The 13+ Best Hybrids For Every Situation (2018 Reviews)

Written by: Mattis W. | Updated Nov 1, 2018 | Golf Clubs
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Callaway covered all their bases this year with the release of the Rogue X.

With a sleek combination of style and cutting-edge technology, these irons offer faster ball speed and easier launches that are both further and straighter than alternative hybrids.

Callaway proudly claims the Rogue is their most powerful hybrid ever, and it shows.

That’s why we have voted it 2018’s best hybrids for High Handicappers.

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Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Hybrid, Right Hand, Synergy, 60G Shaft, Stiff Flex, 6 Hybrid, 26 Degrees
Best Hybrid Overall
Callaway Rogue X Hybrid
Our Rating:

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TaylorMade M4 Irons Set (Set of 8 total clubs: 4-PW, SW, Graphite Shaft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex)
The Runner-Up
TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
Our Rating:

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2018 Cobra King F8 One Length 5 Hybrid (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Reg Flex,)
The First Honorable Mention
Cobra F8 One Length Hybrid
Our Rating:

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Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, Left Hand, Regular, Graphite)
The Second Honorable Mention
Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set
Our Rating:

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Article Synopsis: For People in a Hurry

As golf continues to expand and evolve, so too does its market of supplies. Players of all skill levels are becoming more critical of their irons, and manufacturers are doing their best to meet the ever-rising demand of their customers.

In an era of excellence and innovative technologies, standing out from your peers has become considerably more difficult.

Apparently, the engineers at Callaway keenly understand this logic. They’ve produced their most powerful hybrid ever, seeking to optimize speed, distance, and forgiveness in their design, bringing the Callaway Rogue X Hybrid to the worldwide market.

While the shafts only come in graphite, the Rogue X comes in many flexes (Light, Regular, Stiff) and boast several unique features that promise a one of a kind golfing experience.

One of the more promising features is the integration of Callaway’s patented, groundbreaking “jailbreak technology” in a hybrid for the first time ever. Two steel Jailbreak bars are used to stiffen the club head’s body, which places more impact load on the face. The result is dramatically heightened ball speed and noticeably further distance, without the need of a stiffer club shaft.

The 360 Face Cup and VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology combine to expand the portions of the face responsible for delivering fastball speed. The Face Cup uses a thin, flexible border around the boundary of the face that can contract and release during impact; this significantly increases ball speed. VFT also influences how the face itself flexes during off-center hits, likewise promoting faster ball speeds.

Using their Internal Standing Wave design, they have delivered a low center of gravity that is more forward, giving you confidence that you’ll hit with the CG more consistently (reducing the number of errors you’ll encounter). All this together combines into a package that delivers faster balls and greater distances.

Because of the continued reliability and performance in hitting balls both fast and straight, the Rogue X is rated best overall for 2018.

The TaylorMade M4 Iron Set was a close second. These are excellent performers, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you see them at the top of some people’s lists for the year.

With the M4, they’ve deployed their new “RIBCOR” technology, which increases the clubface’s springiness across the whole face of the club, as opposed to focusing the spring at the middle.

The result is exceptionally precise distance control, including on mis-hits. For you, this should translate into fewer lost balls and missed opportunities for greens, while generating more birdie and par attempts.

With a thicker topline and nice offset that sits nicely behind the ball, you can feel confident you’ll make a good swing. The iron’s offset is just enough that it can help correct poor slices, yet not so intense that the alignment becomes difficult. This results in high and straight ball flights, with excellent rectification on poor strikes.

Additionally, removing the bit of metal from the hosel (the junction where the shaft enters the club) has had the distinct effect of lowering the center of gravity. While particularly beneficial for beginners, this is also a boon for High Handicappers, allowing you to get the ball in the air quickly and effectively.

Our first honorable mention is the Cobra King F8 One Length Hybrid. It is regarded both as one of the best hybrid clubs, and one of the most versatile on the market.

