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What are the Best Golf Travel Bags in 2018?

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It is no secret that the kind of golf travel bag is one of the most important things to consider when taking off for a golfing vacation, as you don't want to end up transporting each club individually.

However, finding the right travel bag for your golf equipment consists of many different decision factors.

In this article, we are going to cover the best golf travel bags on the market right now and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor’s Choice: Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag

Golf Travel Bags Unisex Caravan 3.0 Bag, Black with Slate Trim

We think that the Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag is the ultimate choice when you have to balance your investment with performance. If you need to get a bag that has plenty of space to take all your golf clubs and clothes, then you may consider getting the Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag.

Moreover, the bag has additional reinforcements at the bottom and top. The PVC reinforcements at the base give it the extra strength it needs to carry your heavy luggage. Moreover, it has a deluxe wheel system. You will find the reinforced wheel system superior when you have to travel long distances to play. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of investing in this golf travel bag.


  • It has plenty of room to take all your clubs and other things you need for your golf trip.
  • Have padding at the top to offer special protection to your golf clubs.
  • It has an efficient carrying system that is composed of top and bottom mounted handles.
  • Can be comfortably used by men and women.
  • Made of very tough polyester-based material for longevity.


  • It is slightly heavier than its peers; therefore, it is cumbersome to use it for long.
  • If you only have small luggage to carry, then you will find it oversize.
  • The zippers, which are colored as the entire bag, are not very strong.

Best Value: Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

If you are solely interested in getting value for your investment, then the Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag may be the right product for you to invest in. We think that the manufacturers managed to strike a balance between performance and pricing when designing this product.

The bag has all the basic functionalities that you would find in any other necessary golf travel cover. For example, it is made of a highly durable nylon-based material. Also, it has specific reinforcements in some parts to help you carry all your golfing gear. The reinforcements have been strategically located in areas of the bag that come under intense weight when it is in use.


  • Have multiple compartments that you can use to store extra luggage.
  • The heavy padding on the top part of the bag protects your delicate clubs.
  •  The use of nylon-based fabric makes it long-lasting.
  • It is an attractive investment compared to other bags in its range.
  • You can adjust its size according to your luggage.
  • The rolling wheels make it easy to use the bag while traveling.


  • It is difficult to carry it for long because of the floppiness of its body.
  • The plastic parts in-between the wheels may break when you hit a firm surface.
  • The zippers are not very durable.

Best Seller: Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Travel Bag

CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black

It is easy to understand why the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Travel Bag is the most famous golf travel bag. According to our research, by considering its design and features. The manufacturers of this bag offer a 1-year warranty for all damages that may occur during air travel. We think that it makes economic sense to invest in a golf travel bag that has a warranty of 1 year than to invest in one which does not have such an arrangement.

Besides, the bag has special reinforcements on the top and at the bottom to protect your golf fear. Unique collapsible straps enhance the reinforcements. You can use the straps to adjust the size of the bag and keep your staff intact during your journey. If you have a lot of luggage to carry, all that you have to do is adjust the straps to increase the carrying capacity of the bag.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The wheels, straps, and material make it very ergonomic
  • The padding protects your golf clubs and other valuables that you may be carrying.
  • Comes in a broad range of colors from which you can choose.
  • The three types of zippers on the bag are lockable for enhanced security.


  • The inline wheels are not as sturdy as they appear.
  • Some of the zippers and other parts get damaged very fast.

Worthy Competitor: Club Glove Last Bag Large

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag

The Club Glove Last Bag Large is another essential brand that you can invest in if you are looking for a product that can suit your needs perfectly. We think that this golf travel bag is ideal for you if you need one that is not very large but has all the standard features.

More importantly, this golf travel bag is of a relatively smaller size. Its small size makes it a travel companion when you do not want to struggle with a massive bag across airports. If you consider the functionality of the bag and what you need to invest in acquiring it, it is clear that you would be wiser to invest. If you have any other luggage during your journey, you may find it cumbersome to move around with this bag.


