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What are the Best Golf Club Sets for Men? The 5 Best Mens Golf Clubs to Buy in 2019

As a man, you want equipment to help you solve a problem.

And in this roundup review, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at the best overall golf clubs for men.

The best part?

I’m also going to show you what criteria to look out for before making a choice.

In short:

If you want to bring your golf game to the next level, you’ll love this roundup review.

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Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver 10.5 40G (Right Hand, Regular Flex, 44.5 inch length, Recoil 440, Adjustable Loft)

4.9 out of 5 stars

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

Why is it the Best Golf Driver for Men Overall?
  • Forged composite and perimeter weighting helps you swing easily
  • Sliding weights allow you to fine tune it to your preference
  • Large face with a shallow design offers you optimal forgiveness
  • Dark finish and sophisticated design makes it unique

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Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver 10.5 40G (Right Hand, Regular Flex, 44.5 inch length, Recoil 440, Adjustable Loft)
Best Golf Driver for Men Overall
Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
  • Forged composite and perimeter weighting helps you swing easily
  • Sliding weights allow you to fine tune it to your preference
  • Large face with a shallow design offers you optimal forgiveness
  • Dark finish and sophisticated design makes it unique
Our Rating:
4.9 out of 5 stars

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TaylorMade Men's M1 460cc Driver
Best Golf Hybrid for Men Overall
TaylorMade M1
  • Club is very light and versatile this is as a result of its hybrid nature
  • Adjustable face makes it fairly forgiving
  • Highly adjustable to suit independent needs of different golfers
Our Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars

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Callaway Golf Men's XR Irons Set (Set of 7 Total Clubs: 4-PW, Right Hand, Steel, Regular Flex)
Best Golf Irons for Men
Callaway Steelhead XR
  • Uses 360 face cup technology to increase speed and distance and is considered a great boost
  • Low COG enables for more forgiveness on shots
  • Incorporates an innovative hosel design making way for better weight distribution by transferring weight from the hosel area to the head
Our Rating:
4.7 out of 5 stars

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Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Chrome Wedge Right 60 10 S Grind True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge
Best Golf Wedge for Men
Titleist Vokey Design SM6
  • One of the best wedges in terms of control, feedback and feel
  • Features options that suit every swing, lie and shot
  • Exceptional look and blade design
Our Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars

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NEW PING Pistol PP62 Vault White/Gray/Blue Oversize Non-Taper Putter Grip
Best Golf Mallet Putter for Men
Ping Vault
  • Very unique with a good rate of forgiveness even for mishits
  • Good auditory effect when hitting the ball complemented by an amazing look
Our Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars

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The Best Golf Clubs for Men in 2019

Finding a driver that helps you play consistently as you transition into a low-handicapper can be difficult. The Great Big Bertha of the best and most forgiving drivers available for mid-handicap golfers with average or slow swing speeds. This award showcases the product that helps you improve your game significantly with features that boost your accuracy, distance and overall performance.

The Fusion by Callaway is a very lightweight driver. Part of the company’s Big Bertha series, this club looks unusual but really gets the job done.

Made from carbon, titanium and ultra light metals, this club offers users more distance and more control in their shots.

The face is flexible, which allows for more forgiveness with shots. Impact with the ball feels soft, but the distances users get are incredible.

This innovative one-wood also offers great loft. It’s one of the most stable club Callaway has ever made.

The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver is available in 44.5 and 45.5 inch lengths.


  • Multi-part, flexible face for forgiving shots
  • Incredible stability
  • Ultra light construction using innovative materials


  • Unusual looking club is off-putting for some golfers
  • Impact feels unusually soft, which takes some getting used to

Our Verdict

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Fusion Driver comes with some of the best features that help you become better golfers. You get a club with a multi-part, flexible face for forgiving shots. It comes with light, high-quaity construction for performance improvement and durability. You also get excellent feedback and feel on your long-distance shots and reduced mishits. If you are looking for an all-rounded golf driver that significantly improves your overall performance, this is the right product for you.

Accuracy on your long shots has a positive impact on your performance and final score during a round of golf. A golf hybrid is designed to boost your accuracy levels on shots that prove difficult when using your irons or woods. This award showcases the product that offers optimal levels of accuracy and performance. .

Hybrids offer the best features of woods and irons. They save a lot of time and headaches for the casual golfer.

This TaylorMade M1 club is among the most adjustable, highly versatile hybrid clubs I ever got to try out.