Cobra has re-engineered their original one length model under a new 7-iron length, club head weighting and lie angle to provide better consistency and a sense of simplicity for their consumers. This club was made for low to medium-high Handicappers with a moderate to higher swing speeds that are looking for a more forgiving alternative to their standard ONE Length long irons.

Matching a 7-iron, the weight is added low and to the back. The result is a higher launch and notable increase in speed and maximum distance traveled.

Their re-engineered “Baffler Rail” technology offers you optimal speed and maximum forgiveness. They’ve centered the rails around the CG, which limits twist at the point of impact. Being slightly taller, you’re getting better turf interaction, which results in far more powerful launches.

As an added bonus for the tech-gurus, the F8 ONE Length is outfitted with Cobra Connect by Arccos. This allows golfers to track their driving distances and accuracy, using detailed stats and analysis.

Our final selection, the Launcher CBX Iron Set by Cleveland Golf, comes in as the best set of clubs for value.

Cleveland made their aim clear for their clients – launching the ball as far and high as possible – by positioning a hulking piece of metal along the sole, setting the CG as low as possible. The result is a powerful launch, getting the ball up high and fast.

The hollow, back-sloping design for the crown boosts stability which results in further traveling ball flights. It also makes for very forgiving launches.

While these are definitely a great set of clubs, one of the most appealing aspects is their price. The CBX is reasonably priced and a great value for high handicappers. While they aren’t the best in terms of versatility or performance, there are the best in value.

With a sleek combination of style and cutting-edge technology, these irons offer faster ball speed and easier launches that are both further and straighter than alternative hybrids.

There’s a reason why many consider Callaway to be the number one manufacturer in golf. Through their relentless pursuit of groundbreaking technology and unwavering commitment to raising the bar in the industry, they have cemented themselves as the premier manufacturer in the field.

This year, their release of the Callaway Rogue X hybrid series shows they aren’t finished yet. Using the latest cutting-edge technology and materials, they’ve developed an exceptional, first of its kind hybrid for High Handicappers.

This is a beautiful hybrid, with a sleek design and smooth, dark color.

The reviews are glowing across the board, with many golfers stating what game-changing clubs these are and what improvement they’ve seen after picking them up. The driving force behind this ability to provide such radical improvement to a player’s launch rests in their clubhead design.

To put it simply, these are a total package set, from performance to versatility. While they can be pricey, they’re worth every penny, especially if you’re a High Handicapper.


They’ve brought in a new 360 Face Cup and combined it with their Variable Face Thickness (also known as VTF) technology. The merger of these two unique technologies promotes incredible ball speed, allowing you to optimize your ball distance on each stroke, and feel confident that you’ll get solid distance on good strokes.

They’ve also included, for the first time ever in club series, adding tungsten weighting. Because tungsten weighs twice as much as steel, this allows you to concentrate a significant amount of weight into a much smaller place.

Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave Technology allowed for their engineers to position the CG with incredible precision. Set low and forward, it provides the rare combination of low-spin and high-launch.

Now, the downsides to any thin clubface are excessive vibrating and unpleasant sound and feel that comes with it. Callaway has employed their proprietary urethane microspheres to combat this, which dampen the vibrations, significantly improving the sound and feel. However, this also reduces the face’s flex (which can limit COR and ball speed) by a considerable amount.

However, they didn’t stop there.

To truly provide us with the ultimate hybrid package, Callaway also integrated their patented “Jailbreak technology” into the Rogue X, the first time they’ve ever done this with a hybrid. This involves planting two steel “jailbreak bars” into the club’s head, which stiffen the body. This significantly increases more impact load.

This allows for them to make the cup lighter, thinner, but retain its force and promote greater ball speed. And that’s what they’re trying to capitalize on here.

This is all part of what they’re calling the adical Distance Technology Package.’ When compared to the Rogue Standard, the Rogue X is much lighter in weight, slightly longer in length, and stronger lofts. The entire aim of this hybrid is the fastest levels of ball speed, highest launches, and significantly longer carries.

