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What are the Best Golf Balls in 2018?

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It’s no secret that choosing the right golf ball will significantly improve the outcome of your game.

In fact, it’s a culmination of several different skills: you need to know your level as a player, the different types of balls available, the design features of the ball and your budget if you want to improve your game.

Bottom line?

If you want to become a better player, knowing how to choose the best golf ball for you is an essential part of your game.

And in this article, we are comparing the best golf balls available right now and everything you need to know to choose the right ones for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Golf Ball Overall and Editor’s Pick: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball is not exclusive in the golfing industry.

In fact, it could be the most commonly used ball across the globe.

The manufacturer, Titleist, has been in the business for decades. Decades of experience in golf ball manufacturing has enabled them to outshine other manufacturers on the market.

This particular set is made with advanced and pro golfers in mind and is hence built to shape shots as well as react with immense spin.

Although the spin is relatively lower than that of its cousin, Titleist Pro V1x, the various modifications on the 2018 version of the Titleist Pro V1 come with numerous advantages for the player.

The latest version comes with a spherical tetrahedron dimple pattern that comprises 352 dimples and a firmer texture. This guarantees you more pop off the face of the club and added click on the putter.

Further, this new edition has been constructed to give you lesser spin, which translates into increased distance gains.

The three-piece golf ball with urethane cover also comes with a Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core and a numeric casing layer for durability, reduced spins and increased distance with minimal output from the player.

It also boosts the spin rate on both chip shots and wedges. According to the manufacturer, the new Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball guarantees an increase in distance of between 5-10 yards and zip similar to the Pro V1x. This enables you to have control as well as a firm grip when hitting the balls.

Although manufactured primarily for advanced players, the improvements on the new Pro V1 Golf Ball make it available for amateur and beginner golfers.


  • Ideal golf ball to achieve optimum height and distance
  • Provides quality greenside control than other options in the category
  • Guarantees soft feel on shots and chips
  • Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control that enables it to land softly on the green
  • It’s a pro golfer’s ball that beginners can use comfortably
  • High-quality construction for durability


  • It is a high-end golf ball and hence a higher investment compared to her competitors
  • Requires immense practice to achieve maximum distance and height
  • Available in only one color, white

Best Golf Ball for Value: Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball

Are you a high handicap golfer looking for the ideal soft golf ball at a pocket-friendly price?

The Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Ball is definitely worth considering. The soft construction makes it the ideal ball for amateur players. Srixon designed the new edition with performance in mind.

The outer cover is made using Ionomer, which is softer than Soft Feel used in the previous editions. As a two-piece ball, the Srixon Soft Feel Ball is designed to cover more distance.

It hence features a 324-speed dimple pattern to guarantee better uniformity and increased surface coverage.

Moreover, the ball comes with an Energetic Gradient Growth Core to boost acceleration and manipulate distance. With a compression core of 71, lower than in other softballs, this golf ball maximizes on spin and hence achieving greater height and distance. Reduced spin rate and higher launching angle make the ball ideal on short grass while guaranteeing you a soft, comfortable feel.

In addition to all these improved features, the Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Balls further come with an affordable price tag, making it our best choice if cost is a priority.


  • A high-quality golf ball with soft construction for better performance
  • Available in white and yellow colors for better visibility in extreme conditions
  • Low priced golf balls despite their impressive characteristics
  • Low compression for improved performance and increased speed and distance
  • Constructed using light-weight Ionomer for increased speed and overall durability
  • 324-speed dimple pattern for better uniformity and surface coverage


  • The soft cover makes it less durable than other balls on the market
  • Some players don’t like the touch it gives you as compared to other Srixon models

Best Golf Ball for Amateurs: Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls

Titleist NXT Tour Prior Generation Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Titleist introduced the new Titleist NXT Tour with amateur golfers in mind.

Although many pro-golfers also love the ball, it is designed for those without experience in the game.

With that in mind, Titleist designed the golf ball in such a way that it guarantees reduction of mid-iron golf ball spin and drive, which boosts distance and accuracy.

The cover comprises a 302-dimple pattern for increased contact and uniformity with your clubs.

With a 302 octahedral dimple design, you are guaranteed of flawless aerodynamic performance and improved ball-fight penetration. The dimple pattern also enables the balls to move through windy environments with ease without losing shot accuracy.

The cover is made from Fusablend Cover Material that gives the ball its softness while mitigating the clicky feel experienced in other balls. This further boosts your ability to get the ideal feel when putting or chipping.

