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What are the Best Golf Hats in 2018?

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P golf hat

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to decide on which is the best golf hat to have as part of your golf apparel.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically simplify your selection process once you know

  • your face shape,
  • your style
  • its features and
  • your budget.

By adding the one perfect golf hat to your wardrobe, you will not only look good but have a boost in confidence in your performance.

We are going to compare the best golf hats available right now and how to choose the best one for you.

Let's dive in.

Editor’s Pick: Puma Golf 2018 – P Snapback Hat

Puma Golf 2018 'P' Snapback Hat (Quarry Heather, One Size) Rickie Fowler P  Hat

Almost all of the golfers and other sports enthusiasts would know the quality and durability Puma products offer. They regularly introduce new products so that the sportsmen stay trendy at all times.

One of their latest products for golfers is the Puma Golf 2018 – P Snapback Hat.

The 3D Puma logo (P) is made from advanced Flexfit 110 technology that makes it a stand-out choice from all the “One Size Fits All” slogan bearers.

The P on the hat stands for Puma for sure, but for any true golfer and sportsman, it could stand for Passion, Power, and Perseverance. Wear the P on your hat confidently; whether it’s on the golf course, at a baseball game, or a party with your friends, you will definitely be turning heads.

The Puma P Snapback is a great accessory to complete your golf apparel.


  • Has a simple embroidered reflective P logo
  • It’s made with comfortable and durable polyester material
  • Has a variety of different colors available
  • Features moisture absorbing band


  • Not suitable for spandex lovers
  • Not too tall

Best Value: Callaway Golf 2018 Tour Authentic Fitted Hat

Callaway Golf 2018 Tour Authentic Fitted Hat

For golf enthusiasts looking for a seamlessly well-built golf hat, the Callaway Golf 2018 is definitely a winner.

This golf hat offers a seamless construction, comes in sizes from small to extra-large and is available on every reputable online store.

The Callaway hat offers a sleek and comfortably structured design including 30+ UV protection, a feature not offered by many. Callaway is a trusted brand known for its reliability.

If you are in search of a stylish, comfortable golf hat that doesn’t feel heavy on your head and easy on your pocket, Callaway Golf 2018 hat is a great option to consider. It is also available in many different colors.


  • Seamless construction of the hat
  • High-performance fabric
  • Availability in different sizes
  • Mid-profile structured design


  • Has a Velcro that can stick to your hair
  • The small sizes can be petite for some golfers
  • Limited color choices available

Best Value: Ping Golf – Tour P.Y.B Light Cap

Ping Golf- Tour P.Y.B Light Cap

The brand speaks for itself. The Ping Golf – Tour P.Y.B Light Cap is a standout.

For a budget cap, it comes with many impressive features and a wide range of colors making it one of your best go-to golf hats. The design of the cap is faultless, and the fabric used offers excellent moisture management which is great for hygiene.

Ping uses the latest “Sensor Cool Technology” keeping your head cool throughout the game and an adjustable closure at the back.

The beautifully embroidered Ping logo is visible from the front and sides.

Here you have a remarkable golf hat at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a cap that is value for money, the Ping Golf – Tour P.Y.B Light Cap is the perfect cap for you.


  • Offers the smart Sensor cool technology
  • Comfortable and well-stitched design
  • One size fits all
  • Multi-color availability


  • Brand name is too big
  • Huge branding
  • Limited colors availability

Best Seller: Nike Men’s Golf Legacy 91 Tech Adjustable Hat

Nike Mens Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat

The Nike Men’s Golf Legacy is a popular choice for golfers all around the world. The hat comes in Dri-fit fabric that wicks the moisture well and offers the best evaporation rate.

Designed to fit your hygiene and comfort needs, it’s your best friend on a scorching day. The stretch quality of the fabric used, is quite satisfying. It fits well on different head sizes and offers a snag-less closure option as well. This makes it easy to adjust with only one hand. What’s more convenient than a hat with this much great features?

With 6 panels and a hole in each eyelet, it offers excellent ventilation and keeps you feeling dry. The Nike Men’s Golf Legacy 91 is highly recommended for its features and price.