Callaway has made the entire Rogue series is available in a woman’s set, as well. They come in many ranges, and also both left-hand and right-hand orientation.


  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Improved Face Cup
  • Internal Standing Wave Technology
  • Wide Variety of Lofts
  • Comes in Standard and “X” Version
  • Long and Forgiving


  • Fixed CG weight
  • Somewhat expensive.
  • Non-adjustable hosel

Our Verdict

Through a combination of groundbreaking technology, playability, versatility, and unisex accessibility, Callaway’s Rogue X has secured the vote as the best hybrids for High Handicappers in 2018.

Callaway Rogue X Hybrid Callaway Rogue X Hybrid 5 Customer Reviews

TaylorMade is another big-name in golf and is regarded as one of the best manufacturers in all of golf. Originally known for their metal woods, they have since expanded their portfolio, adapting and changing with the landscape of the sport.

Now, their products are used by some of the biggest names in golf.

However, refusing to sink into complacency, TaylorMade have rededicated themselves to providing their loyal customers with the best of the best. This year, that commitment takes form in the newly released the TaylorMade M4 Irons, which use a list of cutting-edge technologies and materials to provide stellar performance.

The M4 can significantly improve High Handicappers using a significant offset to help prevent the chances of slicing, and instead promote a straight ball flight.

It uses very high levels of MOI (Moment of Inertia) to correct any mis-hits.

It has a deep-cavity back design, which results in an enormous “sweet spot” that nearly covers the entire club’s face. The leading edge is quite thin, which ensures crisp levels of contact at the bottom of your downswing.

In terms of appearance, these clubs are stunning. They have a unique look at address and sit nicely behind the ball.

Positioned at the back of the clubface is a “speed slot”, a thin channel that can help maximize springiness of the clubface and enhance distance on thinner shots. Combining this with their “RIBCOR” technology, the M4 irons provide you with exceptional distance no matter the ball impacts with the clubface.

COR is “Coefficient of Restitution”, which essentially determines how much spring a clubface has. There are limits to the allowed COR a club is allowed to have, so the general principle is to put the absolute maximum COR allowed in the sweet spot of the clubface.

TaylorMade has taken this to the next level using RIBCOR by including two “ribs” on the heel and toe of the club, which optimizes the COR across the entirety of the clubface, rather than only in the sweet spot.

The result is more distance on off-center hits, while also increasing straighter ball flight. This is terrific for beginners, who are more prone to mis-hits, but also excellent for helping High Handicappers salvage their more rare mistakes.

To enhance the club’s forgiveness, they’re removed a small bit of weight from the hosel and redistributed that to the club’s head. While some might consider this unnecessary, it’s a small detail with a noticeable impact on the club’s performance and is a subtle but welcomed enhancement to the frame.

TaylorMade offers the set starting at a 4-iron or 5-iron, and also provide options that include A-Wedges (also known as a gap wedge) and even sand wedges. While beginners will most likely benefit from this addition the most, High Handicappers might also find it convenient.

Wedges have become increasingly important in the game today, and most professional will recommended keeping a wedge handy.

The clubs come in a variety of ranges including Ladies and Stiff, and also both right-hand and left-hand options.


  • Wonderful look.
  • Top-quality feel.
  • Excellent forgiveness.
  • Maximum distance on mis-hits.


  • Possibly too much offset if you hook the ball.
  • Expensive.
  • The finish will scratch easily.

Our Verdict

An close second, you’ll find several sites that rank this as the year’s beast hybrid. Their combination of increasing distance and top-quality forgiveness makes the TaylorMade M4 the runner-up pick for 2018.

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set TaylorMade M4 Iron Set 7 Customer Reviews

Cobra is best known for the production of one of the first utility clubs, the Baffler, back in 1973, years before such specialized clubs became popular. With over thirty years of experience in the business, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that knows golf better than they do.

