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What are the Best Nike Golf Balls in 2018?

nike golf balls

Despite the fact that Nike mostly left the golf equipment game, their golf balls are still popular.

Those loyal to Nike will use their essential equipment as long as they are present on the market.

In this article, we will review and compare the best Nike golf balls on the market right now and help you pick the ones that suit you the best.

Let's dive in.

Editors Choice: Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9

Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball

The Nike Golf GL0710-101 Golf balls emphasize distance and feel, for they are designed to cover a significant length of the tee as well as of the fairway.

Due to efficient energy transmission, these golf balls respond very well to iron and provide fantastic feel. They are also aerodynamically designed, and react very well to windy conditions.

These Golf Balls are also quite durable, made of 2 essential parts. The core is high velocity designed, built to achieve high initial speed and pertain the direction. The cover is an ionomer. In essence, ionomer cover is cheaper, less durable version if compared with a urethane cover.

In essence, the cover is plastic, but high-quality plastic with emphasis on elasticity. This design (high-velocity core and elastic cover) allow the balls to cover a great distance, and also offer decent spin.

They are suitable for recreational golfers, but not so much for professional players, due to their durability.


  • value for money
  • high-velocity core allow efficient energy transition
  • soft (provide decent feel)
  • great flight (these balls will keep the direction)
  • elastic cover allows excellent spin control


  • durability is decent, but not great
  • not suitable for professional use

Best Value: Nike Juice Golf Balls

Nike Juice Dozen Golf Balls

The Juice Golf Balls feature 312 dimple design, emphasizing flying capacity and distance coverage. These balls deliver excellent control and feel. They respond well to iron, thanks to the elastic and highly responsive surlyn cover.

Though not the most durable ones(2-piece multilayer design), these balls are capable of taking strong hits. They are suitable for higher swing players. Nike Juice Golf Balls are soft, but not the softest on the list. In fact, if you are looking for more firmer golf balls, these could be a valuable option.

They are very cost-effective and will give recreational golfers more distance and spin control. They prove their best when used in the long game because of the ability to pertain direction. These balls have good acceleration, excellent coverage, but are somewhat hard to use in the green.

If you seek to improve your distance and precision, then these could be the golf balls you were looking for. If you want softer, short-game based golf balls, don’t obtain these.


  • decent acceleration upon impact
  • able to cover the great distance
  • the balls will pertain direction (very exact)
  • good spin control


  • somewhat hard (compared to others on the list)
  • not suited for medium and low swing players

Best Seller: Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball

Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball, White

As the name suggests, the Nike Golf GL0716-101 will fly, and it will fly high and far. These balls feature 3-piece multilayer design: they are quality made and highly durable.

These balls prove their actual value when used off the tee, where they can achieve maximum distance. The core is softly compressed, providing fantastic feel. If looking for balls that seek distance, Nike Golf GL0716-101 is undoubtedly a valuable choice.

The cover is designed to enhance speed, precision, and control. We feel that these golf balls are suited for recreational golfers, but can prove handy even for professionals.

However, if you are a heavy swinger, you might want to skip these balls. Also, while the ball is excellent for iron and off the tee, it isn’t well optimized for around the green plays. Spinning is decent, but the backspin is not that good.

The Hyperfly is a good, all-around ball, with the focus on durability and distance.


  • multilayer design, highly durable
  • amazing for off the tee
  • probably the best when it comes to distance
  • excellent putt feel


  • a somewhat expensive golf ball
  • does not perform well around the green

Worthy Competitor: Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme

Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball

The Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme features soft and fast core combined with elastic, ionomer cover. These balls emphasize precision more than any other golf ball on the list.

They are very soft and elastic, providing good feel and control. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, the balls cut through the air resistance, delivering amazing speed and distance.

They are called Extreme because of the extreme dimple patterns. The purpose of this dimple design is to minimize drag and maximize the distance in the air (carry). We commend the extreme dimple pattern, ionomer cover, and core that emphasizes softness and speed.

They are also very cost-effective. Usually, you receive 12 golf balls per package, but this particular package comes with 16 balls. They aren’t quite durable as others (like the Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight).

Off the tee, performance is impressive, but mediocre around the green. I guess that is the only downside of these balls.


  • extremely cost-effective (16 per package)
  • extreme dimple pattern design delivers great carry
  • soft and fast core
  • cuts through the air with precision and high speed


  • mediocre performance around the green
  • not the most durable golf balls

Worthy Competitor: Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls

Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls

Apart from being neatly packed and inherently branded (Mojo), the Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls are very versatile and excellent all-around balls.

These balls are genuinely cost-effective since you receive 24 balls per package. The core has been designed so that it suits both low and high swingers, though we recommend it to higher swingers.

The cover is beautifully designed, delivering softer feel and decent rolling. Like most Nike golf balls, these also promise to add distance to your game. They do if you are an amateur or recreational golfer, but not if you are a semi-professional or professional golfer.

