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What are the Best Golf Swing Analyzers of 2018?

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to enhance your golf skills without a good coach who stands by your side and directs you during the game.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically develop your skills by adding simple training tools to your golf collection.

And in today’s article, I’m going to show you what that some of the best Golf Swing Analyzers and why they’re perfect for you.

Let's dive right in!

Editor’s Choice: Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer is one of the smartest ways to golf. You don’t have to worry about any cumbersome equipment getting in the way or making transport difficult, as it weighs less than a quarter of an ounce and attaches to a glove.

An incredible feature of this swing analyzer is its 3D aspects, which allows you to replay and view your swing from every angle.

It collects your data and will enable you to compare it with the video to better help you understand mistakes and improve.

It as well enables you to see minor errors in blind spots you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to detect.
It offers an instant evaluation of your backswing length, club speed, hip rotation, consistency, and more. Thus you can make minor adjustments right away.

Zepp will even process your data to find the best training program to benefit you. You can get real advice from professional players and compare your swings to theirs.

A unique feature is its Smart Coach feature, which will eliminate the guessing and help you improve in real time.
It’s like having a coach right there with you to give you step by step instructions for your training and practice.


  • Extensive battery life for prolonged play and practice
  • Offers instant feedback through personalized coaching programs
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Playback videos for comparison to help you improve


  • Does not have a GPS component

Highest Rated: Rapsodo SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Launch Monitor with Game Improve Package

The Rapsodo SkyTrak Launch Monitor is unique in the fact that it can be used indoors or outdoors. It means you don’t have to shelf your clubs during the rainy seasons.

It also uses a photometric system to track your ball instead of a Doppler system, which means that wind does not influence accuracy.

Rapsodo SkyTrak is packed with features and has the most advanced technology on our list. Lightweight and small, Rapsodo can be used indoors, outdoors, in the office, or anywhere you can swing a club, making it a popular choice.
This monitor has too many features to list, which is already a good sign. It offers four hours of battery life and can quickly be recharged through a USB cord.

It has a built-in laser pointer for ball placement and offers an accelerometer-based correction.
As with other analyzers on our list, Rapsodo also has a live tracking feature. This feature is essential for real-time corrections in your game. The data can be downloaded and tracked over time to give you an accurate measure of your improvements and help you see what you’re missing.

SkyTrak has a high-speed digital camera system. It will give you incredible accuracy for your swings instead of a radar, which can be easily fooled by wind speed to misinterpret your data.

It will accurately show you your vertical and horizontal launch angles, your total carries distance, your ball speed, and spin, and shape analysis all within a minuscule measurement.

This equipment totally worths its price, and will equally serve to professional and amateur golfers for a long time.
It is definitely high on our list.


  • High-accuracy tracking for every aspect of your swing
  • Lightweight, small, and portable for use in multiple settings
  • Real-time monitoring for immediate improvements and analysis
  • Numerous features for ease of use
  • High-Speed Digital Camera System to use outdoors and still get accurate readings


  • Short battery life limits your time on the green

Best Value: Game Golf Live Tracking System

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

The Game Golf Live Tracking System gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

It allows you to receive real-time stats through live tracking with a Bluetooth connection on your Android or iOS phone.

The Game Golf Live will provide you with a dashboard of stats. It will thus record and give you suggestions on your club performance, shot dispersion, sand saves, putting, fairway accuracy, shot detection, and more.

This feature allows you to focus in on your trouble spots to develop faster and more efficiently.

Another feature is the pinpoint accuracy of the GPS. It will give you accurate yardages so you can check landing areas and hazards on over 33,000 different courses. This feature allows you to take your analyzer and play all over the world.

Despite its low value, this equipment is an excellent choice for any level golfer looking to improve their handicap and lower their stroke score.


  • Will track data in real time to give you accurate stats
  • A GPS to provide you with yardage in over 33,000 courses
  • Comes with a USB cable and 18 NFC tags for your clubs
  • The lowest value for the most features


  • Runs on Bluetooth so the phone must be kept nearby with the potential to drain its battery with extended use.

Best Seller : Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

The Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System is the world’s #1 Golf Performance Tracking System.

The Arccos Golf 360 has Live Shot Tracking, a GPS 2.0, and a tour analytics platform that gives you immediate feedback. Besides, it’s compatible with Android and iPhone products.

The Arccos is equipped with 14 sensors that track the distance of each of the clubs in your bag. They even add the factors for long hits and mishits to give you a better estimate for each club. No need to move and remove the equipment each time you want to change clubs.

The Arccos has a tour analytics platform. It is useful because it identifies your strengths and weaknesses in chipping, sand, approach, driving, and putting.

This feature helps you focus on the facets of the game where you lack the most so you can cut down your handicap strokes.