This year, they’ve brought yet another upgrade to their hybrid line (like the F7 and F6 before) with the release of the Cobra King F8 and F8 One Length. This line falls into the Game-Improvement category, which means they emphasize ball flight and distance. However, this often comes at the expense of accuracy and consistency.

To counteract this, Cobra has employed several new technologies to limit interference.

One of the most significant attempts comes in the form of Cobra’s updates to their face up technology. They’ve begun using a variable thickness forged face, as opposed to the constant thickness of the F7 models. This allows the engineers to tune certain areas of the face, removing dead or hot spots, and instead promote a more consistent level of ball speed.

The new face is lighter, faster, and thinner than previous models. This helps generate more distance per stroke.

They’ve also included a carbon fiber tuned cavity. While there is an undeniable weight-saving benefit, Cobra is more focused on the new cavity’s ability to control vibration and elevate feel, producing what they’re calling “best in class feel.”

Using their TECHFLO construction, Cobra has shortened the overall height of the F8 (when compared to the F7 models), while managing to keep the blade lengths practically the same. The direct benefit of this is a low center of gravity, which promotes higher launch and more controllable ball flight.

Their redesigned Baffler Rail design makes for both greater speeds and more forgiveness. The rails are spaced more tightly together and centered around the CG. This reduces twisting at the moment of impact, promoting greater levels of stability

Taller rails likewise increase the leading edge bounce, preventing digging. This helps keep the clubhead from digging into the turf.

With the One Length, fitted to match a 7-iron’s length, lie and swinging weight, they aim to maximize consistency by giving you one swing for multiple shots. By using one club, you limit the number of variables that can arise while switching between hybrids, increasing the chance of error.

Having a more repeatable swing can promote more consistent contact. This results in more green and birdie opportunities, as well as tighter approach shots.

For tech lovers, this hybrid is a dream come true. Both the F8 standards and F8 One Length come with the Cobra Connect fully integrated, powered by Arccos. This unique system works with over 40,000 courses worldwide and can give a golfer live analytics of their game stats. This manner of insight is critical to improving one’s play, and provide tangible evidence of one’s progression.

As is becoming notably more popular in the market, the Cobra F8 is available as a woman’s club.

All of these benefits, in combination with the Cobra Connect integration, are exactly what players need to play better and smarter golf. Whether you’re a beginner or a High Handicapper looking to fine-tune their play, these hybrids are sure to elevate your performance.


  • Cobra Connect for live stats.
  • A wide range of availability.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • Forgiving on mis-hits.


  • No model available for elite level players.
  • One Length variation still under innovation.

Our Verdict

Cobra once against cements their place as the leading One Length innovator of the golf industry. With continued improvement from the F6 and F7 models, including fully-integrated Cobra Cross networking, the F8 Standards, specifically, the One Length, are a solid purchase and deserving of the first honorable mention spot.

Cobra F8 One Length Hybrid Cobra F8 One Length Hybrid 12 Customer Reviews

Cleveland Golf has always been known for the wedges they develop. They come from humble beginnings, bringing classic replica golf clubs to the market. However, they quickly developed a name for themselves by creating simple, crisp wedge designs. To date, their 588 wedge (first produced in the 1980s) is still a top seller.

Today, they’ve become known for also developing high-quality drivers and irons. And while they have remained progressive in their technology and pursuit of better quality product, they have retained the simple, traditional look without compromising performance.

The Launcher CBX boasts a more conservative, traditional than some of their more famous irons (like the VAS irons, which Corey Pavin used to win the 1995 US Open at Shinnecock Hills). This can catch the eye of both beginners and more seasoned High Handicappers.

At address, this set has a medium topline look. While lacking the thinness of some models, it doesn’t quite have the thickness of the TaylorMade M4. A large cavity rests at the back with the majority of its weight pinned low against the sole, which helps launch the ball much higher.

They definitely earn their name “launcher.” The ball reaches pinnacle ascent and competes with some of the best irons on the market.

This effect is more noticeable in the set’s long irons, which sport thicker topline and also have a thicker sole than the short irons, which are score-focused. The Launcher CBX’s uses long irons for forgiveness, whereas the short irons provide workability with less forgiveness.

