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Callaway X20 Irons (Complete Review)

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callaway x20 irons

Callaway X20 Irons have been on the market since 2007, but are still very popular.

But why?

Some say they offer the same or better performance compared to other, improved models on the market right now.

But people say a lot of things… are they right?

This is the question we are answering in this review.

Let's dive in.

callaway x20 irons

Callaway X20 Irons

Callaway Golf 2010 Men's X-20 NG Irons (Right Hand, Steel)

The engineers at Callaway applied Progressive Wall-Reduction System to bring the Center of Gravity (CoG) 6 percent lower than the X-18 clubs. With Progressive Wall-Reduction, the CoG gets lowered throughout the set but is slightly lower in longer irons enabling you to get the golf ball airborne without much hassle.

The club was designed following Callaway Gold Core tech and traditional styling; this aims at improving the forgiveness of the club and upping its performance while still maintaining its balance. Here, the club comes with Extreme Notch Weighting, a design system that shifts the club’s weight to its perimeter allowing high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for more stable hits and better control.

S2H2 is a golf club design that produces a short and straight hollow hosel. Here, the conventional hosel length is shortened letting weight move to the clubhead where it will be more useful. The Tru-Bone technology forms part of the S2H2 design and allows the club’s shaft tip to lengthen up to the clubhead and the sole to improve balance and ease of use. This feature also reduces club’s vibrations and enhances feel and performance.

The 180-degree Undercut Channel, like the Progressive Wall Reduction, moves the center of gravity even lower towards the clubhead to maximize perimeter weighting and craft a weight performance balance. These features give the club an edge over other clubs, as they give confidence to the golfer. While holding them, their shaft is heavier, and I feel good hitting them.

This club sports the new V-groove on the hosel back to show that it abides by the ‘conditions of competition’ set by USGA. Put simply, the Callaway x20 graphite irons have all features to offer great golfing.

Callaway X20 Irons Review

Look and Feel

I fancy Callaway irons looks. Other Irons in the x-series such as the Callaway X22 Irons and the Callaway X20 7 Iron wear this handsome look that if you have played with them, you will attest they look awesome. The X20 is no different; it sports a little notch at its back and this coupled with its color scheme gives the club a breathtaking look.

While these clubs do not succinctly fit in ‘super-game improvement’ class, it is sold as an iron for game improvement. Granted, there are no much differences between them and the Callaway X20 Tour Irons. Settled, the X-20’s longer than X20 tours heel to toe. Their sole is relatively wider while their top line is relatively thicker. This gives the irons a wiser look.

This iron gives you everything you would expect from a Callaway game improvement club. Their look in your bag or on your hands is professional and classic and with their polished finish and deep blue color scheme, they stand out wherever they are.


The performance of Callaway irons is everything their slogan says; a better game by design. The irons make it easy for me to hit straight. Their weight and length balance makes them steady, and when you hit the ball, it flies just where you want it to. Even thin shots will still fly long distances negating the need for you to apply a lot of force when playing. The club’s sole opposes digging, and when you want to make a fast shot, you will find it challenging.

The X20 looks beefy at address and when aligned behind a ball, thanks to its big face, it gives a great shot. Given, high handicapped players looking to up their numbers will appreciate this club. Its uniflex shaft, which gives your shots an extra boost to fly them higher, maybe have the ball flying higher than needed with some golfers. On windy days, this feature may be a disadvantage.

Most features on this club are designed to offer workability and build golfer’s confidence.


Newer players will appreciate how the shape of this club enhances forgiveness to offer swift shots. Extreme Notch Weighting shifts its weight towards the clubhead making the club steady and sturdy and reduces twisting during shots. Seeing that the club comes with a relatively bigger sweet spot and a lowered center of gravity, it maximizes range even when you hit off-center.

The distribution of weight from the hosel to the sole in this model optimized its forgiveness more and also maximized range. This feature is especially great for newer players. Even better, the designers added more weight to the toe and to the heels of this iron, increasing Moment of Inertia. Personally, I appreciate the distance and preciseness benefits that the club offers.

Build Quality

Forged from a 17-4 stainless steel, this club not only offers a good feel but also lasts long. You will appreciate the long, productive life of this club if what you are looking for is a club that lasts a larger part of your golfing life. It is the steel on the uniflex shaft that adds stiffness to your swing giving the ball more velocity and height.


Whether you are a newer golfer or a veteran, you will appreciate the ergonomic grips of this club. The grips are ease on the hands prevent twisting making them comfortable to use. With the fast launch features, anyone will find it easy to use this grip. The set provides a wide range of sizes from drivers to wedges and as seen on this Callaway X20 Irons review, the great balance offers all players ease of use.


Given that Callaway, especially the x-series, is one of the most popular brands in the market since its establishment in 1982, you will appreciate the price-quality ratio of this club. It offers great value for money and can be bought in sets of 7, 4 and PW. Compared to other irons such as the Callaway x20 3 Iron and TaylorMade R7 Irons in terms of quality and price, you will likely appreciate the value of the X20.