They aren’t expensive but are quite durable and neatly designed, feature two-layer design to deliver good all-around performance. If you just started playing golf, these are the perfect fit for you. We recommend them to high handicap players.


  • true value for money, 24 golf balls per pack
  • suitable for beginners and recreational players
  • recommended to high handicap players
  • will add distance to your game
  • solid all-around balls, perform well off the tee and around the green


  • not the softest on the list
  • not suited for mid and low handicap players

nike golf balls

In this part, we will discuss the benefits of using Nike Golf balls. Furthermore, we will review five particular products and address their strengths and weaknesses.

But before we discuss this product, we will describe the things you should look for when selecting golf balls. So, without further ado, let's address these factors.

Why Nike Golf Balls?

Most of you probably know that Nike decided to terminate their golf ball production. Why? I do not know; the company has its reasons. I'm truly saddened to see them go because they inspired confidence among their consumers.

Nike golf balls emphasize softness and distance. They ordinarily produce great all-around golf balls for an affordable price, suitable for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The golf balls we reviewed are mostly for recreational and amateurs, though some could prove their use in the hands of professional golfers.

Technical Details

In this dedicated section, we will explain technical parameters you should look for if you do decide to purchase Nike golf balls.

Products we reviewed feature either 2-piece or 3-piece multilayer design. Usually, 3-piece multilayer design delivers better feel and more softness. Engineers apply layer-by-layer method, starting from the core and expanding to the ball's surface.

The more sophisticated the design, the better the feel. The key is to find the balance between distance and softness. Engineers are trying to make the ball as soft as possible, but also have to ensure that the balls perform mid-air; that they fly fast and far.

Personally, I prefer Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball. They are designed to perform well off the tee and around the green, delivering amazing softness and distance.

You should also pay attention to dimple design. Dimples affect speed, distance, and spinning capabilities. We did state for each product what their strengths and weaknesses are. For instance, Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball and Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme will add most distance to your game, due to their aerodynamic design and carry capacity.

We suggest going for the cheaper versions if you are a beginner. Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls come 24 in once package. They are solid all-around golf balls solidly designed, and will surely add distance to your game.

Always think about what you value most. Just because the golf balls are expensive, that doesn't mean they are good (at least not for you). Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 are the most expensive ones, but they do deliver when it comes to distance and roll.

Prices are similar, but if you buy several packaged, they will add up. Make sure that, before you buy, you buy with a purpose. If you are a beginner just looking for good all-around training golf balls, we suggest Nike Mojo (Double Dozen) White Golf Balls. On the other hand, Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball is best if you look for semi-professional golf balls.

All Nike golf balls strive towards softness. Softness plays a huge role in when it comes to feeling. Now feel is hard to describe. You can give one golf ball to both high and low swing speed players, and they will provide different feedback.

Though swing speed is measured objectively (in mph), feel isn't. Depending on your technique and strength, the particular golf ball will feel either hard or soft.

So, to eliminate this problem, most modern golf ball manufactures produce soft golf balls. But, how soft you want them to be? Nike Juice Golf Balls are arguably the softest on the list, and right next to it is the Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball.

In general, multilayer design (3-piece in particular) will absorb the kick more efficiently, thus provide better feel. You don't want to feel as if you are hitting the rock.

General Advice
Distance and feel are arguably the most important factors to look for when you are searching for the best Nike golf ball. Presumably, you would like to enhance your golfing experience, but also gain some distance as you play.

If you are beginners, you are probably just looking for golf balls that won't hurt your budget but will still motivate you to keep playing and keep practicing. If you are looking for distance, go for the Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball, for they do perform best and do increase the distance. If you are a beginner, I suggest going for the Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls. They are very cost-effective, soft and provide decent feel.

I would say that Nike Juice Golf Balls are best all-around golf balls, thanks to the 312 dimple design, which grants decent distance and spinning. They also perform well off the tee and around the green. If you had to focus on one thing, focus on the feel. While it is rather subjective ( after all, it is a feel), it is often the best indicator when it comes to quality and personal preferences.

After that, focus on distance, velocity, core design, and off the tee and round the green performance. Some golf balls will perform amazingly off the tee but might fail you around the green, and vice versa.

Our Choice

As stated previously, Nike has terminated the production of their golf balls. This means that, if you are Nike fan, you better stock up on them while you still can.

While it does sadden me to see Nike go, there are still enough of their golf balls available in the warehouses, and we are still able to purchase them.

We will conclude our article by pronouncing the winner of our list. While I did juggle between Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball and the Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme, I would go with the Hyperflight.

I love the Hyperflight design. It is also the only golf ball on our list that features 3-piece design. This makes the ball quite durable and grants it the ability to absorb the damage and efficiently transfer energy. It will accelerate and cut through the air.

More importantly, it will enhance your golfing experience and add distance to your game. The only downside is the price, for it is somewhat expensive. Also, while the ball is optimized to perform around the green, it shows all its colors when used off the green.

However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions and purchase thins ball just because I find it to be the most valuable one. Consider your preferences and needs, and only then decide which of these golf balls is the best for you.

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