  • It is small and convenient for you when you have less luggage.
  • The extra padding helps to keep your clubs safe.
  • It is made from highly tough fabric, and this makes it very durable.
  • It can quickly expand to a larger size so that you can pack in more luggage.


  • It lacks some of the features that are found in advanced brands.
  • Some customers may find it awkward.
  • The plastic parts can easily get damaged.

Worthy Competitor: Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel has all the standard features that are found in mid-range golf travel bags. For example, you can quickly move the bag using its in-line skate wheels.

Although the wheels are not very strong, they provide the much-needed means to move the bag on concrete smoothly. Moreover, it has an integrated shoe holder pouch that you can use to carry several pairs of your golf shoes.


  • You can use the compression straps to make the bag more stable during travel.
  • It has a unique and large pouch for shoes.
  • It is relatively light when compared to other golf travel bags.


  • The PVC base is not as sturdy as it appears.
  • The wheels may easily come off when they hit against a sturdy surface.
  • Walking in with the bag at times may be awkward.

travel bag

How to choose the best golf travel bag:

Golf Travel Bags

The first thing that you should do when selecting the best golf travel bag is to decide the level of investment that you would like to make. All brands of bags that are on the market have corresponding values. Thus, for you to get any bag, you need to be comfortable with investing a specific sum in acquiring it.

The amount of money you would be willing to invest largely depends on your commitment to the game. If you are not keen on advancing in the sport, then you may not have to spend a lot in a big because you would not be using it a lot of times. However, if you are a dangerous player, then it is advisable that you invest in some high-quality golf travel bags.

The second issue that you should consider when choosing a golf travel bag is your style. If you fancy a sizeable foldable bag that you can use to carry many clubs, shoes and other equipment, then you may have to go for large bags.

Third, the quality and quantity of your golf sticks and other equipment determine the kind of bag you would need to carry them around. If you are a professional who has already invested in top-notch clubs, you would not want them to get damaged while you are traveling.  You can learn more about choosing a golf travel bag by visiting here.

Based on your personal preference, you may consider investing in a bag with a hard case or one with a soft case. The primary difference between these two types of bags lies in their functionality. While traveling over long distances, it may be prudent to use a hard-shell bag to carry your golfing gear. For more information about soft and hard-cased golf travel bags, visit here.

Benefits of a Golf Travel Bag:

One of the benefits of using a good golf travel bag is related to convenience. If you are a good golfer, you understand how taxing the game is. You may need to use specific sticks at various parts of the game. In practice, if you are playing casually during your business trip, you may not have to carry your equipment with you. You can quickly get standard golf equipment for rental from many golf clubs.

However, if you are going out for a weekend-long game, then it may be essential to carry your sticks and other things that you need for the game.

Having a good golf travel bag makes it easy for you to travel to any location with your equipment. Besides, any good golf travel bag has enough room for you to include many other personal items. Therefore, once you have a good travel bag, you can conveniently carry all the things that you need for your games.

best golf travel bag

The second benefit of owning a good golf travel bag is related to the way you maintain your equipment. You value your sticks, shoes and even gloves because you invested in them. In some cases, you may have designer-made gloves and other equipment because you believe in investing a lot in your game. It is because of these reasons that you may find it prudent to invest in a high-quality travel bag to keep your equipment safe.

Moreover, all golf traveling bags have been designed with specific features to keep your equipment safe.

For example, the bags have reinforced floors to protect your delicate equipment from damage while you are traveling. Also, all the soft-cased bags have reinforced regions. The reinforcements are supposed to cushion your stuff from damage when the bag gets tossed in the plane or car.

Therefore, getting good golf travel back is necessary to keep your equipment safe. You get details on how the design of golf travel bags safeguards your equipment here.

Attributes that Differentiate Golf Travel Bags:

One of the things that differentiate golf travel bags from other transport and storage options is the casing. There are three distinct types of golf travel bags: soft case, hard case, and a hard top. The soft case golf travel bags are made of a mixture of nylon and other materials. They are designed to be collapsible and easily expandable. Thus, soft-shelled golf travel bags are convenient because they can be expanded or contracted to suit your needs at any given time.