It can be fitted and adjusted to work with just about anyone’s needs. The hosel can be adjusted in 12 ways, and the 27 gram weight in the sole can be moved.

The face, too, is adjustable. With the TaylorMade M1, you’ll find that even mis-hits are fairly forgiving.

This club can be used like a driving iron or like a high-lofted wood. It’s pleasant to swing, highly playable and offers surprisingly good distance.


  • Ond of the most versatile hybrids to date
  • This club can replace a number of low-numbered irons
  • This club is really fun to swing


  • Extensive versatility makes it hard to decide on adjustments
  • Ultra light weight can take some getting used to

Our Verdict

The TaylorMade Men’s M1 Golf Hybrid comes with a sophisticated design and outlook compared to other options in the same category. It is a single game-improvement model golf hybrid designed and built to suit golf beginners and intermediaries needs. You get a high-quality golf club with 12 adjustable loft settings and the ability to change the face angle at the sole plate. It comes with simplified tweak process for usability, large sweet spot for accuracy and forgiveness, comfortable feel and feedback, and increased shot distance. If accuracy and forgiveness is what you seek in a hybrid, the M1 is an ideal option

Hitting with irons is difficult for many golfers, and finding golf irons that are comfortable and easy-to-use can be challenging. This award rewards the product that offers optimal levels of comfort, accuracy and forgiveness for improved perfomance.

These are some of the best game improvement irons on the market. They are designed to highlight your strengths, and help keep your mistakes from holding you back.

This club series is a combination between the body shape of Callaway’s X-14 iron and the new-style wraparound faces of more recent irons. The center of gravity is low for better forgiveness on shots.

With this club, you’ll notice better ball speed on both on-target and off-center hits. Shock elimination has been built into this club for far less unwanted vibration.

Like the M1 described above, this club also has an innovative hosel design. In the Steelhead XR, removing weight from the hosel area and redistributing to the head has made for a much better launch on shots.


  • Great boost, distance-wise, for most golfers
  • The face uses 360 Face Cup technology to increase ball speed and distance


  • Based on decade-old model’s body shape
  • Feel and sound are unusual compared to older models
  • It can be hard to hit the ball with a lot of spin when using this club

Our Verdict

The Callaway Steelhead XR Irons are some of the best game-improvement irons out there. The club combines the body shape of the Callaway’s X-14 iron and modern style of more recent irons for perfomance improvement. You get a club with a low center of gravity for better forgiveness on shots amd ball speed on both on-target and off-center shots. Shock elimination reduces unwanted vibration and gives you comfortable feel and feedback. If you are in search for the best irons for men, this is a product worth considering.

Finding a forgiving wedge that will help you upgrade into a better golfer can be a challenge. As you progress into a better player, you need a wedge that enables you to addresses the anticipated challenges easily. This award highlights the product that helps golfers upgrade to better players.

The wedge is often an afterthought, but this utilitarian tool truly is one of the most important clubs in your bag.

Titleist’s Vokey Design SM6 will help correct your mistakes and give you some of the best results you’ve ever seen. Designer Bob Vokey has offered 21 variations on the theme of the wedge.

These clubs have an easy swing, and cut through turf well. They have great stopping power. The precise deployment of weighting and grooves across lofts, you always know what you are getting with these clubs.

With this innovative Titleist SM6 series designed by Bob Vokey, the humble wedge is finally getting the respect it deserves.


  • This series offers something for everyone
  • The placement of weight lets you have better control over how much loft you get
  • These are great tools for precision


  • 21 variations on a wedge is possibly a few too many
  • Feeling is unusually soft and golfers need time to adjust to it

Our Verdict

The Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Wedges come with features that help you transition into a better player, especially mid handicappers transitioning into low handicappers. Although forgiveness is secondary, you get increased control, and accuracy on your shots. If you want golf wedges that improve your overall perfomance on hazard and bunker shots, this is the ideal choice.

Using a golf mallet putter can be challenging and strenuous for many golfers. Getting a putter that is easy-to-use, and improves your overall performance on the green can be more challenging. This award rewards the product that offers the highest levels of practicability and accuracy.

The putter is not a glamorous club, but it is perhaps the most commonly used one. Choosing an effective putter that works with your style of play is key to improving. This blade-style club features a milled face made from stainless steel.

Similar to the technology that Ping uses in its other clubs, this contributes to a very soft feel. This club also provides for excellent control on tricky putts. The shaft length is adjustable, and the grip really allows you to feel the shot.


