Logistics issues (Our Clubs were being delivered with the wrong wrench and others have reported missing head covers)

The Cobra King F6 Driver is an excellent choice for any mid handicapper looking to get all the bells and whistles that golf technology has to offer, without having to pay the markup for this years generation of clubs.

Most forgiving driver for slow swing speeds
Here we are looking for a driver that doesn't just provide good forgivness, but also enough stabilization and speed enhancing features to compensate for slower swing speeds.

The Cleveland Gold 588 Custom Driver is the longest driver that the company has made and has adjustments to customize all of your performance demands. The precision adjustable creates a high and penetrating fight.

The 460cc titanium head is a great combination of accuracy, forgiveness, and distance. It is ready for you to launch, control, and work it. Enhanced variable face thickness technology is responsible for the very hot flight when you hit a ball right in the center. You also have a higher ball speed on mishits giving you the most forgiveness.

The center of gravity of this club is positioned lower in the clubs head which produces a high and penetrating flight. 12 different settings are fully adjustable so you can precisely tune in your lie, loft, and face angle.

The loft and the lie have a range of three degrees, and the face angle has a total range of four and a half degrees. On the back is an adjustable screw weight for optimizing the swing weight.

This is a great club that offers a lot of customization and a ton of forgiveness. This club will improve your shots, and once you learn the adjustments, you will be able to shoot more accurately as well.

  • 460cc titanium head
  • Precision adjustability offers 12 settings to tune in your lie, loft, and face angle
  • Loft and lie have an adjustable range of three degrees
  • Face angle can be adjusted up to four and a half degrees
  • Optimal center of gravity
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Better for players with slow swings
  • Adjustments can be frustrating if you're not sure what you're doing

The Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver provides good feebcack and is very easy to swing. It stabalizes your shot, making it an ideal candidate if you have lower swing speeds.

Most forgiving Driver for Beginners
Here we are not looking for the most advanced adjustability, but rather something that's easy to play for beginning golfers right after purchase.

The TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver will maximize your shots distance and give you better control over the ball. The trajectory is the key to unluck low spin, higher launches, and greater distances.

The crown is made of multiple materials allowing for the ability to move between five and seven grams lower on the head of the club. This shift in weight creates a massive sweet spot as well as the highest moment of inertia on any TaylorMade driver.

The increased moment of inertia allows for the most distance and control. The center of gravity is moved low and pushed to the back of the club creating improved swing speeds.

This is another find choice that might work great for your style of game and the issues that you have with your swing.

  • Massive sweet spot
  • Adjustable loft
  • Golf pride tour velvet grip
  • Multi-material construction in the crown
  • Inverted cone technology
  • Some fakes have been being sold
  • High club speed may dent the head

The TaylorMade M2 Driver is our pick for the most forgiving driver for beginners and high handicappers. It offers a great, easy to play club without much bells and whistles, that delivers off the tee and gives you the best chance to enjoy hitting drives right from the get go.

Most Forgiving Driver Buyer's Guide

Forgiving Drivers can be used to improve your game and lower your shot total during your next round of golf. Here are the benefits you can hope to gain from using a forgiving driver and the features that are included you should be watching for.

Benefits of Using a Forgiving Driver

These are the reasons that these drivers are on the market and selling so well.

Enlarged Driver Face

A forgiving driver will usually have a large face that allows for more leeway when hitting the ball. Many golfers that are newer to the sport have issues finding the sweet spot in the center of more advanced clubs. This is a perfect answer for a player that has a faster swing.

Improved Distance

Getting more distance off of your shots is a great improvement to your game. The most forgiving driver for slice well work even if you have a slower swing that can't usually produce any power, a forgiving club will be able to give you a little boost. The oversized head of the golf club creates a trampoline effect as you swing producing extra spring, sending the ball further than it should have gone.

Improved Control

There are so many elements that come together to make the best golf swing. A forgiving driver will allow your natural swing to be unaffected by the weight of the club allowing for more control. Professionals and intermediate golfers usually use heavier clubs and use that weight to their advantage when it comes to power and control. For an amateur looking to take a couple of strokes off their total, forgiving drivers will help you regain control of your shots.

Confidence and Enjoyment

Your confidence in your abilities as a golfer will be crushed if you keep using a golf club that severely punishes you for not hitting the ball perfectly. On the other hand, when you have more drives go further that ever before and they are in the middle of the fairway, your confidence will go sky high. This confidence boost will likely even affect other parts of your game, like chipping and putting. Golf is a game that is just as much about confidence as it is about ability.

Saves Money and Time

Fixing an issue with your golf swing can get expensive rather quickly. You will have to pay for lessons, time on the driving range, or even devices to let you practice at home. If a single club can eliminate the need for all of these expenses and can save you time, they why not purchase one? You'll be slashing strokes off of your total as well.

Most Important Features of a Forgiving Driver

These are the features that you should make sure are included on the driver that you choose.

Cavity Back

A hollowing out of the back of a club's head is what is referred to as a cavity back. This hollowed out area transfers that weight of the club around the heads perimeter, making a larger sweet spot that's easy to hit. Drivers with a cavity back increase forgiveness and make playing golf with them easier.

Club Head

The size of a forgiving clubs head and the faces diameter are distinguishable characteristics of a forgiving driver. They are much larger than any other driver you have used before. The size of the clubs head directly relates to transferring all of the weight resistance from the twist into the head of the club itself.


A golf club has an offset if the front edge of the clubs face is set back from its neck. This off-set is another design trend that you will only find on the most forgiving driver for high handicapper.

High Moment of Inertia

The moment of inertia is an object's resistance to twisting on its axis. The most forgiving driver for beginners have high moments of inertia meaning that they twist less when you mishit the ball.

This is one of the cores behind driver technology. The moment of inertia is calculated by the resistance of objects angular acceleration or twisting. A high moment of inertia is what the makers of clubs use adding more forgiveness to the club. They transition the most weight to the center of the clubs face. This translates into a bigger sweet spot on your club that reduces the amount of shank.

Low Center of Gravity

A feature that stands out when talking about the most forgiving driver ever is its low center of gravity. This means that you can hit longer, higher shots with these drivers easily. Some drivers offer the ability to adjust where the center of gravity is while you are playing. This type of club takes into account that every golfer has their own center of gravity.

Issues With Your Game

Which driver will work best for you all depends on what issues you are currently having with your swing. Three common symptoms can be caused by a few different things and can all be remedied by a forgiving driver. These three symptoms are:

  • Hooking or Slicing theball
  • Shanking the ball
  • Shooting the ball straight up

Conclusion and Editors Choice

My personal choice for the most forgiving driver available is the Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver. The head is a combination of accuracy, forgiveness, and distance.

Precision adjustments allow you to tune your shot in and get closer to the pin. The center of gravity is low producing a penetrating flight.

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