  • •Comes with a simple not so big Nike logo
  • Made of a comfortable fabric
  • Not so bulky
  • Various color combinations availability


  • Some lose fabric on top of the hat
  • Too big for some golfers
  • Has a Velcro on top

Worthy Competitor: TaylorMade Tour Split Adjustable Hat

TaylorMade Tour Split Hat, Gray, Adjustable

This hat is particularly best suited for golfers who prefer a multi-color hat over the solid color ones. The dual color tone of TaylorMade Tour Split makes it iconic. TaylorMade has taken it upon themselves to keep their golfers up-to-date with the trendiest look.

The combination of all the best features is what makes it a really great addition to your golf attire.

Made from 100% polyester, it’s durable and offers good moisture management. This keeps your head dry and feeling comfortable even in the cooler summer season.

The TaylorMade Tour Split comes with an adjustable back and a well-structured design. The multi-textured fabric allows better moisture wicking capabilities.

The dark underbill also helps to reduce the glare.

The TaylorMade Tour Split Adjustable Hat offers a great combination of quality and durability.


  • Offers a strictly professional look
  • Comes with adjustable back strap
  • Made with comfortable fabric
  • Provides good moisture wicking


  • Too small for some golfers
  • Huge logo in front
  • Limited color availability

P golf hat

How to you pick the right hat for you?

Dressing up from head to toe is an essential thing to do on your golf day because how you dress on the course says a lot about you. Whether it’s your shoes, trousers, shirt, or hat, you must look stylish to fit in well with the crowd. In fact, the sheer amount of confidence that you get from being well dressed, helps you perform really well.

As part of the ordinary and trendy golf attire, a golf hat has its own unique importance.

How to choose the best material for your Golf Hat?

You should always look for the best material before buying a golf hat. If you really value your hard earned $$, you should always consider purchasing the golf hats that are not too mainstream. So, finding a good quality hat made with good material is what you should consider above all.

Most of the good manufacturers such as the ones mentioned above, keep the quality standards high specifically for the material used to make the hats. They also offer refunds if their hats are somehow damaged when they reach you.

As part of your proper golf apparel, a hat is always the thing that catches the most attention. So a golf hat made with good fabric or other suitable types of material is what actually gives you a good look.

There are different types of golf hat fabric that offer various kinds of benefits. Based on this, you can easily select which one is the ultimate best for you.

Whatever kind of fabric the golf hats are made of, they must offer these things:

bright coloured cap

  • The material is moisture wicking
  • It is comfortable enough to wear for a longer time
  • Its easily washable or machine washable
  • The material offers sufficient sun protection
  • The fabric is bright colored

These are some of the things you should look into when selecting the best fabric for yourself. There could be other things to look into such as the material of the lids, just choose the golf hats that best suit your requirements.

What’s the Best Design for a Golf Hat?

When it comes to the golf hats, everybody loves a good design. As an essential part of your golf apparel, a hat is what makes you look trendy, so the right shape of your hat matters a lot. There are tons of different types of golf hat designs available in the market from various brands. You should select what goes well with your overall golf apparel and style. All the hats mentioned are handpicked by a lot of golfers around the globe. Almost all of these hats offers versatility and fit as well as all the face types and head sizes.

Nike Tech Swoosh Visor

Various other golf hat designs are:

  • The TaylorMade R15 39 Thirty
  • The Straw Trucker Visor
  • The Nike Sun Protect Bucket Hat
  • The Nike Golf FIT Swoosh Visor
  • The King Cobra Pro Tour Fly Z Sport Mesh Hat
  • The Ping KP Cap Golf Hat
  • The PUMA Golf 3D Cat Flexfit Hat
  • The Under Armour Men’s Rich Golf Adjustable Hat
  • The Callaway Liquid Metal Adjustable Headwear
  • The Titleist ball Market Hat

These hats are based on some of the newest and trendiest designs. The value they add to your overall appearance and your golf apparel is significant. If you are still looking for some more of the best golf designs, you should look into these options.

What’s the Best Type of Golf Hat for you?

There are a lot of different golf hat types available in the market. Choosing the best golf hat type is of absolute importance because it matters the most.

Some people prefer to look a bit Gatsby, so they prefer to have the flat cap ivy Gatsby hats. Some people prefer to wear the regular golf caps. The point is it all circles around your own specific choice based on your own likings.

widens hat

Some of the most common and well-liked golf hat types are:

  • Bucket Hats
  • Golf Caps
  • Visors
  • Wide-brim hats
  • Wigens hat
  • Duckbill cap
  • Ivy cap
  • Paddy cap
  • Boston cap

There are a lot of other golf hat types, but what you really need is the one that fits in well with your overall golf attire and looks good on your face. Choose a golf hat wisely because it’s your investment in your game and golf apparel.