Another great feature is the Live Shot Tracking, which records data in real time. Thus you can revisit your performance and strategy immediately after each hole.

That way you can make instant adjustments to improve before bad habits start to set in.

The Arccos also comes with a GPS 2.0 system that will give you the distances in yards or meters for over 40,000 courses.

The Arccos is designed with a permanent battery that will last up to five years. So there is no need to worry about charging or replacing batteries to maintain it.

With this investment, you can enhance yourself up to 46.7 times faster than the average golf player, giving you an edge you’re your peers.


  • Has enough sensors for each of the clubs in your bag so you can get accurate information for each club
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in five different areas to help tailor your practice to your needs
  • Records information in real time so you can receive immediate feedback
  • Long-lasting battery for less hassle



  • The battery is not replaceable, so once it runs out the product can no longer be used

Easiest to Use: Sports Sensors Speed Swing Radar with Tempo Timer

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer

Sports Sensors Speed Swing Radar with Tempo Timer might be a good choice for those seeking a user-friendly monitor.

It requires no set up so you can start using it immediately.

Golfers also love it because it doesn’t require attaching anything to the actual club head or shaft.
This feature increases ease of use and lets you switch clubs without the hassle of changing any settings or moving equipment.

The unique feature though is that you don’t have to hit an actual golf ball to get readings.

You can hit a sponge ball, a whiffle ball, or anything that remotely resembles a golf ball to get an accurate reading.

This way if you’re practicing inside you don’t have to worry about breaking any lamps.

The Speed Swing Radar measures how consistent your swing is by recording your swing speed and tempo time.

It has options to focus on one at a time or see them both combined. It is perfect for practice and muscle memory when wanting to improve your swings. 


  • Pre-setup so you can start swinging immediately
  • Doesn’t attach to the club, so it doesn’t get in the way
  • Measures the consistency in your swing speed and temp


  • No range statistics or distance analyzers
  • No technique feedback for your swings


How to find the perfect Golf Swing Analyzer for You

We all want to improve our swings with a golf swing analyzer, but it’s easier said than done.

Analyzers are cumbersome, difficult to understand, and a nuisance to set up, right?

But what if they didn’t have to be?

It turns out there are a handful of analyzers that are simple and generate results.

These analyzers are well designed and provide clear explanations of the data, as well as give recommendations on how to improve.

Why Should You Use a Golf Swing Analyzer?

Best-Golf-Swing-Analyzers9-300x200Have you ever had a perfect swing and you’re not sure how you did it?

Then you need a golf swing analyzer. The analyzer breaks down your swings to show you what you did right and what you did wrong so you can better understand your position and improve.

But to become a skilled golfer you have to take professional lessons, right?


A golf swing analyzer is an excellent substitute for those who don’t want to hassle of hiring a coach or for those who like to practice alone.

Not everybody likes a coach standing over their shoulder, and using a golf swing analyzer is a great way to still improve without one. You may enhance yourself so fast you’ll be surprised.

But what about feedback?

An analyzer will give you immediate feedback on incorrect techniques, and some even provide suggestions on what can be improved. Many analyzers offer several different kinds of data. Some of the more common ones include the tracking of ball speed, club speed, club plane, backswing, and more.

By revisiting the data recorded, you will be able to spot the mistakes you are making and well as see the weak points in your game. It will help make your practice sessions more focused and productive. Whether professional or amateur, any golfer knows the key to being celebrated is an effective and consistent golf swing.

By improving your swing, you can improve your entire game. It will give you the advantage over your peers and could be the difference between winning and losing a match.   For more information, feel free to watch the video below:

How to Use a Golf Swing Analyzer

Using a golf swing analyzer is easy: Install it, attach it, and swing.

However, I often get overwhelmed by all of the stats.

You can’t fix everything at once, right?

I would suggest picking one or two stats to focus on, such as club plane, and tracking that overtime to improve steadily.

By starting with the technique in most dire need, you can quickly start knocking down your strokes to become a better player. Best-Golf-Swing-Analyzers-For-Game-Improvement2-300x168

  • Most analyzers attach to either the club head or the shaft so they can sense the movement of the swing.
  • Others use advanced technology to photograph and sense the data, match it with the algorithms to track the ball and give you the data.
  • Many analyzers can also be paired with devices such as smartphones or laptops, so being familiar with Bluetooth is a must.

The data is transferred to the device where it delivers the information for you to review and analyze.

Things to Look For When Choosing a Golf Swing Analyzer

Have you ever been ripped off before?

I have.

Whether the price was too high for what you purchased or you were disappointed in the quality of the product, we’ve all regretted a purchase.

So how can you know you’re getting the best quality product for the best price?