  • Lowered center of gravity for more straight hits
  • Offer a uniform punt across its face
  • Well balanced to feel comfortable on user’s hands and offer accuracy
  • Reasonable price quality ratio


  • Relatively high ball flight for long irons
  • Relatively lower forgiveness than newer releases
  • Balls may balloon slightly at very high speeds

The Alternatives

TaylorMade M2

TaylorMade Men's Steel 4 PW M2 Iron(Right, Stiff)

Just like the X-20s, the TaylorMade M2 is created to increase distance for mid-to-high handicappers. The clubhead is created following Speed Pocket technology and 360-degree undercut channel. These designs leave the clubface unsupported, a factor that produces more flex at impact and enhances ball speed. One factor that makes this iron a tough competitor to the X-20 is its lofts. Within the M2, there is a 7-iron loft set at 28.5 degrees; this is by far the strongest 7-iron loft in the market.

According to TaylorMade, this low loft matches the lowered center of gravity of the iron to enhance playability; with these two features, one is able to create great trajectories. These two irons have launches almost the same height making the competition stiffer.

The X-20 looks great at address but this has been rivaled by the M2 which comes with a thick topline, a fluted hostel and a darker finish. The chrome-like sections on the iron brings confidence to the player. With the M2, even thin shots still gain high velocity. The designers at TaylorMade have optimized forgiveness. This club feels steady even when held incorrectly. Its forgiveness will be noticed on the ball’s flight which has less to no curve and great speed. There are steel and graphite models just like the X-20s.


  • Low center of gravity for steady shots
  • Great prices for its quality
  • Great weight length balance for comfort during use


  • High ball speeds and flight may pose challenges to beginners
  • Price higher than that of X-20

Adams Blue Irons

Adams Golf Right Handed Combo Irons 3,4, 5-PW Graphite

Adams’ Blue series of irons are offered with the promise of simplicity and more air. They were released a couple of years before the Callaway X20 Irons release date but to date, they still offer great performance. By promising more air, the irons come easy to launch and slow-swing players can get the ball flying high with more ease. This is achieved by lowering the center of gravity of the iron through an undercut cavity at the sole of the iron.

This cavity increases the width of the sole. However, half of the cavity is curved upwards leaving a standard sole width. On the iron’s sole is Adams Velocity Slot which gives the sole the shape of a large dumbbell which allows the face to flex to generate more ball speed. If you have tried the two irons (the X-20 and the Adams Blue, you will agree that they have almost the same feel and generates almost the same velocity on the ball.

Shorter Adams Blue irons still give a great deal of control; the extra spin has been shunned to give more steady shots. Compared to longer irons, shorter irons look more rounded. They look great at address and in the bag. To complete this iron, it is equipped with a light shaft coupled with a narrow tip for better kicks. While this iron is mostly aimed at newer golfers (but still comes handy as a game improvement iron), the X-20 is an iron for mid and high handicappers.


  • Great balance for easy use
  • Fast launch making it fit for beginners
  • Great price for quality


  • Slightly lower forgiveness compared to the X-20
  • High swing speeds may make the ball balloon slightly

Ping Eye 2 Irons

Ping Eye 2 Golf Set Irons 3-PW Black Dot Eye2 Superb Condition

The Ping Eye 2 comes with a large cavity back. To keep the Eye 2 stable from the thin face formed by the cavity, it sports a tuning port insert which improves the feel of the club. Like the X-20, it is created for mid to high handicappers.

The strength of this iron is in its forgiveness. Right off the box, you will find this iron easy to launch. It will give you good direction even on off-center hits and a distance too. Hybrids have been designed to replace longer irons. The Ascending Weight Technology featured on most Ping irons ensures that irons are well balanced and sports a standard steel shaft for comfortable use. In newer releases, long irons tend to be lighter than short irons; when you buy a set, you will get consistent weight progression from driver through wedges.

Compared to the X-20, the Eye 2 offers great stability but a slightly low forgiveness. The Callaway X20 sand wedge offers a better feel than the Eye 2 wedges.


  • Durable and ergonomic construction
  • Low center of gravity improves the iron’s forgiveness
  • Massive face gives you a lot of confidence


  • Drivers not well balanced
  • Relatively high price for single unit irons

Cleveland Golf 588 MT Irons

Cleveland Golf 588  MT Iron Set (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 4-GW)

Designed for Mid-Trajectory, the 588 MT comes with great features to not only stay on top of the competition but also to offer great performance. The blade length is the same across the set while the blade height progresses upwards from the high-lofted clubs. The full hollow build gives the iron high performance and enhances playability. In terms of usability, this club is more or less like the X-20; they both launch fast.

Face Forged technology gives this club a forged face which improves ball speed and feel. Like the X-20, it will see the ball flying high and fast even when shots are not hit with much force. Vibration has been dampened by use of a multi-material insert in iron’s plague; the insert is made of aluminum and polymer.

The lengthy irons are easy to hit, and like the X-20, they are coupled with classic short irons for versatility. High and mid-handicappers will appreciate this iron but same to the X-20s, it can still be used by beginners.


  • Easy to get straight shots
  • Relatively higher forgiveness for smoother hits
  • Smooth on mishits


  • Relatively lower ball speeds on thin hits
  • Center of gravity relatively higher

callaway x20 irons

Our Choice

All in all you can see why the Callaway X20 Irons are so popular. They offer a very favorable mix of both looks, speed, feel, forgiveness and price, making it a welcome addition to any game.

Have you had any experience with the Callaway X20 so far? If so, please share it with other readers below in the comments.

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