Moreover, the ball comes with a dual-core design for improved performance and a larger center, 66% larger compared to its predecessors. This design helps in minimizing ball spin on long shots and maintaining consistency.

These and other features make it the ideal golf ball for amateurs seeking the experience that pro-golfers get when playing with premium editions like Pro V1 or Pro V1x.


  • Amateur’s ideal ball with the feeling of a premium pro-golfer’s ball like the Pro V1
  • Bigger center size to minimize spins and maintain accuracy
  • A 302-dimple pattern for increased contact and uniformity
  • Comes with a 302 octahedral dimple design for accurate aerodynamic performance
  • Comprises Fusablend Cover Material both for light-weight and durability
  • Sums up as a good choice if distance coverage is what you are looking fo


  • Some golfers feel that its a bit harder when putting
  • Designed and manufactured for amateur and hence not the best choice for pro-golfers

Best Premium Golf Ball for Distance and Accuracy: Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

If speed, distance, and accuracy are what you are looking for in a golf ball, look no further than the Bridgestone Tour B RX.

These are ideal for mid-level handicap players focusing mainly on distance and accuracy.

They offer low-speed swingers comfort irrespective of experience and come with a Gradational Compression Core to boost the initial high speeds. They also comprise a low compression rate of about 66 resulting in greater distance achievement.

Bridgestone has constructed the balls using urethane cover with SlipRes technology for both durability and added spin control.

The cover is mostly found on high-end premium balls and is responsible for the ball’s soft feel as well as boost greenside spin. The company has incorporated their Dual Dimple technology to enhance the ball’s aerodynamics.

This technology also helps to boost speed and accuracy due to improved ball trajectory and limited drag when the ball is in motion.

The Seamless Cover Technology enables the ball to stay in flight for more extended periods hence covering longer distances while maintaining accuracy.

Because of this, the Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls remains as one of the most accurate balls on the market and is ideal for amateurs and professionals alike.


  • Guarantees accuracy irrespective of the type of shot taken
  • Comes with Gradational Compression Core to boost speed
  • Fitted with Bridgestone’s SlipRes Technology for spin control and durability
  • Seamless Cover Technology to increase distance and accuracy
  • It is ideal for both professional and amateur golfers


  • May not be suitable for high-speed swingers
  • Comes in a single color, white.

Best Premium Golf Ball for Value: Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway 2015 Chrome Soft Golf Balls, White

Just like other golf merchandise available in the market, the best golf balls come with a higher price value and features that make them conducive to use when playing.

Callaway has however changed this norm by creating the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball. The company has designed a golf ball, with all the features of a premium ball available to the public identical to the one used by professional golfers.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is crafted to guarantee accuracy and performance at a considerable price value. Better yet, the ball is ideal for players seeking a smooth transition from a two-piece to a three-piece golf ball.

It comes with a Soft Fast Core to provide that soft feeling that is neither as soft as other oft golf balls’ nor is it hard.

The ball is covered with a DuraSpin Cover, which helps to provide low compression and spin on wood, long iron, drives.

This enhances higher spin rates on short shots and chips. Moreover, it is constructed with a Hex Dimple Pattern to boost penetration and stability during flight.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is hence not only the ideal premium golf ball for value, but also improves and saves you strokes.


  • A premium golf ball with an affordable price value
  • Increased speed, distance, and improved accuracy
  • Comes with a Soft Fast Core for a mild-soft feeling
  • Designed with a DuraSpin Cover for low compression and high spin rates for short shots
  • Hex Dimple Pattern design for easy wind penetration and improved accuracy
  • Comes in bright white and yellow pigments for extreme conditions


  • Does not guarantee golf swing improvement

golf balls

How to Choose the Ideal Golf Ball

Choosing the best golf ball requires you to put into consideration four major factors. These include the level of the balls, your level as a player, the balls’ features and the value.

Here are detailed aspects that you should consider before purchasing your desired golf ball:

A. Your Level as a Player

This is probably the most crucial point to consider before or when purchasing the ideal golf ball.

Just like in other games, golf players are ranked by their expertise in the game. You can hence be a beginner, amateur, mid-level or professional golf-player. The various golf ball manufacturers design and produce balls that suit one’s playing capability. Consequently, there are golf balls that are best suited for beginners, amateurs, mid-level or professional golf players.

