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Wilson Golf Clubs Reviewed – what are the Best Clubs from Wilson in 2018?

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When it comes to golf, Wilson is a well-recognized brand name.

Gene Sarazen, John Daly, and Arnold Palmer are just three of the legends associated with the company.

They offer a wide selection of clubs, including these five selected items we’ll compare and review below, as they count as the best overall clubs Wilson has ever produced:

Editors Choice: Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter

Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter, MRH, 35'

The design of the Wilson 8802 goes all the way back to the early 1960s. A double-milled face softens the impact from the ball strike which should provide a comfortable putt.

The added head weight brings it to 335 grams and provides better interaction with today’s golf ball designs. The added weight also works well with modern greens.


  • The addition of a double-milled face softens the feel of contact with the ball
  • The matt finish helps to reduce the glare caused by direct sunlight


  • This putter is available in a right-hand format only at this time
  • Golfers who use ball markings will be disappointed to find none of this classic design

Best Value: Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Sand Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 56-degrees

The grips feel comfortable on these wedges. A stand-out on the clubhead is the sole. It has been modified to allow a player the ability to open the clubface while maintaining control.

The modified bounce-angle comes in five-degree variations that can produce a dead spin on the ball.


  • The groove pattern on the face provides excellent ball spin for the player that can make use of it
  • The sole design allows a player to open the clubface for higher shots
  • The stainless steel shaft provides excellent durability


  • The grips are a bit thin and might need replacement if shots begin to hook
  • The finish has been sand-blasted and may scuff the golf ball when it strikes

Best Seller: Wilson Staff Men's Triton Dvd Driver

Wilson 2017 Staff Triton Driver RH 10.5 Graph Reg New

The movable weight technology that this driver possesses will provide a user the chance to alter the trajectory of that critical shot from the tee.

I was even more surprised to discover an adjustment on the hostel that offers six settings to help keep balance with the various weight distributions.

This would be a good choice for players that like to change gear frequently.


  • Interchangeable soles and moveable weights offer a lot of versatility
  • A visible swing guide aids in directing the ball
  • The six hosel settings allow for great balance adjustments


  • The stiffer stock shaft may not generate desired clubhead speed with slower swings
  • The various weight adjustments may over-complicate the driver for a new golfer

Worthy Competitor: Wilson Staff Men's D200 Golf Iron Set

Wilson Golf- Staff D200 Irons (8 Iron Set)

We all want to get a longer shot out of our irons, and the flex near the bottom of the face on these clubs may help to generate that.

I noticed that the sole has a slightly raised center that provided less resistance through the shot.

The True Temper shafts lead to a stable shot that many golfers prefer. These clubs offer sufficient clubface at address.


  • The cut-out between the club face and sole allows for more flex on the face
  • The slightly raised portion of the sole allows the club to move across the turf more easily


  • These clubs are not very forgiving of heel or toe strikes
  • They may produce a lower ball trajectory than other irons will

Worthy Competitor: Wilson Staff Men's D200 Golf Fairway Woods

Wilson Staff Men's Stiff D200 Golf Fairway Woods, Right Hand, 18-Degree

The clubface on these woods produces a lot of flexibility that can help drive a ball farther.

I was surprised with how forgiving heel and toe strikes were due to the larger surface provided.

The club heads were able to cut through the rough without much resistance. Lighter weight for each wood allows a player to swing the club faster and produce more energy.


  • The larger surface near the heel and toe provide more forgiveness on poorer hits
  • These clubs are easy to track during the entire swing movement


  • The shaft flexibility highly favors a rhythmic swing with less swing speed
  • These woods produce a lower ball trajectory than other fairway woods usually do


A Message For Golfers Just Starting Out

Just like other activities or amateur sports, a new participant is excited to get the proper tools that help make their new recreation fun and productive.

Before you purchase your first golf club or set, keep in mind that even the best clubs that your money can buy will not improve the game on their own. If you're looking for serious improvement with your game, you need to practice.

