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What are the Best Nike Golf Clubs in 2018?

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It’s no secret that Nike is eventually halting its golf equipment production to focus on golf apparel and footwear.

But that only increases the status of their clubs, some of which were legends on the green.

Bottom line?

Nike is a great brand with lots of great equipment for your golf game.

So we are going to cover the five Best Nike golf clubs on the market and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor's Choice: Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

Nike Golf- Vapor Fly Pro Irons Steel Stiff Flex 4-PW/AW

This is by far, the best Nike Clubs we have reviewed and tested. The Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons are designed to provide the best performance on the field while remaining incredibly comfortable in your hands.

You will love everything about this particular clubs including the playability, power, and forgiveness it offers to the player. They come with True Temper XP 95 Steel Construction to provide stability, balance, and durability. Although originally designed for high handicap golfers, the Vapor Fly Irons have been the favorite of many mid handicappers and a section of low handicappers.

There is a Modern Muscle below the club is swoosh to move the CG a millimeter from the center, to provide maximum benefit. The mid-sized hosel allows for more confidence and forgiveness when hitting the ball.

If a versatile, mid/high handicapper’s golf club is what you are looking for, the Vapor Fly Pro Irons are an ideal set. They guarantee you everything from performance, comfort, speed, distance, and looks.


  • All-rounded golf clubs for mid and high handicappers
  • Excellent performance and comfort on the greens.
  • Large faces designed to achieve impact, increase speed and distance.
  • Produces a decent sound after every strike.
  • Offers maximum forgiveness and boosts your accuracy.


  • Not ideal for low handicappers,
  • Stiff cubs that require player’s power for the best performance.

Best Value: Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set 8-PW Uniflex Steel RH

New Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set 8-PW Uniflex Steel RH

If the price or investment value is a priority for you when buying Nike Clubs, then the Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set is the ideal set. The set is designed to provide you with comfortable play and quality results at a relatively low price range.

They come with a High-Frequency x3x Groove Pattern to provide repeatable flight in between shots. The clubs come with Uniflex Steel-Iron Construction for strength, comfort and overall durability. The unique head designs offer increased forgiveness, enhanced feel, and maneuverability in order to achieve the desired launch.

The longer irons are designed to provide high trajectory, while the mid and short irons amplify the clubs workability and overall feel. Because of the forgiveness rate and usability, the set is an ideal choice for beginners and amateurs alike.

Despite coming with a low investment value, the VR Pro Combo Iron Set comprises some of the best performance clubs from Nike. They are also an ideal choice for first-time golf payers.


  • A premium Nike Golf Club Set at a low investment value.
  • Quality performance on the green for all the three available head designs.
  • Idea set for beginners and amateurs.
  • Offers comfort, forgiveness, and maneuverability.
  • Offers high flight and maximum accuracy.


  • Many high handicappers and pro golfers prefer other versions.

Best Seller: Nike Vapor Speed Irons

New Nike Golf Vapor Speed Irons 4-PW /AW Regular Flex Steel

Are speed and distance your priority when looking for the ideal Nike Club?

Look no further than the Nike Vapor Speed Irons. Engineers at the Oven’ in conjunction with Nike Golf athletes designed and came up with this set of clubs, for this reason, power, and speed. This has been made possible by the club’s Modern Muscle design, which enhances power and speed through weight distribution and movement of the CG towards the center for faster ball speed and consistent distance.

The club’s shaft comes as a hollow, metal wood construction featuring the company’s FlyBeam technology.

The 2-7 irons come with a hollow construction to achieve incredible distances whereas the Fly Beam Technology provides optimum forgiveness and accuracy. Moreover, the clubs outlook is unmatched and screams beauty and performance.

If distance, accuracy, and speed are what you are looking for, the Vapor Speed Irons guarantee you just that.


  • Powerful clubs that provide maximum speed and distance.
  • Designed to offer comfort and accuracy on top of the speed.
  • Good-looking clubs with a modern design.
  • Light and ideal for low and mid handicappers.
  • Guarantees performance across various shots.


  • Maybe uncomfortable for short hits.
  • Coupled with mishits for beginner and amateur players.

Worthy Competitor: Nike Golf VR_S Ladies Game Improvement Irons

Nike Golf Women's VRS Covert 2.0 Golf Hybrid Club, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, 26-Degree

For the ladies looking for an ideal Nike Golf Club specifically designed for their needs the Nike Golf VR_S Ladies Game-Improvement Irons are a sure bet.

Unlike other ladies clubs available on the market, this particular cub is lighter and more comfortable, making it an ideal choice for ladies on the green.

