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The 6 Best Womens Golf Clubs For 2020 (Buyer’s Guide)

Let's face it:

It's a new decade, yet finding the right golf club set for women can still be challenging – for some female golfers, it's even harder than finding the right shoes.

But if you thought that women’s golf clubs were just quality clubs from a men's set rereleased in various pink shades, think again!

Golf equipment for women is designed with the average female golfer in mind.

Let's look at some of the best womens golf clubs and sets on the market right now and choose the best golf clubs as a female golfer.

Our pick for most golfers
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand)

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Clubs (16-Piece) - Best Complete Lady Set Overall

Why is it the Best Complete Lady Set Overall?
  • Very forgiving golf clubs with a top-notch build quality
  • Features all clubs you could wish for or require for your game
  • An upgraded last year’s model that female golfers already love
  • Reasonably priced
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Featured Recommendations

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand)
Best Complete Lady Set Overall
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Clubs (16-Piece) - Best Complete Lady Set Overall
  • Very forgiving golf clubs with a top-notch build quality
  • Features all clubs you could wish for or require for your game
  • An upgraded last year’s model that female golfers already love
  • Reasonably priced
Our rating:
Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set, Prior Generation (11-Piece)
Best Value Club Set for Women
Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Clubs (11-Piece) - Best Value
  • Very forgiving equipment with Excellent Build Quality
  • Irons, hybrids, putter and other clubs you could wish for or need for your game
  • Consistent Progression from the already loved last years model
  • Good resale value
Our rating:
Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece, Right Hand, Teal)
Ideal Golf Clubs for Intermediate Ladies
Callaway 2019 Women's Strata Plus Set (14 Piece) - Best Quality Set for Intermediate Women
  • Clubs give you finer control for advanced shots with spin
  • Includes specialty clubs while not breaking the bank
  • Excellent Upgrade set for Female Players wanting to lower their handicap further
Our rating:
Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, White
Best Clubs for Beginners & High Handicappers
Wilson Ultra Ladies Complete Set - Best for Beginners (11-Piece)
  • Excellent Starter Set for ladies with a lightweight yet forgiving Wilson women clubs
  • Nice color choices and a sturdy cart bag available at an affordable rate
  • Very good golf club selection to learn the sport and progress onto more challenging courses
Our rating:
Confidence LADY POWER III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag
Great Cheap Golf Clubs for Women
Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Set - Ideal Cheap Set
  • Very easy on your wallet
  • Top choice for lady beginners
  • Offers good golf club selection with all essential Items including a quality putter, driver, and irons
Our rating:
New Deluxe Petite Ladies Complete Golf Package Set (Right Hand) Perfect for Golfers Between 5ft and 5'5' Tall
Most Affordable Clubs for Petite Women
New Deluxe Petite Ladies Complete Golf Clubs - Ideal for Petite Women
  • Very affordable set
  • Perfect fit if you are women between 5’0″- 5’5″
  • Fun to use, super light ladies golf set for beginners with a good feel in an easy to carry bag
Our rating:
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Table of Contents

6 Best Ladies Golf Clubs for 2020

Best Complete Lady Set Overall
Finding top set of Golf Clubs as a Women can be a challenge. This review award means that the golf equipment will be an excellent choice for the largest number of women golfers all things considered. If you are unsure about which lady golf clubs to go with, it’s the simplest to recommend unless you are on a tight budget, in which case the best value golf models might be a better option.

If you want a complete golf set that’s durable enough to last a long time, look no further. The Callaway Women’s Strata 16-piece set is the best women’s golf set in our round-up.

The 16 included pieces are:

  • a titanium driver with a large sweet spot and forgiveness for better off the tee distance
  • forgiving fairway 3-wood with an aerodynamic clubhead design
  • two hybrids – 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid – for distance, forgiveness, and control
  • a 6-club combination of stainless steel short and long irons, pitching wedge, and sand wedge
  • a putter with a precise club face milling design for accuracy and shot control
  • four head covers
  • a bag with handy pockets
  • a rain hood

I recommend the Callaway Women’s Strata set for female golfers who…

  1. Are unsure about which golf clubs to get
  2. Want to buy set from a leading brand
  3. Want a complete set of golf clubs made to last
  4. Want versatile equipment to share with others
  • Includes short and long irons, two hybrids added as an alternative
  • The easy-grip shafts feel comfortable
  • Four head covers included
  • Lightweight titanium driver design with a large sweet spot
  • The clubs come in a stylish bag with pockets, a stand, and a waterproof rain hood
  • Made for women shorter than 6’0”
  • It costs more than a standard set
  • The clubs might bruise with time, but this is the exception rather than the rule

After our review, we conclude that the Strata Ultimate 16-piece is the best set of golf clubs for female players on the market – a beginner and mid handicapper alike. It’s all about forgiveness and control.

