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What are the Best Golf Club Sets for Seniors in 2018?

golf sets for seniors

It’s no secret that Golf is a game of sophistication and passion.

Being out in nature while having a highly engaging game is main reason why this game is very popular among seniors.

Due to the popularity among seniors, some manufacturers have specifically designed golf club sets for seniors.

Bottom line?

If you want a more consistent game as a senior, having the an easy to play golf club set can help you.

In this article, I’m going to show you the best golf club sets for seniors and everything you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Editor's Choice: Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set

Wilson 2017 Men's Profile XD Golf Complete Set Men's

If you are after quality and brand, this could be the ideal club for. Wilson has distinguished itself as one of the best golf equipment supplier in the market so you can count on the Profile XLS for durability and performance. It doesn’t disappoint! Some of its most striking features include:

Light and strong:

Fair woods are designed to be light without compromising on their strength. This makes it very easy to swing them.

Stainless steel/graphite shafts:

The shafts in this set are crafted from stainless steel and graphite. These two material combine to form a strong but light alloy ideal for seniors.

Unique head design:

As a senior, aiming to hit the right place can be difficult when using a standard club. However, if you were to use this club, you will note the difference.

Special flex for seniors:

Normal clubs come with a standard flex which seniors might find hard to handle. However, this Wilson is designed with a unique seniors flex which guarantees maximum vibration dumping for easier recovery after making a shot.

Versatile options:

With the Wilson Men’s XLS, it doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed since the club is available in both options. If you are one of those very tall guys, you will appreciate what this set has to offer.

Bottom line:
If you are not a power shots hitter, you will appreciate what it has to offer. The lightweight shafts make this set ideal for any senior who can’t retire from golf.


  • The set is available in different options to cater to the different demands of senior golfers
  • It is light and durable which makes it easy for seniors to swing effortlessly.
  • Custom designed with a unique flex precisely for senior golfers.


  • Not strong enough for power shots.
  • There are reports of the wood on the head cracking after taking powerful shots.

Best value: Majek Golf Senior Men’s All Hybrid Complete Full Set

Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set, which includes: #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Senior Flex Total of 8 Right Handed New Rescue Utility “A” Flex Clubs

Majek Golf might not be one of the most famous names in the golf industry, but this new set of hybrids is more of a blessing to seniors. It is fun to use on the course and comes with eight right-handed rescue utility “A” flex clubs options which include, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and a PW flex.

Some of its distinguishing features include:

High launch speeds:

These irons are designed with a low center of gravity. Most of the club’s weight is distributed behind the sweet spot. This ensures that golf balls are launched at high speeds to achieve a longer distance.

A deep back cavity :

The clubs are designed with a deep cavity back, which ensures a tighter shot dispersion. This dispersion guarantees high levels of accuracy every time you make a shot.

Aerodynamic design:

This is perhaps the most significant feature of the irons. When swung, the clubs effortlessly cut through the air even on low swing speeds. This implies that your shots will be faster when hitting with minimum force.

Bottom Line:
If you are senior with a sense of taste and style, you should take this club into consideration. Arguably, it is an ideal setting for seniors at any level of golf.


  • The aerodynamic design of the iron increases the club’s speed even when swung with minimum speed.
  • A deep back cavity guarantees high levels of accuracy for every shot.
  • The low center of gravity makes it easy to achieve high launch speeds.


  • The enamel covering the shaft is prone to wearing out over prolonged use.
  • This is more of an aesthetic problem rather than a performance one.

Best Seller: Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons Graphite Set

Adams idea Combo Hybrid/Iron Set (3H-5H 6-PW) - Graphite Hybrids/Steel Irons

Adams has been around for some time, and it is renowned for manufacturing state of the art clubs. The blue combo is particularly ideal for seniors.

And here’s why:


These irons are crafted from graphite which makes them light and durable.

A special flex for seniors:

The Adams golf blue irons are designed with a unique seniors flex. This implies that you do not have to look for a golf club with a unique flex.

More accurate shots:

This set of eight irons is designed to ensure that your shots travel in an accurate and straight line regardless of the part of the club head that comes into contact with the ball.

Bottom Line:

The Adams combo is one of the most active clubs set a senior golfer can own. To some extent, it is disadvantageous for shorter people, but it compensates for that with several unique features.


  • Since the irons are light, seniors will find it easy to swing them.
  • A particular flex for seniors implies that you will always be ready to play. No need to look for special flexes.
  • Shots from the club have high degrees of accuracy.


  • Longer than normal: You might find it hard to adjust to these clubs if you are used to using usual golf clubs

Worthy Competitor: Tour Edge Men’s Hp25 Graphite 17 Pc Set

Tour Edge HP25 Men's Complete Golf Club Set, Uniflex Right Hand

Tour Edge has been in the golf market for several decades now. If you are a senior looking to experiment with a graphite iron, you should consider this club. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include:

Larger sweet spot:

These particular irons are designed with a bigger sweet spot than normal. There is no need to worry that your shots might not follow the desired path because you never aimed correctly.

Versatile set:

This set comes with several pieces which give you the freedom to use your clubs virtually for any purpose including putting, driving, making fairway shots and several others.

Hybrids included:

You will not find many sets that include hybrid iron in their collection, but this tour edge does. All the clubs are crafted from graphite implying that they are suitable for powerful and quicker shots.