This enables you to get maximum impact and a comfortable feeling whenever you hit the ball. The club comes with a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage HBP shaft that is mid-sized and light to achieve distance and accuracy. Despite the lightness, the club’s stiffness has been enhanced to provide stability during long shots.

This is the ideal Nike golf club for the ladies. It is also incredibly easy to use hence preferred by female players of all levels across the board.


  • Ultra-lightweight construction for usability and distance achievement.
  • Comes with a powerful metal and graphite construction for performance and durability.
  • Linear Transition Design for maximum ball impact on the green.
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage HBP shaft for workability and performance.
  • Ideal for female players of all levels.


  • Maybe too light for high handicap female players.

Worthy Competitor: Nike Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs

NIKE Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs

For the younger generation, Nike came up with a series of ideal golf clubs and the Nike Junior Individual Kids Golf Club is an outstanding collection. The company designed the clubs with the younger player in mind. The clubs come primarily with a graphite shaft and overall construction for weight distribution and usability.

This also makes them ideally light for the young golfer. With a relatively larger head than most of the other competitors, the cub provides maximum ball impact, thereby increasing speed and distance. They also come with an enhanced rubber grip to enable your child to hold the cub comfortably.

This is the ideal Nike Golf Club for your kids.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Graphite construction for workability and durability.
  • Large club-head to maximize impact.
  • Appealing design and overall outlook.


  • Maybe a little heavy and uncomfortable for kid players in the younger bracket.

nike clubs

What's next for golfers after production dis-continuation of Nike Equipment?

Which are the Ideal Nike Clubs on the Market? What should I consider when purchasing Nike Golf Clubs?

Relax; you are in the right place.

Nike golf clubs

According to CNN, Nike announced that it would eventually hang its boots in the golf equipment production back in 2016. The company intends to expand its apparel and footwear portfolio after a poor financial performance in the golf equipment industry. Rival industry player, Adidas, has taken a similar move and announced the sale of her Taylor-Made Golf Equipment’ brand. The move has been attributed to the o-slow' being experienced by the industry over the years.
Many Nike Golf Club Enthusiasts will miss some of the best clubs the industry has seen, but there is a positive aspect of this dark cloud. This is the best time to purchase premium quality Nike Golf Clubs and Equipment at a reduced price.

What does it mean in the long term?

Nike had a relatively small market share in the golf equipment industry amounting to 2% of her annual revenue; her departure will have an insignificant effect on the equipment industry and on the average golfer. With the Oven’ finally ending, it is evident that golf equipment parts and maintenance services will also be out of the market. If you own Nike golf equipment including clubs, balls, and bags, this is the ideal time to purchase parts you might require in case your gear breaks down since they are also coming with reduced prices.

Bottom Line:

Nike golf club lovers will undoubtedly miss many of the company’s legend clubs like the Nike VR TW Forged Blades on the green now that production has been halted. However, with industry players like Call-away and newcomers like Tour Edge and Paragon, golfers still have a variety of clubs to choose from at their disposal.

With that said, you may be asking yourself:

What should I consider when purchasing Nike Golf Clubs?Nike golf clubs

Since the inception of the Oven’ by Nike over two decades ago, the company has always manufactured a specific club for a particular role. Due to this, clubs vary in shape, design, feel and construction to suit the intended purpose. Understanding the features of clubs in each category will enable you to settle for the best according to your preferences. Consider factors like:

Your Handicap or Level as a Golf Player:

Understanding your numerical potential and playing ability (handicap) will enable you to choose the ideal Nike Golf Club for every category. One can either be a low, mid or high handicapper, and Nike has golf clubs designed with particular handicappers in mind.

The Components of your Nike Club:

The components used to design and manufacture the various Nike clubs differ according to the category the club belongs, and its intended use. With production closure, understanding the various unique components that Nike clubs come with will enable you to identify authentic clubs from the fakes.

Some of these components include:

  • Clubhead: This is the part of the club that is exposed to the ball during play. The size of the club-head on a particular Nike golf club determines the category and use of the club. The Nike Golf Vapor Fly Irons are the same series but come with smaller club heads. Nevertheless, the set guarantees you both speed, distance and accuracy. Most of the genuine clubs from Nike will have the logo on the club head and its name.
  • Hosel: Your club’s shaft is connected to the club head through this component. Most of Nike’s clubs come with a hosel, albeit there are some that do not have one. Clubs that are meant to offer maximum forgiveness like the Nike Golf VR_S Covert Game Improver Irons come with a modest hosel.
  • Shaft: This part determines the distance achieved when the ball is hit. Nike’s shafts vary in size between 35 and 45 inches and are constructed using graphite iron shafts, steel iron shafts, graphite wood shafts and steel wood shafts.  In building their shafts, Nike put into consideration factors like overall flexing capability, the property of tolerance to turning and twisting (torque), swing speed and USGA specifications when designing their shafts.
  • Grip: Grips enable you to hold and swing the club when playing and can either be rubber or leather-made. To regulate the swing weight and give you a comfortable swing, Nike has specific grip treads for each type of club. Clubs like the Nike Vapor Fly Fairway, designed for a powerful thrust to achieve speed and distance come with a thicker/rougher grip to provide maximum stability during use. Authentic Nike Grips come with a Nike logo and various initials like Method, Origin, and Counter-flex depending on the type of club.

You now understand the parts of an Authentic Nike Club and the significance of each part. Another crucial consideration is:

The Investment Value of Nike Clubs:

As seen earlier, the price of most Nike Clubs has been falling over time as the company offsets its stock as business comes to a close. This is the ideal time to own Premium Nike Golf Clubs at slashed prices.

Moreover, most of Nike’s Clubs and other golf equipment have sentimental value, having been used by golf legends like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Owning a Nike Club now may fetch you more money in the future after they are phased out of the market.

Essential Nike Club Care Tips

Soon Nike Golf Parts will not be available on the market. This means that you cannot afford to have your Nike Golf Club breakdown or wear-out and adequate storage becomes more important.

How you store and maintain your club determines the period it will last and serve you?

Consider the following Nike Club Care Tips:

  • Always carry and use a towel to clean the club after use.
  • Wipe and Clean the clubs after every hit.
  • Store the clubs in the right conditions and always wipe off any water before storage.
  • Always use head covers when storing your clubs especially drivers and woods.
  • Always inspect the clubs for any form of wear.

Having put that into consideration, you are better placed to identify the various Nike Golf Clubs.

However, you may be wondering:

Which types of Nike Golf Clubs are still available on the market?

Some of the company’s pioneer clubs like the Nike Forged Blades are available in limited edition, having been released two decades ago. Most of the company’s clubs are still available on the market although in limited numbers.
Below is a list of the various types of Nike clubs including Irons, Hybrids, Putters, Fairway Woods and Drivers and the best in each category, which is still available on the market.

  • Irons: Nike had a variety of Irons on its collection, each designed for a particular purpose, mainly performance and power. Some of the most notable Irons that are still available on the market include the Nike Golf Vapor Pro Combo Irons, Nike Vapor Fly Irons, Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons, Nike Golf Vapor Speed Irons, Nike Golf VR Pro Irons and Nike Golf VR Pro Cavity Irons amongst others.

For more information on Nike golf iron visit the link below:

  • Hybrids: Nike designed hybrids for most of their series collection clubs, to perform better than the initial irons. The Oven’ created hybrids to outperform the initial irons.
  • Putters: Nike introduced some of the best putters in the game. They are available in three series, the Method, Ignite and Ever-clear putters both in the Mallet and Blade category. Some of the available Nike Putters include the Method Core Drone Putter, Ever-clear E-22 Putter, and the Ignite 001 Putter.
  • Fairway Woods: Nike’s series of fairway woods are designed to offer better comfort and thrust for players who are challenged by drivers. Some of the best Nike Fairway Woods include the Mach-speed 3 Fairway Wood, Sasquatch 2 five wood 19 for women, and the Vapor Flex Fairway Wood.
  • Drivers: The company manufactured some of the best drivers on the green. The drivers are designed to provide a powerful thrust during long shots. Some notable drivers by Nike include Nike Vapor Fly Driver, Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver, and Nike Forged Titanium 350-cc Driver.

Women’s and Junior's Clubs: The Nike Golf VR_S Ladies Game Improvement Irons and Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs are some of the best clubs for the women and kids respectively.

Our Choice

It is sad that Nike is finally hanging their boots in the production of Golf Equipment like clubs, bags, and balls. However, most of their merchandise is still available on the shelves. The above review and complete buyers guide will enable you to choose wisely when buying Nike Golf Clubs in the coming seasons.

When reviewing the company’s clubs, we put into consideration all the factors that you would be looking for when purchasing one. Al the above clubs made it to our Top 5 List of 2018 for obvious reasons including performance, usability, comfort, forgiveness, and power on the green.

However, the Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons stood out from the rest for being a versatile collection with all the features and aspects of an ideal golf club. It is easy to use, performs exceptionally well, which translates to improved play and confidence on the green.

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