The well-made, easy-to-handle, cutting edge technology clubs come in a sturdy, comfortable, travel-friendly golf bag.

Best Value Club Set for Women
If you have a limited budget and want to get the most for your money, these are the best golf clubs for you. The main criteria of this award are to highlight the product offering the best combination of performance to cost. 11 to 14 piece sets were considered for this award.

The Callaway Women’s Strata Golf Set with 11 pieces is our choice for the best women’s golf clubs on a budget and includes:

  • a 460cc lightweight graphite, 16-degree driver
  • a fairway 5-wood
  • a 26-degree loft 5 hybrid
  • 7 and 9 irons
  • a mallet putter
  • sand wedge
  • three head covers
  • a rain hood
  • an easy-carry golf cart bag

It's designed for women who want the best performance for the money or looking to save money without compromising the feel, distance, forgiveness, and ball speed.

If you’re a beginner or play at a high handicap level, the 14- or 16-piece sets are overkill; this 11-piece is a great starter product and a much better buy than our top pick.

It comes in two colors – pink and black – and has options for left and right handed players.

  • Beginner-friendly women’s golf clubs
  • The putter has visual alignment aid for accuracy
  • Oversized fairway woods club head with an aerodynamic head shape for better distance
  • Great value for money
  • The set includes a sand wedge
  • Designed by a popular, high-quality brand
  • The grip is less comfortable than other women’s golf clubs
  • Club selection isn’t extensive and doesn’t include a pitching wedge
  • You may want to add a hybrid club or two
  • The fairway woods will dent after use
  • Not suitable for women over 6’0”

The 2019 Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set with 11 pieces from the brand Callaway Golf is one of the best golf sets for lady golfers on a budget. It’s also a value pick for complete beginners or those playing recreationally at a high handicap level.

Ideal Golf Clubs for Intermediate Ladies
This award aims to identify golf clubs that help you raise your game from a high handicap to a mid and low handicap. The set needs to be durable enough for extensive practice, travel and tournament play while striking a balance between forgiveness and advanced shot control. Also, the set needs to offer a good selection of specialty clubs that give you more versatility on the green.

The Callaway Women’s Strata Plus is the best women’s mid-range product for intermediate players.

The 14 included women’s golf clubs are:

  • a 14-degree driver
  • 6 through 9 irons
  • 3-wood
  • 5-hybrid
  • a mallet putter
  • a pitching and sand wedge
  • three head covers
  • a stand bag

This set is the best fit for you if you…

  • Have a high or mid-handicap
  • Have a growing interest in golf and want to lower your handicap
  • Want to experiment with more advanced shots
  • Travel and want to play on multiple courses offering different challenges and lengths
  • Are ready to replace or upgrade your current set of women’s golf clubs
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight clubs with graphite and steel shafts
  • The design is focused on distance and forgiveness technology
  • Includes specialty clubs, like the pitching wedge
  • The driver provides a wide sweet spot and improved distance from the tee
  • Suitable for taller players up to 6'1"
  • The clubs scuff more easily than dedicated individual clubs
  • The lightweight design isn't ideal for very high swing speed
  • The bag doesn't come with many dividers or spare pockets for accessories

If you love golf and want to progress, but are not yet at the low handicap level, this could be the best women's golf set for you. It's a perfect step up from a beginner's kit, without the price tag of more extensive or more luxurious sets.

Best Clubs for Beginners & High Handicappers
This review award is trying to reward the ideal set for beginners on the market if you are just starting out or play with a high handicap, but want to have an affordable set that can progress with you well into the advanced levels of the game.

Here's a full-fledged set of clubs for beginners and high handicappers looking to get a collection of easy to hit ladies golf clubs that will last a long time at a pocket-friendly price.

