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What is the Best Golf Umbrella in 2018?

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It’s no secret that protecting yourself from rain or direct sunlight on the course helps you prevent painful sunburns or freezing colds.

On the golf course a good Golf Umbrella can help.

The challenge is, the market is flooded with umbrellas and other protective gear.

Bottom line?

Finding the right one can be tough.

Therefore, this article covers the best golf umbrellas on the market today as well as the criteria to look for when choosing the perfect one for you.

Let's dive right in.

Editor’s choice: Procella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large

Procella Golf Umbrella Windproof Large 62 inch Waterproof - Automatic Open - Portable - For Men and Women

Procella Golf Umbrella is perhaps one of the highest rated golf umbrellas on Amazon. It comes with a 62-inch surface area, big enough to protect you and your golfing equipment.

Its heavy-duty nylon fabric is coated with a UV rays repellant. It’s 100 percent waterproof, protecting you from harmful sunlight and water when it rains.

The canopy is also vented. This feature prevents the umbrella from turning inside out on windy occasions. In fact, it can withstand wind speeds of up to 46 miles per hours.

Fiberglass complements the canopy design. This material makes the ribs and shaft flexible enough to avoid from breaking under intense wind conditions.

This material also makes the umbrella light without compromising on its strength. At only 1.1 pounds, it is an ideal companion for all golfing endeavors.

The non-slip rubberized handle guarantees a firm grip and an automatic one hand opening. However, the umbrella has to be manually closed once you have finished using it.

If color is the food for your soul, you will be glad on learning that it is available in several of them. You will get it in gray, navy blue, red and black.


  • Fiberglass reinforced canopy for flexibility and strength
  • An anti-slip rubberized handle for extra grip
  • The canopy is UV ray repellant
  • 100 percent waterproof


  • It is expensive when compared to others in this list

Best Budget Golf Umbrella: LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Extra Large

LifeTek Hillcrest Golf Umbrella - Extra Large Double Canopy, 62 Inch Coverage with Automatic Open, Windproof - Fast Drying Teflon Canopy

The LifeTek is also another beloved umbrella for golfers. It is synonymous with strength, reliability, and strength.
It comes with a double vented canopy with a radius of 62 inches. Big enough to protect you and your golfing equipment.

Being double vented implies that it allows wind to pass through it to prevent the umbrella from turning inside out. Its release vents and dual frame system also prevent the umbrella from inverting inwards.

The LifeTek is crafted from 210T micro-weave fabric which is coated with Teflon to ensure that it is 100 percent water resistant. The Teflon coating also makes it possible for the umbrella to dry out quickly after a downpour.

If you reside in a sunny area, this umbrella will also flawlessly protect you. It has a UPF rating of 60+, meaning that it has a protective coating to keep harmful ultraviolet rays at bay.

You can make literary press its automatic launching button and receive protection from up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays.

The vented canopy will also take care of scorching days. It allows air to pass through it, keeping you cool even when the sun is hitting hard.

At 40.5 inches and 1.8 pounds, it is not the lightest golf umbrella. However, you can count on the extra weight from superfluous protection from extreme weather conditions.


  • Has a Teflon coating which makes the umbrella 100 percent water resistance.
  • A broad surface area to cover you and your golfing equipment (62” arc)
  • Double vented for air conditioning and extra strength.
  • Teflon coated to keep harmful UV rays at bay


  • Doesn’t come with a rubberized handle for extra grip

Best Budget: Easton Grey Windproof Golf Umbrella

Third Floor Umbrellas 62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella - Extra Large Vented Windproof Waterproof Sturdy Double Canopy

The Easton Grey Windproof Golf Umbrella is an excellent choice for those on a budget as it costs about half the price of the previous two products.

Fortunately, saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. The double canopy has a 62” arc and is made from durable pongee fabric.

The vented design pairs with the flexible fiberglass frame to provide strength in the face of gusting winds. Meanwhile, the UV protection is a bonus.

At about half the cost of the two previous golf umbrellas, the Easton Grey is an ideal choice for anybody working on a fixed budget. And the fact that it is affordable doesn’t imply that it compromises on quality. Precisely, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Its double canopy has a radius of 62 inches, and it’s crafted from heavy-duty and durable pongee fiber.

Its vented design pairs seamlessly with a highly flexible fiberglass frame for extra strength. With this reinforcement, the umbrella can withstand gusting winds while at the same time protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Just launch the umbrella by using its automatic button and receive the necessary protection if sudden rainfall is to ruin your gameplay.

However, don’t forget to close the umbrella manually once you finish using it.
The rubberized handle is ergonomically designed for extra grip.

At only 1.4 pounds, fold the umbrella and pack it in its waterproof included case and slip strap it on your shoulders for convenient transportation.

If you like everything stylish, there is a wide array of colors to choose from. It is available in navy blue, dark red and black.