There are a couple of things you should always look for when researching golf swing analyzers:


You want an analyzer that will help improve your play, not interfere with it. Different analyzers attach to different parts of the club from the club head to the shaft. Make sure the analyzer connects to an appropriate location that won’t get in the way.

There are a few options that attach to the back of a glove or even sit on the ground near the golf ball. Regardless of your preference, it’s something to be aware of, as it can influence your swing and the data collected.

Customer Reviews

It would be worth reading customer reviews, both the good and the bad ones. By understanding both good and bad reviews, you’ll get a more realistic idea of what the product is capable of. You'll as well have a look of its faults that may be overshadowed by marketing.

Often a single failure will come up in multiple reviews, which means a defect in the product and not merely a user error. Make sure to only look at reviews from genuine customers who know how to work the product or unbiased parties to get the best possible feedback. images

Tracking Data

The point of a golf swing analyzer is to get data, so be sure to look into what kind of data the analyzer offers. Obviously more is better. Be sure that you know what data is available and how it is presented to make sure you can understand what the device is trying to tell you to best use it.

If you’re looking to track or record something specific, like your ball speed or hip rotation, check to see if that particular analyzer offers the data set to make sure you get what you want. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused with too much data, and it can be frustrating when the device doesn’t give you the information you want.


Have you ever gone to the store to pick up milk and came out with $50 worth of groceries?

Me, too.

Setting a budget before you can be a sure way to keep your finances in line, as well as realistically see what you can afford.

Some of us are penny-pinchers and want to be sure we’re getting the most for our money. Golf swing analyzers come in a variety of prices, so be sure to shop around on different websites. Make sure whatever you purchase is within your budget.


Nothing is more frustrating than when your device won’t pair through Bluetooth.

To save yourself from that familiar pain, be sure to check the compatibility of the analyzer with devices that you already own.

  • Some of the higher end analyzers are compatible with iOS and Android products.
  • Others, however, will need a laptop or TV screen.

It would also be worth checking if the data are given can be downloaded for you to keep for later use or for tracking across an extended period.

Size and Weight Specifications

When considering an analyzer, you want to keep the size and weight in mind. If the analyzer is too cumbersome, it can hinder your swing, interfere with the data collection, or make it difficult to transport.

When researching, make sure the analyzer is from a highly-rated brand and that the accuracy of the data is on point. We have no use for cheap brands and inaccurate analyzers.

Ease of Use

Not all of us are professional golfers with all of the complex terminology memorized. When looking for an analyzer, or any training aid for that matter, be sure to find one you can use. It could mean the data is presented simply and understandably, or it could mean the setup, and technical aspects won’t cause a headache.

Nobody likes to rage quit because technology is being complicated. Either way, know what you’re getting into beforehand.

Where Can you use it?


The location of your game may have a significant impact on what kind of analyzer you’ll want to purchase.

  • Some analyzers only work outside in sunlight,
  • whereas others work indoors as well.

If you're going to practice through the wintery offseasons, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right golf swing analyzer to do so. Or, if you only play casual games with friends, you may save a few bucks by getting a less complicated analyzer.

Make sure the analyzer you choose can work in your preferred place.

Does It Use a Battery?

Nothing is worse than running out of juice before you finish something. Different analyzers run on different methods of energy, so be sure you’re familiar with how the analyzer works before buying.

  • Some run on batteries that can be easily replaced.
  • Some need to be charged in a wall socket or computer before being taken out on the green.
  • Some even can’t be recharged, and once it’s out of juice, you can no longer use it.

To best fit your needs and playing style, check what the analyzer requires to work, so you’re not left hanging out to dry on hole 9.

Can I Use It In a Tournament?

That kind of sounds like cheating, doesn’t it? It’s not. Many tournaments approve the use of golf swing analyzers if they follow particular specifications. However, not all of them might be approved. Make sure the type of analyzer you purchase is approved if you’re looking to use an analyzer in a semi-professional or professional setting.

Before Getting This Product

A couple of questions to ask yourself before purchasing a golf swing analyzer are:

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What do I want from this device?
  • Will it actually help me accomplish my goals?
  • Can I use it in the setting I need?

By answering these simple questions, you’ll be sure to find the best product that fits your needs without any unpleasant surprises.

Our Choice

Now that you’re an expert and have an idea of what you want and what to look for, it’s time to start shopping.

Out of all of the analyzers we’ve discussed, our top pick of golf swing analyzers is the Zepp Golf 2 3D analyzer.

This analyzer has extensive and accurate features without being cumbersome or difficult to use.

It offers an extended battery life, accurate data, and training programs to help you improve rapidly in the areas you need the most.

It’s easy on the wallet and is perfect for golf players of all handicaps and skills.

Whether you’re just starting or you’re going pro, this might be your winner.

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