Hard-top golf travel bags are also called hybrid,' bags. They contain a soft body and a hard casing at the top. The hard shell is supposed to protect your golf sticks while you are moving about. The hard case golf travel bags, on the other hand, are made of sturdy materials. The hard casing provides all the protection that is required when you are traveling.

Apart from using the nature of the casing, golf travel bags can be distinguished by their sizes. Although all soft-cased and hard-top travel bags can be expanded, they still fall within specific categories of bags based on their sizes. Small golf travel bags cannot match the capacity of the large ones even if one expands them to their maximum sizes. Thus, they can be categorized as small or large,
depending on their volume.

The Best Way of Using a Golf Travel Bag:

best way to use golf travel bags

For you to get the best from your investment in a standard golf travel bag, you need to do some things. For example, you should always handle your bag with care. A typical golf traveling bag has several delicate parts. For example, the wheels which help you move your bag can come off if you mishandle the bag. If the wheels come apart, it would be difficult to move with the bag.

Moreover, you should make it a habit to add a form of identification on your bag while you are traveling. It is easy to do so because most of the bags that are currently available on the market have special slots where you can insert your identification document. When you add a form of personal identification to your traveling bag, you reduce the chances of losing it during the journey. In some cases, if you bag gets misplaced, it may be mishandled, much to the detriment of your vital equipment. It is because of these factors that you should always remember to use form identification on your traveling bag during your journey.

Additionally, you can keep your bag in good shape by adjusting its size to fit the kind of luggage that you have. All the soft-cased and hard top bags have straps that can be used to adjust their sizes. By either tightening or loosening the straps, you can reduce or increase the size of your bag respectively. It is an excellent habit to adjust your bag to your load. If you are carrying only a few sticks, you may have it easy moving about with your bag when you adjust its straps to match the size of your luggage.

For more information visit the link below:

Concerns about Golf Travel Bags:

Golf Bags for your game

One of the main concerns about using golf travel bags is related to the soft-cased type. Many people wonder whether soft-cased golf travel bags are effective. Effectiveness, in this case, is regarded as the ability of the bags to keep the golf sticks safe during travel. What is important to note is that the casing of the bag does not entirely determine its level of performance. Although it is correct to state that hard-cased bags are more secure than the soft-cased ones, it is inaccurate to state that the soft-cased ones are not effective. On the contrary, soft-cased golf travel bags have special paddings at various places. The paddings give the essential protection that is needed to keep your clubs safe. Therefore, regardless of whether a golf travel bag is hard-cased or soft-cased, it has been designed to protect your golf equipment when you are traveling.

Types of Golf Travel Bags:

There are many types of golf travel bags from which you can choose. The following is a brief review of some of the most common types that are available.

Stand Bags

Stand bags have special legs that can be retracted or used to keep them in a vertical position. The beauty of using stand bags is that you can prop them up in the field and keep them standing for as long as you are at a particular stage of play. Stand bags usually have straps that you can use to carry them on your back while walking.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are specially designed to be carried on the pushcart that is used on the golf course. They have unique straps that are used to attach them to the carts during the entire game. While using this kind of travel bag, you can easily access the clubs from the bag because of its design. In general, the bags are smaller than other types such as stand and staff bags.

Staff Bags

If you are a professional golfer, then you understand the significance of carrying a branded staff bag. Such a bag, although heavy, helps you to make a statement on the turf. The bags are usually large to allow you to carry as many items as possible.

Our Choice

From the detailed review, we find that the Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag is the number one golf travel bag that you should have in 2018. This bag is the best because of three reasons:

  • Its unique design,
  • Exceptional functionality,
  • Large size.

Whether you are a young or seasoned player, you will find this bag an essential traveling companion. Its unique design lets you adjust it at will, keep your clubs safe using advanced zippers and move it about on its wheels very easily.

Besides, it has a lot of free space that you can use to carry additional items while on your golf tour. Also, although all the other bags that compete with Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag are made of tough materials, it is worth mentioning that this bag has a highly reinforced floor. Thus, it is the cumulative effect of all the design and functionality features of Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag that makes it the best golf travel bag in 2018.

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