  • At only 1.4 pounds, it’s one of the lightest umbrellas on the market
  • The canopy is coated to protect you from ultraviolet rays
  • It comes with an extra waterproof casing for transportation
  • The umbrella itself is waterproof.
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle for extra grip
  • Crafted from highly durable pongee fabric


  • The frame is not as durable as that in the previous models

Best Compact Golf Umbrella: Fit-In-Bag Golf Umbrella Compact & Lightweight

Fit-in Bag Golf Umbrella Compact & Lightweight, 60 Inch Rain/Wind Resistant Double Canopy Vented Golf-Sized Large Travel Umbrella with Small Folding Length 11.8inch

Just as its name suggests, the Fit-In-bag golf umbrella is designed to be compact enough to fit in a golf bag.

It is an ideal choice for a golfer who needs coverage and has to move from one section of the course to another.

Even with a radius of 63’ inches, it can be collapsed to a mere arch of 11.8 inches.

Besides the compatibility, it is also designed with a sleeve and carry strap. It will only add a single pound to the overall weight of your golfing gear.

The umbrella dries quickly and will adequately protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays due to its heavy-duty pongee fabric.

A double vented canopy and ten reinforced ribs keep it strong amidst gusting winds.

The umbrella is designed with a reflective strap around the edge of its canopy to increase your visibility to motorists and cyclists. That means no worries even if you are late while playing golf and darkness catches up with you as you make your way home.


  • Crafted from heavy-duty pongee fabric
  • Comes with a reflective stripe for extra visibility on the road
  • Has a coating that keeps ultraviolet rays from penetrating inside.
  • A full coverage area of 63-inch radius to cover you and your equipment
  • Compact enough to fit in a golf bag


  • Can be heavy when compared to others in this list
  • Not very stylish

Best Oversize Golf Umbrella: G4 Free 68-Inch Golf Umbrella

G4Free 54/62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas

On the other end of the spectrum, is the G4 golf umbrella.

It comes with a phenomena 68 inches radius which gives maximum coverage for you and your golf equipment.

The G4 golf umbrella is an ideal choice for those who like golfing with their friends or family.

It features a double vented canopy which adds to its strength and also helps condition the air when it is very sunny.

Its fiberglass reinforced ribs are durable and flexible enough to withstand gusting winds because they can flex with it.
The strength is also complimented by a pongee fiber canopy which dries up quickly and protects you from harmful Ultra Violet rays.

The automatic opening mechanism makes it possible to deploy the umbrella on only one hand.
While it’s ergonomically designed non-slip handle comfortably fits in your golf cart.

Although it has a big arch of 68 inches, it is surprisingly light. At only 1.6 pounds, you can move the umbrella easily from one location to another.

There are six different colors to choose from, ranging from dark blue to dark green.


  • Big enough to even cover your friends
  • The canopy is coated to protect you from ultraviolet rays
  • It comes with an extra waterproof casing for transportation
  • The umbrella itself is waterproof.
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle for extra grip
  • Crafted from highly durable pongee fabric


  • It can be too big for some golfers


How to find the perfect Golf Umbrella for You

What is a Golf Umbrella?

A Golf umbrella is uniquely crafted to protect you against extreme weather conditions on the golf course. It usually is bigger than a standard umbrella so that it can cover you, and also your cart.

And though you might think of packing a standard umbrella as you hit the course, you will quickly come to appreciate the mistake you will have done. I mean, golf umbrellas are designed with golfers in mind. They can’t just be substituted with normal ones.

And in this article, I’m going to show you the best Golf Umbrella and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

So, you’ve left everything behind, and it’s time to go and play golf!

You anxiously wait for the day of the tournament and wake up that morning full of enthusiasm.

I mean, after an extended period of waiting, it is finally time to prove yourself on the golf pitch…but then, against all the odds, it begins to rain!

How many times has this happened to you?

Well, it could be once twice or even thrice. But honestly, it will be a shame to let a good round of golf go to waste just because of a few raindrops!

Let’s face it!

There is no point in allowing unsavory weather conditions ruin your ability to play golf when you there is a way to mitigate the risk.

Whether you are facing a blizzard, strong winds or rain, an excellent golf umbrella will come in handy to protect you and ensure a smooth play.

But how do you determine a good umbrella?

Well, the golden rule is knowing what you need, and what is available. Some are designed with big arcs, while others are crafted from nylon or pongee fabric.

Now that you are thinking of buying a golf umbrella consider these factors to hook you up with the right golf umbrella.
There is a lot that goes into a good golf umbrella. However, this section has concentered on the most crucial factors to help you lock on the target that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Quickly have a look at the elements you need to take into consideration, then I will hook you up with some of the best available options.

1. The frame

If you are after a portable golf umbrella with a structure that won’t succumb from being exposed to extreme weather conditions, there are few things you need to bear in mind.

Most importantly, the number of sections in the umbrella’s frame, and the number of times the ribs and the shaft folds down when the umbrella is closed.
Typically, frames crafted from aluminum are 40 percent lighter than steel but as not as strong.
If you are after strength, go for a frame made of steel, and if you prefer portability, aluminum will serve you kindly.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to wind resistance.