In the above review, for example, the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball was found to be the ideal ball for amateurs mainly because amateur golfers depict relatively lower clubhead speeds. On the other hand, the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls best suit professional golfers with a higher swing speed and shot accuracy.

Understanding your level as a player and the manner in which you play goes a long way in helping you choose the best golf ball for the best performance.

B. The Level/Type of Ball

Different golf balls are designed for various games and are distinguished from each other due to their levels.

There are three major types/levels of balls namely tour, premium and standard golf balls as described below.

Tour Level Golf Balls

These are the type of balls used by professional golf players mainly in major tournaments like the PGA tour. They are highly priced and come with the best features to guarantee high-level performance. They are also designed to produce the best spins control, achieve optimum speed and distance as well as guarantee accuracy. The Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls is an excellent example of a tour-level golf ball on our review.

Premium Level Golf Balls

These are the ideal balls for players in the mid-level expertise in the game. They also come with mid-range price value and features that enhance a player’s skill to move to the professional level. Most of these type of balls are designed to help the player improve on accuracy and shot making. They also come with enhanced performance capability as compared to standard level balls. The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is a good example of a premium golf ball on our review.

Standard Level Golf Balls

These are inexpensive golf balls with minimal features and are best suited for beginner and amateur golf players. Despite their limited features, they are ideal for high-handicap players improving their golf skills as well as beginners who have never played the game before. They are designed to guarantee straight ball flight, which many beginner players fail to meet.

C. Design Features of the Golf Ball

Many golf balls have a similar exterior outlook. Their interiors, however, vary depending on the type/level of the ball. Understanding the features of a golf ball will help you to choose the best ball you need. Here are the various elements to look out for in a golf ball.


A golf ball can have anywhere between one to five layers depending on the type and make of the ball. The layers come with different consistency and thickness, which determines the ideal category that each ball fits in.

High-end golf balls that are mainly used by professional golf players tend to have more layers than premium or standard ones. This is because most users seek spin control and accuracy as opposed to distance and speed, which most mid-level and amateur players look for in a ball.

The material used in each layer also determines performance when using the ball. Tour level golf balls like the Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls; for example, contains layers made of material like Seamless Cover that boosts the aerodynamics and accuracy of the ball, which most pro-golfers seek.


A golf ball’s compression levels are what determines the impact of the club as well as the deflection rate when the ball is hitl. High compression rate golf balls require stronger and higher club speeds to enhance ball compression and boost distance. Low compression rate balls; on the other hand, achieves longer distance despite low club speeds but may be more challenging when it comes to ball control and accuracy. Understanding the compression rate of a ball can go a long way in determining the ideal ball for a specific task.


A golf ball can either have a high, mid or low level of spin. Balls with high spin levels will contain more layers, giving low-handicap players more control on the green. Those with low levels of spin are hence ideal for beginners and amateurs since they will comprise lesser layers.


Although this is not a major concern, it is worth mentioning.

Typically, most golf balls are white-colored for easy identification. Over time, companies have begun producing yellow, orange and pink-colored to enhance the player’s visibility of the ball. Just go for a ball with the color that you are most comfortable with as a player.

D. Investment Value

Just like other commodities on the market, golf balls come with differing price values depending on their qualities and features.

High-end golf balls will have more features and are mostly used by pro-golfers seeking optimum experience and performance. These features determine the ball’s accuracy, speed, and distance hence the high value. Mid and regular priced golf balls, on the other hand, come with limited features and are designed for golfers who are still polishing their golfing skills. They will hence come with a lower price value.

Our Choice

There is a lot to golfing and golf balls than meets the eye. Numerous considerations have to be made before settling on a particular ball as seen in our review. Upon consideration of these factors, and an in-depth research on the available options on the market, we have come up with the most accurate review of the best golf balls to buy in 2018. Each of the balls made it to the list due to its distinct features as well as the ideal player to use it.

Overall, the winner of our review is the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball because it stands out from the rest in the list.

One of the most outstanding features is its capability to be used by all types of players despite being designed primarily for advanced players. The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball guarantees the best performance and comes with an array of improvements such as increased distance coverage, improved accuracy, aerodynamics enhancement and enhanced spin control.

In short, the ball comes with all the features that a golfer would want in any golf ball. Moreover, it guarantees you a soft, comfortable feel during your strike as well as enhanced durability irrespective of the conditions during your play.

If you are looking for the ideal golf ball in 2018, look no further than the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball.

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