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What are the Best Golf Grips in 2018?

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It’s no secret that having a firm and consistent grip is an essential skill to drive the ball effectively.

In fact, it’s a culmination of several different skills:

  • have the perfect grip
  • alignment
  • follow through
  • generating power in your swing

But it all starts with the grip.

As you can see, your golf grip may be the essential part of your clubs that you aren’t paying attention to.

Bottom line?

If you want a perfect practice for golf play, you must ensure you have the best grip for your golf club.

And in this article, we are going to cover the five best golf grips and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor's Choice: Lamkin UTx Grip

Lamkin UTx Wrap Midsize Grip, Blue, 0.580-Inch

I have never been a fan of cord grips, as most of the time; they just felt somewhat uncomfortable to hold. When I got my first UTx Grip I was skeptical, frankly, the design looked like something you might put on a bus chair, and the entire grip looked somewhat cheap. But it all changed when I put it on my hybrid…

The cord on this grip works like magic, it formulates all the traction you might need, and the feedback of hitting a ball is simply incredible.

By utilizing their tri-layer technology, Lamkin has managed to create one of the most wonderful feeling all-condition grips.

Moreover, the durability of this grip is stunning, as sometimes you could last 1.5 seasons without any need for a replacement.


  • Tacky and perfectly balanced the feeling of the grip
  • Incredible vibration dampening
  • Surprising all-conditions performance, including both rain and heat
  • Astounding regarding durability


  • The design is definitely not to everyone’s liking.
  • The amount of wrap could make it a tad uncomfortable for players with wider grips.

Best Value: Winn Dri-TacRating

Winn Dri-Tac Oversize (+1/8') Black Golf Grips

My opinion about this one can be best expressed by an analogy. This grip is the cargo shorts of the grip world, it may not be flashy or boast impressive technical specifications like some of the other grips on this list, but my god is it functional!

This grip comes with a mid-tier price tag, but a high-end feel and performance. Winn, has managed to create an ergonomic, simplistic and surprisingly comfortable grip to the world of golf.

The Dri-Tac grip boasts high shock absorption, thus reducing the strain that a shot might otherwise, have on your wrists; therefore, it is an excellent choice for older players.

One slight disadvantage that this grip has is its performance under wet conditions, as it has a tendency of getting a tad slippery (this is just in comparison to other grips mentioned on this list).


  • For the performance that it has, this grip is a great value proposition
  • Due to the use of mixed polymers, it has great shock absorption capabilities
  • It is surprisingly comfortable to hold
  • The Dri-Tac is superb in terms of durability.


  • It is rather simplistic and does not boast some of the more advanced features offered by its counterparts.
  • Due to the use of polymers, it has relatively poor performance in the rain.
  • The overall design of this grip looks slightly cheap.

Best Seller : Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip, Standard, Black

Now this one is a treat to write about. I’m sure we all had it at some point, whether it was your first grip that your coach got you or a grip that you just picked up at the sports store when you were just starting.

The Tour Velvet 360 is by far the most popular golf grip worldwide. It is really the business suit of the golfing world. Solid, simple, classy and pristine, this grip provides you with the traction and responsiveness that we have come to expect from Golf Pride.

One place where the Tour Velvet 360 falls short is its performance in wet conditions. For me personally, the grip would quickly become slippery and would make my grip just a bit more firm than usual.

My opinion is, that this one is for those, who have not yet fully understood their golfing habits and just need something universal.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, just not outstanding in any way.


  • It is one of the best universal grips.
  • An excellent choice for someone new to golf.
  • Boasts great durability and get the job done.
  • Stable and simple design without any flashy logos.


  • Lacks any specialization, so I would not recommend it to experienced players.
  • Somewhat mediocre when it comes to playing in the rain.

Worthy Competitor: Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Grip

Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

This might come in as a bit of a shock, surely, a grip which has played a part in over 20 worldwide tour wins in 2017 alone should rank higher than this.

Sadly, this grip has some drawbacks that might not matter to a professional golfer, but are crucial to someone, who loves to golf on their Saturdays.

To begin with, the grip is an absolute pleasure to use without a glove! I personally love the feedback of hitting a ball without a glove in the way, and Golf Pride MCC is just the best at it!

Moreover, the high-performance rubber on the lower part of the grip gives you that tactile and responsive feel to every shot you make.

However, just like the Iomic Sticky 2.3, the Golf Pride MCC is lacking when it comes to durability, as the top half of the grip tends to wear out extremely quickly.

Now, if those are not an issue for you, go for it! It’s probably the best that the industry can offer.


  • No need to use a glove.
  • Highly tactile and responsive feel.
  • Great for use in high humidity conditions.


  • There are some durability issues with the BTC cord.
  • Lack of personalization, as there are only 5 colors to choose from.

Worthy Competitor: Iomic Sticky 2.3

Iomic Golf Grips Sticky 2.3 Blue/Black

Ever since its release in 2009, this grip has been my go-to when it comes to playing on a rainy day!

Due to the use of Iomic’s elastomer compound, this grip achieves an impressive amount of weight tolerance, thus improving the consistency of your game.

Moreover, different from what you might think (especially considering the naming of this grip), it is surprisingly pleasant to hold as it provides you with a ton of friction without being sticky.

One more thing to point out is that the Iomic Sticky 2.3 boasts a firm grip cap, thus making you grip naturally softer, taking the strain out of your wrists and making you shot more relaxed!