New golfers who take lessons and spend more time at the range than on the course will see the most improvement.

If you are starting out, you are probably using a borrowed set of clubs. Perhaps you've bought a used set at a garage sale. Either way, you are ready to upgrade.

Even after that first set of new clubs has been purchased, one of the Wilson golf clubs reviewed below may find its way into your bag!

How To Choose The Best Golf Club For You

One of the first clubs that most golfers purchase individually is a putter. For someone who is par, up to half of their shots will be made with it.

To begin with, a blade putter is a good choice. For those struggling with their putting game, a switch to a mallet style putter may help.

Many sets will include irons ranging from a Three through a Pitching Wedge. Other types of specialty wedges are usually left out.

As your game improves, contemplate adding a Lob or Sand Wedge to your bag. These clubs may shave points off of your score.

If you find yourself struggling with fairway woods, you could add a One or a Two Iron to improve your shots. Some golfers will discover that they have problems using long irons.

In this case, swapping out your Three Iron for a Seven Wood may solve the problem. Another possible consideration is a hybrid club.

A hybrid club combines design elements from both irons and woods. The head of these clubs resembles that found on a fairway wood, by providing a larger surface area to hit the golf ball with.

The sole of the club head and the angle on the club face more closely resembles properties associated with irons. Hybrid clubs have gained in popularity in recent years, and many golfers will replace their One, Two, Three, and even Four Irons with them.

What Golf Club Design Features Are Right For You

Golf Club Length

As Jake Taylor (a professional long driver and trick shot artist) states in this video, club length is an important consideration when selecting a club.

For most golfers, a standard club length will be ideal. Golfers that have a wrist-to-ground height that varies considerably from the norm may wish to purchase clubs with longer or shorter shafts.

The goal is to find a club length that feels comfortable through the entire swing.

Golf Club Lie Angle

The other consideration he speaks about is the lie angle. This angle is between the club sole and the shaft.

If the toe of the club is above its heel at impact, the ball will tend to move to the left.

If the heel of the club is above its toe at impact, then the ball will often move to the right.

Golf Club Shaft Properties

The shaft of a club is often marked with a flex rating. The standard ratings include Ladies (L), Senior (A), Regular (R), Stiff (S), and Extra Stiff (X).

Slower golf swings can benefit from the clubhead speed generated by a more flexible shaft. Faster swings tend to better with a stiffer shaft.

Related: If you want to find Wilson Clubs particularly for female players, see our selection of golf clubs for women.

The shaft's weight can also be a factor. A beginner may find that a lighter shaft is more natural to swing, producing more speed and distance.

More experienced players might prefer a more massive shaft that results in a lower trajectory. A heavier shaft can help to produce less backspin on the golf ball as well.

Other Design Features

The thickness of a club's grips can influence your shot.

If it is too thin, your hands may overwork during the swing and cause you to hook the shot.

If it is too thick, your hands may not rotate properly and cause you to slice the shot.

The hosel is the part of the shaft that the clubhead attaches to, and can influence the balance and feel of your golf club.

Our Choice

As you can see, Wilson has a variety of clubs available for players at all skill levels. Before we announce the winner of this round-up, I want to mention a couple of worthy mentions.

A player who is looking for a little something to supplement their game may want to take a closer look at these items.

The Harmonized Golf Wedges offer excellent spin control on the golf ball. I think the high trajectory shots these clubs generate would be well suited for a newer player.

Someone looking to upgrade their irons wouldn’t go wrong with the Staff Men’s D200 Iron Set. The added flex on the club face can help with distance on each shot.

The best overall club reviewed above is the Wilson Staff Men’s Triton Dvd Driver. Besides Putters, a Driver is usually the most purchased club. As a player’s game changes, so do their needs.

The flexible soles and weights change this club as your needs change.

The length lie is standard. Its adjustable hosel provides balance adjustments that are crucial for a good swing.

Multiple shaft flexes and comfortable grips drive this club to the top!

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