It can be difficult to generate enough backspin for the ball land on the green and come to a dead stop or spin back toward the hole. Cleveland promotes this kind of fantastic play by integrating their popular “zip groove” technology (predominantly featured in their wedge designs), which takes advantage of their one-of-a-kind face-milling design. This provides more backspin, increasing forgiveness and height.

The club has a unique, dual-v sole shape that also assists with turf interaction. It averts the club from digging too much on fatter shots and also cuts through rough. This makes it easier to dig your way out of trouble areas.

Their renowned Feel Balancing technology has positioned the sweet spot at the center of the face, and the low CG assists players with getting the ball up in the air. The sweet spot is more focused, so the forgiveness is decent, but you won’t see the same distance on mis-hits as you would on brands with larger sweet spots.

The Launcher CBX irons come with steel or graphite shafts, though the latter is slightly more expensive. However, even the graphite shafted option come at a notably lower price than some alternatives (like the Rogue X and TaylorMade M4).

For slow swingers that have a desire to test graphite clubs but don’t have the funds to purchase some of the more expensive sets, this is an excellent alternative. It’s also perfect for High Handicappers that have a little difficulty launching the ball high up in the air.

The Launcher CBX irons come in a pair of configurations: 4-iron through pitching wedge, or 4-iron through gap wedge. Their steel shafts come in stiff and regular flex, while the graphite offers those and senior.

The largest detraction would have to be the handling of mis-hits. There is a significant loss of distance when compared to some other model of hybrids, namely the TaylorMade M4. There has also been a little trouble with distance control and inconsistency.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • High ball flight.
  • Excellent for getting out of the rough.


  • Not as forgiving.
  • Inconsistency distance.

Our Verdict

You won’t find many other clubs that perform this well, that come at such an affordable price. This is one of the more appealing alternatives on the market, geared toward golfers that don’t mind the current technology. For value alone, they are deserving of the second honorable mention pick of 2018.

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set 5 Customer Reviews

In a Hurry? Read the Short Version

Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Iron Wood

The idea behind hybrids is to offer golf players more comfort and accuracy especially when you have a hard time hitting with your irons. Manufacturers at Tour Edge have been burning the midnight oil to wring finer technical details that offer increased comfort, accuracy and forgiveness resulting in the Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Iron Wood

Tour Edge offers the hybrid set with graphite shafts, a variety of flexes and between 24-50 degree lofts. The hyper-steel head is oversize, hollow, and perimeter-weighted with tungsten sole weights, which makes the Bazooka Platinum extremely forgiving

The weight distribution below the ball guarantees you high-flying off-center hits. As a max-game improvement iron, the Bazooka Platinum offers you maximum forgiveness. The construction is a lightweight cast body with three internal reinforcement bars for an easy swing and durability

On top of all that, this is easily the best looking set I have set my eyes on for some time now. The Bazooka does not only feel good, it looks good too! These features and more make the Bazooka the top hybrid golf club for high handicappers in our 2018 review. It is available individually or as a complete iron set comprising a 3, 4, 7 and 8-iron wood

King Cobra F7

Another exceptional performer is the Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s King F7 Hybrid. If it were not for the extra forgiveness and comfort that the Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum offered, the King Cobra F7 Hybrid would have easily been our top pick hybrid club 2018.
The most fascinating thing about the F7 hybrid by Cobra is the ability to adjust the lofts from the eight loft adjustable settings that the club comes with. You can adjust your 3-hybrid into a 4 or your 4-hybrid into a 5 and vice versa. Adjusting the loft helps you to acquire the right distance gap between your top iron and your hybrid
The Cobra comes with a light, forged 455 Stainless Steel Face that helps to maximize face flexing and enable you to hit faster ball speeds. The single fixed weight positioning places the center of gravity deep to offer forgiveness even on off center hits. You get high towering ball flight on your shots, which translates to increased distances
Cobra’s New Baffler Dual Rail System comes with two bars at the bottom to help you improve your shots on turfs and roughs. It also offers lie and loft consistency from every lie, as well as, help you to control and manage your trajectory