Moreover, due to the often vibrant colors of this grip, you can expect to see some dashes of orange or green on the inside of your bag. To prevent this, be sure to give it a good wash beforehand, and you should be good to go!


  • Impressive performance under wet air conditions.
  • High weight tolerance, which helps the consistency of your shots.
  • The grip is surprisingly comfortable, and could be used without gloves.
  • It comes in 10 different colors.


  • There are some concerns about the durability of this grip.
  • Needs a good wash before throwing it into your bag, as the paint sometimes rubs off on the inside of your bag.


Why get a new grip?


Generally, with the start of every new golf season, you should be replacing your current golf grips, this is due to the fact that no matter how great the materials on your grip are, with every hit they are a subject to wear and tear.

If grips are left unchanged, they tend to become slippery and lose traction. Grips also have a tendency of getting soft and squishy over time, and that results in your overall consistency taking a nosedive. Your grip is your foundation for a solid golf swing, so don't take it lightly.

How to choose a new grip?

Re-gripping your clubs could definitely improve your overall performance. However, buying an improper one can affect consistency of your game.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next grip:

  • Size: There are generally four different sizes: under-size, standard, midsize and oversize, these sizes can be further customized by using various wraps, etc. So you shouldn’t be too concerned about getting a smaller grip. To determine the correct size, I would recommend either talking to your local coach or trying out many of the online grip selector tools (some of them can be found here)
  • Materials: Grips are often made from different materials, such as polymers, rubber, cord weave or thermoplastic materials. All of them have different qualities some such as cord weave are better at performing under rainy conditions and deal with moisture extremely well.
  • Texture: Grips come in a variety of different textures, some are more coarse and generally used with gloves, thus using it bare-handed could be uncomfortable.
  • Grip Firmness: When choosing your next grip, you have to evaluate your play-style, as grips differ in their ability to handle firm grips. Having a firmer grip is often favored by the professionals, as it reduces the strain on your wrists while giving the shot more stability.

Here is a short video on how choose the best grip for your bat? 

Should I use a single grip for all of my clubs?

Best grip in 2018

When re-gripping their clubs, people often ask whether they should use the same grip for all of their clubs, there is no consent on this. However, in my opinion, it is better to specialize your clubs for the tasks that they are going to be performing.

Same applies to every club in the game, I love the fact that grips essentially let you customize your clubs to your exact play-style, and therefore I would strongly recommend diversifying your grips.

However, it is extremely important, that all of your grips are the same thickness, as it may
lead you to the problems described above.

How can I help the durability of my grips?

As with all things, proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifetime of your grips. One of the ways you can make your grips serve you longer is by washing them.

However, you should be careful, as most of the grips are made of rubber and rubber compounds, and therefore they are susceptible to high temperatures. You should wash them with warm water and use special grip-cleaning wipes.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the grips, they are bound to become dirty due to the buildup of dirt and soil. Should this happen, you can simply use a damp towel.

However, after doing this, you should immediately dry the grip using a dry cloth or an individual grip-cleaning wipe.

How can I tell if I need to change my grips?

Grips tend to get damaged by sweat, dirt, UV rays, etc. Therefore, if your grip feels firmer, loses the tackiness, which it used to have it is probably a sign that you should get your club re-gripped.

Instead of going to a fitter, can I re-grip my clubs myself?

As we all know, getting a fitter to re-grip our clubs can be a pricey endeavor, but there is an
easy and cost-effective solution: re-gripping our clubs ourselves! It might seem complicated at first; however, re-gripping your clubs is actually quite easy (once you get the hang of it anyway).

So, to re-grip your club, you should follow these steps:

  • Use the hooked blade to cut and remove the old grip.
  • Remove the old grip tape.
  • Fixate the club in place.
  • Measure the size of the grip on the shaft, and apply the new grip tape to the new shaft.
  • Apply the grip solvent to both the tape and the inside of the new grip, shake the grip to spread it evenly across the entire grip.
  • Pitch the open end of the new grip and slide it quickly on top of the shaft.
  • Align the new grip on the direction of your club.
  • Push the end of the grip in order to secure it to the end of the shaft
  • Leave the club to dry for at least one hour.

If it is still unclear, I would strongly recommend you to check out this video as it serves as an excellent example of how easy it is to do it:

Our Choice

Looking back at all of this information we went through, it is easy to say that we have a clear winner. Of course, we are talking about Lamkin UTx Grip, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Taking in mind that the cord grips have a reputation of being uncomfortable and hard to hold,  Lamkin is here destroying those stereotypes. Since grips are a very personal thing, you should always consider your style of play, grip firmness, strength and those, sometimes awful, local air conditions.

So, if you were playing golf when there is rain,  Iomic Sticky 2.3 would be a perfect choice for you. And for the best price for the value, there is no mistake with Winn Dri-Tac.

Of course, there are many great options, but when it comes to choosing the perfect grip for anyone; Lamkin UTx Grip takes the win.

It is up there with Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Grip when talking about durability, and wants to hear a secret? It manages to beat it. Supreme tackiness, superior responsiveness and an excellent possibility to perform well in all conditions, including vibration absorption, are just some of the characteristics of the Lamkin.

However, it is not imperative to own this grip, we went through some of them that will for sure work well, and also, if you are a beginner, and there is no need to jump to Lamkin at the start. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is a great option, and we would definitely recommend it to newer users.

One bonus tip: As soon as you are ready to go to the next level up, Lamkin UTx is going to be waiting for you.

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