Bottom Line:
If you are a senior golfer having problems hitting your target could be ideal for you. It is versatile enough and will also give you a chance the chance to enjoy the gameplay.


  • The set comes with 17 pieces which makes it very versatile on the course.
  • A big sweet spot ensures that shots travel in the desired direction.
  • Hybrids are also included in the collection.


  • Comes with only one hybrid: A few more would make the set more complete.

Worthy Competitor: Pine-meadow Golf Men’s Pre Progressive Hybrid Set

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular Flex)

This hybrid set from Pinemeadow comes with a stylish design and excellent performance. It is designed with several distinguishing features which set it apart from the rest.

A large sweet spot:
If you are having trouble connecting your shots, you need to worry no more. This Pinemeadow is designed with an extra big sweet spot which offers more forgiveness.

Improved control:
The shape of the head is also designed to make sure that shots follow your desired path.

Bottom Line:
This Pinemeadow is one of the best club sets for seniors. It comes with several hybrids which will help you take your gaming endeavors to the next level. Find some time and familiarize yourself with every piece in the collection.


  • A large sweet spot on the clubs to offer more forgiveness
  • Improved control due to the larger head carrying your momentum to provide power and accuracy
  • Easy to play with in any situation due to a great variety of hybridclubs


  • Club heads are heavy which makes the clubs harder to swing.

golf sets for seniors

Anyone beyond the age of 50 can be considered a senior golfer. Players are required to swing their clubs at certain speeds, hit the ball with explosive energy and carry their golfing equipment from one place to another. As age catches up with you, you will notice a significant decrease in things such as the height of the ball, your swing speed and the distance your ball travels after giving it a powerful shot.

Tips To Help You Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Senior Golfers:

club sets for seniors

The market is full of several types of clubs for seniors. And although they are all custom made for seniors, there are differences when it comes to tastes and preferences.

For that reason, I have compiled a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

Read on!

1. Get a light and flexible club:

If you compare a senior golfer and a young one, you will realize that young players have more energy while seniors are weak in stature. For this reason, they might find it harder to achieve the same shot as a young player even when exerting maximum force. As a result, clubs for senior golfers are designed to enable them to achieve distance significant distance without having to use a lot of energy.

2. Include an Additional Wedge and a Set Combination:

For a senior golfer, a hybrid club will most likely deliver. Hybrids are made from both iron and wood, which enables them to achieve maximum distance with little force. Any senior golfer with a proper stance should find it comfortable to use three kinds of wood and wedges.

3. Shaft Specifications:

Any seasoned golfer will bear me witness that the shaft of a club plays a vital role in any gameplay. More importantly, it is the part where a bond is created between the golfer and his club. For this reason, it is essential to choose a club the snugly fits in the hands of the player. For a senior golfer, it is not advisable to select a shaft weighing more than 60 grams. Modern technology has even made it possible for manufacturers to make cylinders weighing as low as 50 grams.

4. Level of Stiffness of the Flex:

For senior golfers, it is essential for the club to be comfortable and flexible. If the flex is not stiff enough, it could end up causing game problems and spoiling the gameplay. For senior’s golfers, bad shots might feel powerful even when they are not. Therefore, it is essential to get it right on the flex.

5. Finishes:

After a club has been manufactured, it is given a finish so that it can have a polished look. Your choice here doesn’t have to be professional. It boils down to your tastes and preferences. Different finishes will come more or less the same feel and look. However, it is essential to bear in mind that they all over time wear out.

How to Boost the Speed of Your Swing?

golf sets for seniors

Since senior golfers tend to be weaker than younger ones, they find it hard generate the same level of swing power made by a young golfer. For this reason, they need to equip themselves with tips that will help them increased their swing speed.

Use a lighter shaft:

If the shaft of a club is located on its heavier side, seniors have to leverage on their strength to generate high swing speed. Nevertheless, this could be problematic for many of them. The best remedy is to use a light, aerodynamic shaft. Golfers with slower swing speeds find it easier using shafts that weigh nothing more than 60 grams. As I stated earlier, some clubs consider as low as 50 grams.

Distribute the weight of the club properly:

Older golfers complain that even after hitting the ball with all the strength they can amass, it only manages to travel two hundred yards. If you are such kind of a player and accuracy is not a major concern to you, might want to try using a longer shaft. Longer ones generate a greater width and faster swing speeds if used the right way.

Our Choice

All the five gold sets reviewed in this guide are ideal for seniors. However, after taking several factors into consideration, the Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set emerges as the winner, and this is for several reasons. Apart from boasting a stylish design, the set comes with several performance benefits which are alien to other sets.

For instance, the shafts in this set are crafted from stainless steel and graphite. These two material combine to form a strong but light alloy ideal for seniors. Even if you are not used to the set as a senior, you will get incredible swing speeds since they are very light. It is very easy connecting to the sweet spot.

As a senior, aiming to hit the right place can be difficult when using a standard club. However, if you were to use this club, you will undoubtedly note the difference. The design of the head is very unique, promoting more natural shot connection each time you swing club. With the Wilson Men’s XLS, it doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed since the club is available in both options.

Depending on your height and personal preferences, you have the leverage to choose from different lengths and flexes. And if you are one of those very tall guys, you will appreciate what this set has to offer. These Fair woods are designed to be light without compromising on their strength. This makes it very easy to swing them. The wood’s low center of gravity ensures that optimum force is applied to the ball on impact.

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