This set includes:

  • a women's driver
  • a fairway wood #3
  • a 24-degree loft 4 hybrid
  • a irons #6, 7, 8, 9
  • a pitching wedge
  • a putter
  • a cart bag and head covers

Longer, hard-to-hit irons are left out, but you get off the tee distance with the graphite shaft driver and fairway wood.

  • A full set, with all the clubs you might need
  • Wilson brand offers a 4 hybrid instead of a long iron, which makes it more forgiving to play
  • The women’s driver and fairway 3-wood provide swing speed support and a high ball flight with graphite shafts
  • A dedicated pitching wedge, great for getting out of lies
  • The steel shafted irons with cavity backs are perfect for improving your stroke play from the fairway onto the greens
  • The driver seems to be quite long for women under 5’3”

The Wilson Women Ultra Ladies Complete Golf Club Set bundles a full selection of easy to play, top-quality game improvement clubs with a comfy back and an affordable price. If you’re a beginner or playing at a high handicap, you found your match.

Great Cheap Golf Clubs for Women
This review award rewards the top golf clubs that are very affordable and still pack a punch and deliver on the green. Ladies Golf can get expensive really quickly, and if your money is a concern for you, then this set may be the one for you.

This budget set from Confidence Golf comes steel-shafted. It contains:

  • a women's driver,
  • a 24-degree hybrid club,
  • a set of cavity-backed irons and a PW with steel shafts,
  • a semi-mallet style putter
  • a stand bag with auto pop legs

The 460cc driver has adequate forgiveness through perimeter weighting, increasing the sweet spot, while the 24-degree hybrid brings some extra distance game

The hybrid semi-mallet style putter and a stand bag with auto pop legs complete this top package for right handed players.

  • One of the most affordable sets for ladies golf
  • The higher lofted and perimeter weighted driver and hybrid offer extra forgiveness and ball flight
  • The golf clubs are lightweight despite being steel shafted
  • The stand bag is excellent with very convenient legs
  • Not suitable for mid or low handicap play and advanced shots
  • Lower resale value because it's a relatively unknown brand
  • There are no lightweight graphite shafts, so this product is not recommended for ladies who have trouble with their swing speeds

If you are on a tight budget but still want to get a top-quality set as a beginning or high handicap lady, the Power Hybrid Club Set from the golf brand Confidence delivers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper option with the same quality level unless you buy the set used.

Most Affordable Clubs for Petite Women
In this set review, we try to find a budget option available for shorter ladies that still delivers on the course. Club shaft length and weight is a key concern here, and the lady golf clubs for beginners in this category should be short and light, so you find the set very enjoyable to play with.

The last one up is another one of the best women’s complete sets in our review, containing:

  • a 460cc driver for women with a light club head and a graphite shaft,
  • a fairway wood with a graphite shaft,
  • a hybrid with a generous 24-degree loft and high forgiveness and perimeter weighting,
  • a full set of steel shafted irons,
  • a sand wedge
  • a putter.

The women’s set also includes a very convenient stand bag, head covers, and rain cover.

  • The driver, fairway wood, and irons come with L-grade flex.
  • It’s a complete set for women golfers with no additional purchases unless you’re upgrading individual clubs, like the driver and putter.
  • Shafts are lightweight and easy to swing with a short shaft length
  • Ideal for shorter women between 5’0” and 5’5″
  • Comfortable cart bag
  • The steel shafts of the irons are sturdier but also heavier than graphite
  • Doesn’t include a pitching wedge, although you get a sand wedge

The New Deluxe Petite Ladies Set is a favorite among petite females starting their journey or playing the game at a higher handicap.

It’s a lightweight and affordable set that offers a substantial selection of top-quality game improvement clubs, complete with a reliable putter, for shorter female golfers.

Finding the Best Golf Club Sets for Women - Buyers Guide

Golf Set for Men vs. Women: Differences to know

The women's golf sets in our round-up are based on the same technology as men's golf equipment but differ in several essential aspects.

Here's everything you need to know!

Shaft Length on the driver, irons and other pieces in your set

shaft flex on quality women golf club from callaway held at inclined degree

Since women are shorter than men on average, the shaft length of all women’s clubs is shorter by at least an inch.

For example, a standard 5-iron is 37.75 inches long, while the female variant is typically kept at 36.75 inches. The shafts for women are designed for an average height of 5'6″- 5'7″. For men, the height is maintained at around 5'9″ -5'10".