If you are looking for a hybrid that will offer you distance and improve your game especially on the rough, the King Cobra is the ideal club. Its design and look is also attractive, which allows you to play with confidence and comfort on the course and rough.
Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

If you are on a budget, and are looking for a club with top of the range features, then look no further than the PineMeadow Excel EGI Hybrids. This hybrid club is available in regular flex and graphite shaft in different lofts including 19, 22, 35, 28, 32, 36, 40 and 45 degrees

It comes with a stainless steel clubhead, and enlarged sweet spot that will offer you a soft feel even on tough terrain and the roughs. Pinemeadow offers the EGI with balanced weight throughout the club to give you comfort and accuracy during impact or address
The lightweight construction and shape of the club head helps to improve your game on different lies. The slender shape allows you to take different golf shots with ease, accuracy and comfort while allowing for more forgiveness. This is because the Excel Hybrid is designed to create maximum contact with your golf ball without being hung on the long grass on the fairway or rough

The Excel EGI Hybrid comes with a plain looking design compared to other hybrids on our review, but has a lot more to offer on top of the low investment value. In fact, we found it to be the second easiest hybrid to hit with after the Cleveland Launcher HB iron set. This makes the PineMeadow Excel EGI Hybrids ideal for high handicappers, beginners and seniors.

TaylorMade M2 Rescue

When it comes to speed, distance and forgiveness, the TaylorMade Mens M2 rescue is definitely worth considering. TaylorMade constructed the M2 with unique features to offer you consistency and accuracy on the course
As part of the M-Series, numerous features make the M2 stand out from the other hybrids in the series. Unlike her predecessor that comes with a steel-carbon composite crown, the M2 is constructed with an all-steel clubhead. This makes it look more like a shrunken fairway than a traditional hybrid

The club’s sweet spot is located around the heel, and sole with a larger and improved Speed Pocket. This enables the face to increase its flex during impact, which translates into increased speed and distance. It is also designed with a low center of gravity (COG) to offer you maximum trajectory, which is essential in increasing speed
The club’s Speed Pocket and design have improved flexibility, creating increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) and speed. Together with the low center of gravity (COG) and increased head size, the M2 Rescue generates high launch angles on different course terrains

It is available in graphite shaft only with a fluted hosel design, which allows weight redistribution across the club. This allows you to take highly impacting shots even with a simple swing. The club’s forgiveness and playability is impressive and is bound to improve your overall performance on the course. For players with a different handicap or those who prefer a different shaft length, you can get custom-fitted shafts from your local TaylorMade fitter.
Cleveland Launcher HB iron set

Cleveland re-introduced the Launcher HB irons as a set of hybrids that look more like irons than hybrids. The HB irons are unarguably the easiest clubs to hit with on our review, and suits both mid and high-handicap players. The set comprises a 4-iron through to a Sand Wedge available with either a graphite or steel shaft
The HB irons come with a hollow construction design and an improved heel and sole that allow you to experience maximum forgiveness, stability and accuracy. The HiBore Crown shifts the club’s center of gravity (COG) lower than the typical irons, which enables you to launch the ball higher with ease
The clubface is constructed using Ultra-Thin High-Strength HT1770 Steel that allows it to flex further at impact and deliver speed and distance. It also enables weight placement at the perimeter to allow more forgiveness. The irons come with stabilizing ribs that help to improve the feel and comfort of the club when taking shots
The versatility of the HB iron set is unmatched, which makes it the easiest clubs to hit with in our review. The set offers a range of hybrids with a progressive shape and design that makes it increasingly easy to hit, as well as, provide distance and control when needed. This is the ideal set of hybrids for high handicappers looking for a versatile set with premium game-improvement features.


