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Welcome to our Driver section.

A Driver is a type of club used in golf. It can also be called a 1-Wood.

The 1-wood, or driver, has the lowest loft, the longest shaft length, and often the lightest club in a player’s bag. It is used to cover the longest distance on the course, most often off the tee.

In this section you will find our guides and useful articles on Drivers and how to use them.

If you’re looking for reviews on a specific driver you’re thinking of purchasing to improve your golf game then take a look at our reviews.

All Roundup Reviews

This is a complete list of the roundup reviews we have written to find the Best Drivers.

What are the Most Forgiving Drivers in 2018?

Massive Driver-heads and more. This review details and compares the most forgiving drivers we could find on the market, so you have the best chance to get long drives consistently.

What are the Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers in 2018?

When starting out in golf, you need a good driver to avoid massive frustration. This comparison article covers the best drivers for beginners and players just getting started in the sport.

What are the Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers in 2018?

You know your game but still want to improve? Great, because in this post we detail and compare the best drivers for mid handicappers and intermediate golfers.

What are The Best Drivers For Beginners In 2018?

This comparison review for starting players outlines and compares the best drivers available for high handicappers right now.

What are the Best Golf Drivers for Seniors in 2018?

Seniors have different requirements for their drivers, which is why we outline some of the best drivers for older golfers you can gift or invest in.

All Individual Reviews

This is a complete list of the individual reviews we have written to find the Best Drivers. Enjoy!

TaylorMade AeroBurner MD Driver Review (+ Alternatives)

In this detailed review we cover the AeroBurner MD Driver from TaylorMade and some potential alternatives to see if they hold up to their promises.

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