  • Very forgiving, even when the ball is hit off-center
  • These putters look amazing
  • Makes a classic sound when hitting the ball


  • This club would feel unusual for someone used to a mallet-style putter
  • Like most blade putters, it performs better from distance than from up close

Our Verdict

The Ping Vault Golf Mallet Putter is a popular club for many golf tour winners across the globe because of the overall performance capabilities. You get a mallet putter with a variety of customization settings to match your needs, and high-quality construction for durability. The club is fine-tuned with a balanced weight for practicability and stability when taking shots. If you are looking for a mallet putter that is extremely easy-to-use and helps you improve on shot accuracy, this is the right product for you.

How to Choose the Best Golf Clubs For Your Game

Everyone wants to maximize their golf game and lower their handicap. But how do you find the right clubs to help you do that? The key here is to be honest with yourself.

  • How hard is your swing?
  • How smooth is it?

While you may want to swing the same clubs as your favorite pros, you might benefit from something more middle-of-the-road.

An example of this are game improvement and super game improvement irons, highlighted in this video:

There is still some stigma associated with using these irons. They allow golfers to hit the ball farther and straighter than traditional irons of the type used by pros.

For the non-professional player, these deliver great value for money, and they should be seen as the serious tools they are.

Traditional irons can lead to needless frustration for intermediate, recreational golfers. There should be no shame in someone with a career and family to manage getting a little boost out on the green.

Testing the Best Golf Club Sets

Before purchasing your new clubs, test several of each type out. Never buy a club you’re uncomfortable swinging, no matter what the manufacturer’s marketing team has to say about it. Your clubs should complement your game. They should feel natural in your hands, and when you take a swing with them.

If you’re a member at a country club, keep your eyes peeled for Demo Days. Big manufacturers often bring their new gear to different markets to generate interest in it. Large markets including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Dallas are particularly targeted. Brands let golfers test clubs and accessories out, and provide advice about fit and grip.

For someone in the market for a new set of clubs, these events are a great way to do research. The product comes to you, instead of you having to search out the product. You’ll also get advice from a specialist, not a sales associate with only moderate knowledge of the brand.

Advanced Golf Club Technology

The technology in golf clubs has been rapidly advancing for the past 50 years. In the 1970s, the first wood made of metal was produced by TaylorMade. This year has been a year of big improvements in terms the best golf clubs for women and men. And this is a great time of year to get the best golf clubs for the money.

Many of the new clubs for right now have been constructed with aerospace-grade materials, and designed with assistance from aerospace engineers. An example of this is the collaboration between Callaway Golf and Boeing. In addition to graphite and steel, titanium and carbon are increasingly popular in the construction of clubs. Some of these clubs look highly unusual, and golfers may initially be put off by them.

Other new clubs released this year have hearkened to the past as a strategy. Some by TaylorMade, Ping and Callaway are revisions of earlier, highly successful styles. Body shapes or club shapes have been adapted with new materials. These offerings are very comfortable to long-time golfers.

The feel and sounds they produce can be reassuring in a landscape of extreme technological innovation.

One common complaint golfers have about some newer clubs is that the feel and sound are off.

Getting Solid Advice Before You Buy

With Google and YouTube at your fingertips, there’s no shortage of advice about how to choose golf clubs:

You’re no longer limited to the advice from the golf pro at your local country club. You can get a another opinion in seconds flat. Just hop on the internet, enter your search terms and look for an expert you like, who understands your concerns. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s someone with advice tailored for you:

Similarly, whether you’re a beginner or expert, it’s a good idea to consider a custom fitting and the benefits it can bring to your game.

For more details about custom fitting, you can watch the following video:

2017 has been a big year for new innovations. There’s no shortage of new golf clubs out there. We’ve whittled our list of golf club reviews down to five of the very best offerings. Our picks are from a variety of manufacturers and represent key club categories. Even if you’re a beginner on a budget, we ask that you still take these picks into account. Look for clubs that have some of the same “pros” as the ones we’ve listed. Get excited about end of the year discounts, and what other new technology is on the way for 2018.

Conclusion and Editors Choice

So what are the best golf clubs for men this year? There’s so much innovation and high performance on display that it’s impossible to pick a clear winner.

It seems like 2019 will go down as a big year for new technological advances in the construction of golf gear.

Some golfers will be taken with Callaway’s space-age collaborations and materials. Some traditionalists will prefer the precise tweaks TaylorMade made to its successful M2 line in creating the M1 line.

Titleist continues to make precision clubs that the technicians among golfers will love for years to come.

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