Q&A All about Hybrids

Just as the name suggests, a hybrid is a club with features and characteristics of a Fairway Wood and Iron while remaining peculiar on its own. Manufacturers incorporate the desirable characteristics of both clubs, like the swing mechanics of an iron and features that are more forgiving, and distance of a wood The idea behind the construction of Hybrids is to come up with a club that would replace long irons that are usually difficult to hit with for most casual players.

Long Irons, (numbers 1-4), prove difficult to hit with because of the low trajectory, small clubface, low loft and long shafts. Many players opt for Fairway Woods because they come with a larger face and weet spot.’ Most Fairway Woods have long shafts just like the irons and the swing mechanics also prove difficult for many players. You need lots of room to swing a Fairway Wood suitably, which makes it unsuitable for lie shots such as unching’ your ball from under trees and the rough.

Bottom Line

Hybrids are clubs designed to improve your game especially when Irons and Fairway Woods prove difficult on the course.

You use your hybrid mainly to take long shots from the rough. You can also use it to take every other type of shot where you would use a long iron that feels difficult or uncomfortable. Hybrids also serve as ideal replacements for fairway woods but the latter guarantees you more club speed, ball roll and distance. Because they are designed to assist you from difficult and tricky situations, some manufacturers like TaylorMade market their hybrid clubs as Rescue clubs.

The 3-iron and 4-iron are the most common hybrid lofts since they help you omit the hardest irons, (the 1- and 2-iron) from your bag completely. Hybrids supplement long irons, but as a player you are allowed to have any set of 14 clubs you prefer. It is normal for a player to carry both a 3-iron and a 3-hybrid. This is because in most instances, the higher-mass iron clubhead would be more comfortable to use in tall grass or when taking soft lies compared to a Hybrid. You can also use your Hybrid to perform a short “bump and run “when the ball is lying next to the green.

Hybrids are constructed with a flat clubface like irons for easier alignment. It is also hard like the woods, which allows you to gain more distance. The head of your Hybrid is rounded and comes with a wider sole. This allows the location of the COG, (center of gravity), to be lower and further behind, which allows you to enjoy more forgiveness. It also helps you to get a natural trajectory, which translates into more distance.

The combination of the features from a Fairway Wood and Iron allows you to make rounder swings even if your swing speeds are slow when you use your Fairway Woods. Unlike hitting with irons, hybrids do not require you to have a precise and upright swing. The shaft on Hybrids is thick like the irons, and less flexible than fairway woods, which allows you to make better accurate shots. Moreover, a hybrid allows you to make better contact with your ball compared to your woods or long irons. This feature appeals a lot to high-handicap players and seniors who benefit from the easier touch. With a hybrid, you can comfortably add an extra 4 to 12 yards of distance compared to when using your irons or woods.

Bottom Line.

Hybrids have many benefits and advantages for you as a player including:

  • Head rounded with wider sole allowing lower center of gravity
  • Stronger and Rounder Swings
  • Easier contact with your ball compared to a fairway woods or iron

Golf nuts refer to a Hybrid club as a jack-of-all-trade and master of none. Although most professional golfers today never lack a Hybrid in their set, it was initially considered as a club for high-handicap players (Beginners and Amateurs), and Senior Players. It is also ideal for any player who is uncomfortable when hitting with Irons or Fairway Woods on the rough.
For many pro golfers, a Hybrid never really captures the advantages of long irons and Fairway Woods. For example, a skilled player with optimum accuracy and swing speed will opt for a Fairway Wood over a Hybrid in order to leverage on distance. Moreover, in the hands of a skilled golfer, a long iron allows for more club control and versatility.

Hybrids were constructed mainly for high-handicap players but they are not restricted to them. Many tour players are making use of Hybrids, especially due to the forgiveness they offer The clubs also benefit female players; in fact, there are numerous hybrid options for female players than for their male counterparts. This is because hybrids allow ladies to take more flexible and accurate shots.

Bottom Line.
Hybrid golf clubs are best-suited for beginners, high-handicap players, seniors and any golfer who has trouble hitting long shots and utilizing Irons and Fairway Woods. Low handicap players also utilize hybrids mostly because they offer better forgiveness.