Sometimes, even regular clubs are designed with shorter shafts, like the CPR from Nike, and they might be suitable for both male and female players alike.

Shaft Flex on the driver, woods and long irons

shaft flex as buying criteria for complete and high quality ladies club set to read

Female golfers usually hit the ball with slower swing speeds, due to less upper body strength than men.

That's why steel/metals shafts are changed for the more flexible graphite shaft.

As a result, the recommended shafts of golf clubs for women for beginners and mid handicappers alike are made out of graphite to provide higher amounts of flex and increase the impact when you hit the ball.

Club and Bag Weight of your set

To make it easier for female golfers to control their shot, the weight is often lighter than regular golf clubs. With long irons, the clubheads are made heavier, while the club's overall weight is still kept on the lower side with shorter, lightweight graphite shafts. That ensures maximum control.

Loft Angle on irons, the driver and the woods of your set

club weight for review of womens golf set displayed in various degree

A higher loft on a club ensures that shots climb higher into the air once you hit the golf ball. Best-selling women's drivers and fairway woods are designed with higher loft angles to help you achieve a proper launch height and maximize distance from the tee or fairway.

If you want to dive deeper into the differences in features, YouTube is a great way to start. Here is a short informative video on the features to look for in women’s golf equipment:

What to Look for in a solid Women's Golf Set?

women performs solid swing with callaway strata wedge

Before you randomly pick a golf club set based on what friends and other players recommend, or what’s currently popular, remember that every player’s needs are unique.

Regarding body types, golfing styles, goals, and obstacles, no two players are the same.

That’s why any woman purchasing golf equipment will want to go over this list of factors to consider:

What’s your budget?

shaft length buying criteria on womens golf clubs

Before you jump the gun on a top women’s golf set for the money, know that you’ll likely find everything you need within your budget.

Picking the cheapest option isn’t a good idea, either. You might find that it’s not designed well, doesn’t have the right features, or don’t last as long as expected.

You can classify women's sets into three categories:

  • Pocket-friendly: If you’re a beginner or are trying to save money, you’ll want to look into women’s golf club sets that include 10 pieces max and cost between $130 and $300.
  • Mid-range: If you want specialty clubs and extra features included, it’ll probably cost you between $300 and $500.
  • Luxurious: Women’s golf club sets with 11 or more clubs included are designed for pros and highly-skilled players ready to spend upwards of $500 to $1000 on cutting edge technology, features, and accessories.

That doesn’t apply to pure iron sets, though. High-quality long irons are among the most expensive and will likely be more costly than a general one.

What are your physical demands?

women read green and performs complete quality swing with wedge

Before you buy women's golf club sets, you need to know if you…

  • are a right-handed or left-handed golfer – to determine your club alignment
  • are taller than 5'8' – to determine if you might require regular golf clubs
  • are smaller than 5'2' – to determine if you need very short shafts
  • are generally very strong, fast in your swing, and can hit the ball consistently – to decide whether you'll require better forgiveness and ladies flex

How many clubs do you need?

how many golf clubs in womens golf bag

A beginner won’t necessarily require every club right off the bat. I’d even argue that, for a beginner, having so many hybrids, woods, putters, and the like can be counterproductive if you haven’t mastered them yet.

Focus is vital in golf.

When starting, a set with 9 to 11 clubs can be great. If you want to go low-budget, you can buy the so-called “short set,” which usually includes 5 to 7 game-essential clubs and a golf cart bag.

The downside of short sets – both men’s and women’s – is that you’ll have to upgrade once you catch the golf bug.

If you get serious about golf, you might…

  • want to play regularly
  • want to lower your handicap
  • want to travel with golf equipment
  • participate in tournaments
  • want to exercise more control over the golf ball and experiment with conscious slicing, fading, and chipping

If you are at that stage, a complete women’s golf club set is the way to go.


Specialty clubs allow for more control on any given shot. The more options you have in your golf cart bag, the easier it is to pick the right tool for the occasion.

Keep an eye out on the number of irons in your set, which can vary greatly.

While a pure iron set can help you cover the distance between 100 yards (9-iron) and 150 yards (5-iron) as a typical female golfer, they are often not easy to play.

It’s recommended that you get comfortable with a hybrid first, pack fewer irons but include a separate pitching wedge or lob wedge, depending on the course.