Therefore, go for a golf umbrella with fiberglass ribs instead of U shaped metallic ones. You see, fiberglass allows the umbrella’s ribs to flex with the wind, preventing them from bending or snapping into two when the wind becomes unbearably strong. In simple words, a flexible frame will prevent the umbrella from blowing inside out.

Additionally, carbon fiber and fiberglass umbrellas are ideal if you reside in a windy place. And since they don’t conduct electricity, they reduce the risk of being struck by lightning.

3. The Canopy

The canopy is the material that keeps weather elements away as you enjoy the game.

Typically, nylon is used to create the umbrella’s canopy, but polyester is also an excellent choice if you are out for fabric with higher water resistance and tensile strength.

There are also vented canopies designed to allow air to circulate within the umbrella. Though these are popular, a single canopy umbrella could turn out to be stronger.

It is best to keep things simple. If you can’t compromise on strength, go with a single canopy, but if you are after fresh air all along, an umbrella with a vented canopy will not disappoint.

4. The Shaft

Shafts come in various types and designs.

Tube shafts are crafted from steel and are hollow, a feature that makes them light but less durable.
Solid shafts are made of wood, though durable, they lack in flexibility but are also light enough for easy portability.

5. Coverage

The coverage of the canopy will determine the surface area the canopy can protect.

For any golf umbrella, the surface area has to be big enough to protect both you and your equipment.

If your concern is in size, a 60-inch golf umbrella will come in handy.

6. Handle

No mention needs to be made that the handle has to be ergonomic, with a firm grip.

After all, this is the position of the handle you will be holding for a long time.

A rubberized handle will offer you a firm grip, not forgetting that it is also comfortable.

When it comes to grip, there are even umbrellas designed a nonslip button which prevents it from accidentally slipping off your hand. And if you are left-handed, you will also find umbrellas precisely designed for you.
Just be on the lookout!

7. Rustproof

All umbrellas are meant to be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, the spreaders, shaft, and handles have to be galvanized with stainless steel or chrome to prevent them from corrosion.
Galvanizing or coating an umbrella will also increase its durability.

8. Durability

There is no point in buying a golf umbrella that will only serve you for a month or two.

Therefore, insist on an umbrella built from materials with the reputation for lasting.

9. Sun protection

Umbrellas are not just designed to protect you from the rain or blizzards.

A good umbrella should be able to protect you from harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sun.

Therefore, ensure that the umbrella you've chosen is coated with a sun reflective material to keep all harmful rays at bay.

10. Overall Design

The overall design boils down to your tastes and preferences, more so if you are interested in standing out or blending with your environment.
Several designs are available, from colorful patterns for kids to sophisticated handles for adults. If you are after colors, many versions are available.
Simply follow your heart!

Why do you even need a golfing umbrella?

It goes without saying.
Golfing umbrellas come with numerous benefits. Apart from protecting you from the rain, you will be amazed by how much these pieces of art could end up changing your entire gameplay.
In this section, you will learn why you need a golf umbrella in your golf bag.

1. Protection from rain

No matter how much you love, you have no control over the weather.

However, this doesn’t imply that you have to withdraw from that crucial tournament just because it is raining.

Golf umbrellas are designed too full, so you can count on them to protect you and your golf cart from the rain.

And besides, it will be foolish to cancel a match just because of a few drops of rain.

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2. Protection from the sun

Most people imagine that only rain can disrupt a golf match.

However, very high temperatures could end up compromising on your gameplay when expecting more than ever for an outstanding performance.

To mitigate such a risk, you’ll need a golf umbrella that will keep you away from extreme sunlight.

3. Protection from ultraviolet rays

Even when the sun is not too hot, there is still the risk of ultraviolet rays.

You see, we golfers spend most of our time at the golf course.

I mean, we are always exposed to ultraviolet rays which can harm our skin. However, we can avoid this by using a golf umbrella whenever we are on the course.
It will come in handy when you can no longer withstand these destructive rays.

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4. Enhance your classy look

If you are the kind that is fascinated with style, adding a stylish golf umbrella to your golf gear will complete and compliment your ambiance.

Golf umbrellas are available in a variety of colors and designs. Therefore, you are not going to find it hard searching for an umbrella that matches your budget and style.

Our Choice

So, now that you are empowered with a lot of information, which golf umbrella carry the day?

Well, after taking into consideration all the factors we had a look at in the first section, I strongly feel that the Procella Golf Umbrella has all it takes to emerge as the winner in this list.

At a glance, the Procella Golf comes with a fiberglass reinforced canopy which enhances its flexibility for extra strength. Its canopy design is complemented by fiberglass, a material that makes the ribs and shaft flexible enough to avoid being broken under intense wind conditions.

The non-slip rubberized handle guarantees a strong grip and automatic one hand opening.

Additionally, its heavy-duty nylon fabric is coated with a UV rays repellant and is 100 percent waterproof, protecting you from harmful sunlight and water when it rains.

As we come to the end of this guide, I hope that you have learned a thing or two. With this information, I am convinced that you are in a better position to make an informed decision.

From my side, I wish you all the best as you embark on a journey to keep take your golf endeavors to the next level.

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