Currently, most manufacturers make the hybrid shafts using graphite. Some manufacturers also use steel according to the player’s preference. In order to understand this better, we need to understand the two materials.

Steel shafts are heavier and stiffer than graphite shafts, which results in reduced swing speed and distance. They, however, give you better feedback due to the vibration caused during impact.

Graphite shafts are lighter, and more flexible, which allows you to gain speed and distance with ease. They, however, do not give you accurate feedback as the steel ones and can hinder accuracy due to the high flexibility.
Most club manufacturers use graphite shafts on hybrids because they assist players with slow swing speed and accuracy. A hybrid shaft is thicker than a wood’s, which is the main disadvantage because it affects the club’s flex.

Bottom Line
When it comes to Hybrids, a graphite shaft is the best option.

Flex varies depending on your swing speed, and accuracy so players have differing flexes when using hybrids. You can determine your ideal flex by considering the following;

  • If your drive is 250 yards or more, your ideal flex is Stiff (S)
  • If it is between 230 to 250 yards, your ideal flex is Regular (R)
  • If it is between 200 to 230 yards use a Senior (A) flex
  • For players with a drive distance of 200 yards or below, go with Ladies flex (L)

For golfers who produce slice, i.e. your drives shots go left and you are a right-handed, the ideal flex is a stiffer flex. For beginners who over swing, a softer flex is ideal because it helps you to slow your tempo.

Bottom Line.

The ideal flex is dependent on swing speed and accuracy. A stiff flex is best suited for advanced players, and a soft flex for beginners.

The most common loft angle options include;
For men,
Use 14-16 degrees to replace your 3-wood or 1-iron, 17-19 degrees to replace your 5-wood or 2-iron, 20-22 degrees to replace your 7-wood or 3-iron, and 23-25 degrees to replace your 9-wood or 4-iron

For women,
Use 18-20 degree to replace your 5-wood or 2-iron, 21-23 degree to replace your 7-wood or 3-iron, 24-26 degree to replace your 9-wood or 4-iron, 27-28 degree to replace your 5-iron, and 29-31 degree to replace your 6-iron

Bottom Line.
If you want to tell the correct loft easily, ensure that your lowest hybrid is between 10 to 15 yards shorter than your highest wood. You can use the same formula to fill in the blank for others, which helps you to eliminate distance gap between your hybrids, woods and irons.

If current trends are to go by, the preference of Hybrids among advanced golfers, and PGA and LPGA Tour players is bound to increase in the future. More skilled golfers seem to fancy the benefits that Hybrids offer, especially in relation to forgiveness. Some of these players include Phil Mickelson, who is known to carry a Callaway hybrid prototype in his bag to supplement his driver and 3-wood. Others include Jimmy Walker, the 2014 Sony Open winner who uses a Titleist hybrid. More pro golfers like Tiger Woods, Mark Wilson, and Davis Love III also include a Hybrid as part of their set. Moreover, LPGA tour players like Helen Alfredsson never lack a hybrid in their set to supplement her 3-iron.

Bottom Line.
As the design and technology incorporated in hybrids keeps improving, it is evident that more and more players will adopt hybrids as part of their sets in future. The construction of rigorous and high par golf courses also seems to be compelling more advanced players to adopt hybrids because of the forgiveness they offer.

Hybrids have made wonderful progress over the years, making them a viable alternative to some of the more difficult to hit irons. While every player has their preference, if you’re having difficulty using a standard iron, consider trying a hybrid.


No matter what level of golfer you are, understanding the importance of irons is critical to your success. There is an overwhelming spread of options to choose from, which can be both confusing and daunting sometimes. However, the continued improvement of hybrids has made it easier than ever to narrow the field, allowing you to be more confident in your selection.

On this year’s list of best hybrids for High Handicappers, Callaway dominated the charts with the release of their groundbreaking Rogue X hybrid.

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