You can also select the golf hat based on your own overall appearance. For example, if you have a full head of hair, you can have the Visor hat. If it’s rainy season, but you want to look good while pitching a put, you can wear the Bucket hat.

Nike premium-fedora

Similarly, if you are a Jaz lover and Jaz music keeps ringing in your ears, you can have a Fedora. If you are going to break an 80, you can look good in a Ball cap.

What Features to look for in good Golf Hat?

Golf hats of different brands and types offer various features. Every new golf hat that lands in the market can be a lot better than the one you already have. So, selecting a golf hat that offers the best features is as important as your overall golf apparel.

What are the best features that should be in a golf hat?

Well, to answer this particular question, you can look for the golf hats that:

  • offer more ventilation
  • are made with material that efficiently wicks more moisture, and
  • hats that sell with the slogan of “One Size Fits All.” This feature will help you get rid of the problem that most golfers face.

Other features in a good golf hat include:


  • Flexibility
  • Snapback or Snap-side fittings
  • Good quality Fabric
  • Comfortable fabric
  • UV Protection
  • Best Evaporation rate
  • Easily adjustable (If adjustable)
  • Doesn’t feel so bulky
  • Has enough eyelets and holes to cater for moisture issues

These are some of the features you should look for in a golf hat if you really like to buy one that best serves you. There can be more features in the golf hats, so look for the ones that fit your requirements.

How to Select the Best Golf Hat according to your Face Type?

When shopping for a good golf hat, it is very important to have one that best fits your face shape. It’ll look good on you only if it compliments your face shape. You might think it’s a thing of the past or its nothing to worry about, but in reality, it matters a lot.

The various face shapes are such as:

  • Top-heavy Face
  • Long, Thin, Oblong Face
  • Square Face
  • Oval, Round Face
  • The Beanie Face

All these face shapes require a different kind of hat.

top heavy face

If you have Top-heavy face type, you’ll have a wider head than the lower part of your face that starts narrowing down from your jaw. This means that you’ll need a hat that balances your overall face shape.

If you have a shape like this, you’ll need a hat that’s not too high at the top. The best hat type which will suit you well is a Fedora. It’ll make you even more attractive and stylish at the same time.

Similarly, if you have an Oblong, Thin, and Long face type, you should not go for a hat type that is too long. It will elongate the length of your face.

You want to look for a hat that will make your face look a little bit shorter. In this case, the Wide-brim hats are the best. They’ll sit low on your forehead and create the illusion of your face appearing short.

If you are a square face type, you have a broad forehead and jaw. You should go with a hat type that helps create the illusion of curvature around your jawline. In this particular case, the best performer for you will be the baseball cap.

oval round shaped face

Most of the golfers have oval and round shaped faces. It’s actually a great face shape for almost all of the hat types. This means you have tons of choices to go with, everyone will suit you really well.

However, you should avoid hats that make your face appear rounder. Too much height and width will make your face look big. So the best fits for you will be the Baseball hats and flat caps.

Last but not the least, if you have a beanie bace that means you don’t fall under any of the above face shapes.

Maybe you’ll think your face is a mix of all the above, or if you have figured out your face shape, but you fail to find the best style for your face, you should look for something that is simpler than the rest. Your best shot will be the beanie and woolen hats that suit almost every face type.

Our Choice

It’s important to know the key essentials to consider before buying a golf hat because it is an investment into your golf apparel and an expense on your budget.

You can look trendy in any type of hat while putting in the golf course, but you also want something that will give you comfort and personal style.

Based on the information provided in the article, you now have a few good options to consider when looking to buy a golf hat.

The clear winner of this particular roundup is the “PUMA Golf 2018 – P Snapback Hat”. It is the best because of it’s quality and the number of benefits it offers.

It’s built with the advanced Flexfit 110 Technology and because of that, it fits well with almost all of the head sizes. It versatility also makes it wearable to any sporting event or occasion. Its made with comfortable and durable fabric as well.

Based on all these great things, it’s a really best one to have if you are an avid golfer.

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