How do you transport your equipment?

transport ladies golf set

Are you mostly going to carry them, use a pushcart, or even a full-sized golf cart? Either way, check that your golf set…

  • has the appropriate weight for you to carry
  • has enough pockets for carrying accessories
  • can be used as a stand if you don’t have a pushcart and don’t want to crouch all the time
  • is durable enough for various weather conditions.

Misconceptions you need to know about Gender and Golf Clubs

Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to use women’s equipment – or vice versa.

Many male golfers get women’s grade or senior grade clubs because they suit their shots much better. Moreover, many popular female golfer pros get regular golf equipment to suit their strength and swing speed.

Choose the best golf clubs for you, with the included equipment and technology that suits your years and physique, fitness level, swing style, and overall play style.

Who Should Use Women’s Clubs

The solid rule of thumb for ladies here is:

The taller you are – over 5’6” – the less suitable women’s equipment will be.

For the average woman golfer – shorter than 5’6” – with slower swing speeds, a club set designed for women will be good for you.

Further Clarification on Shaft Flex for Lady Golfers

woman holding driver with ladies shaft flex

Golf club manufacturers have established a complete naming convention and rating for flex levels used in golf clubs. These include

  • Extra Stiff (X),
  • Stiff (S),
  • Regular (R),
  • Senior (A) and
  • Ladies (L) which is the softest grade.

The letters you can read on each club of a set doesn’t highlight it’s size, but rather the flex. Simply having an L grade shaft doesn’t make a club is a woman’s golf club. Likewise, just because you need a woman’s club doesn’t mean that the L-grade shaft is a great choice for female golfers.

Some ladies might need a regular club with L grade shafts, while others need shorter shafts with regular or even stiffer grade flex.

What are the types of golf clubs in a Women’s Complete Golf Set?

Generally speaking, a women’s golf clubs set comes with the following types of clubs included:

  • Fairway Wood and Driver – A standard club set comes with a driver (also called the 1 wood), a 3 wood, and a 5 wood.
  • Hybrids – In women’s golf, hybrids typically replace long irons and shorter woods, as they’re easier to hit.
  • Irons - Although you have irons numbered 1 to 9 available, very few players carry all 9 irons. A standard set comes with 3 through 9 irons.
  • Wedges – There are several types of wedges, including pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge. You’ll find at least two wedges among women’s golf clubs, mainly pitching wedges plus one other.
  • Putters – Many beginners will benefit from including a mallet putter in their golf bag.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I need to change my women’s golf club set?

Women’s golf clubs should last up to 7 to 10 years.

Wear and tear won’t be the sole reason for replacing your women’s golf clubs; your performance and consistency will improve with time, long before you wear the club set down.

The point is to get a good set of women’s golf clubs on the market and upgrade it in due time.

What club set should I choose if I’m a tall woman?

tall women golf club shaft length

Depending on your upper body strength, we might recommend you buy a men's golf set, as men’s clubs are typically an inch taller than average golf set designed for women.

Some women's golf sets will come in the correct height for you, but checking out men’s clubs available on the market may be a good option if you don’t find a suitable product.

What complete set should I choose if I’m a senior lady?

Let's face it; our abilities and speed can decrease as the years go by – and to find the best women's golf clubs as a senior lady, get a set that:

  • Is appropriate for your height
  • Offers ladies shaft flex
  • Uses graphite shafts
  • Includes more than one perimeter-weighted hybrid for medium-distance and shorter shots

How much space is available in the bag of a complete set?

The best women’s golf clubs set, the Callaway Strata, for example, comes with a driver, multiple woods, hybrids, pitching and sand wedge, putter, and irons. You’ll have room in the golf bag for your wallet or a drinking bottle. Once you get more clubs, space may become an issue.

The Bottom Line

The Callaway 2019 Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set with 16 Pieces

is my favorite in terms of affordability and function.

No matter what you’re looking for in Ladies Golf Clubs, the Strata Ultimate Complete delivers top performance:

  • It’s lightweight but sturdy, making it portable, easy to carry, and travel-friendly.
  • It offers a good selection of golf clubs, including specialty and hybrid clubs.
  • The clubs have a solid feel, high-quality build, and are great for control without compromising speed.
  • The stand bag is lightweight with a modern look and convenient pockets.

Whether you’re playing occasionally or multiple times per week, the Strata Ultimate Complete women’s golf clubs will help you reach your game performance goals in every aspect and impact your love of golf.

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