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What are the Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed in 2018?

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Do you suffer from slow swing speeds?

If you do and are clueless on which ball suits you best, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, buying the right gear essential for your game is instrumental in order to improve performance as a golfer.

So we'll take a look at the your best options for golf balls for slow swingers and how to decide among them.

Let's dive in.

Editor's Choice: Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Dozen Golf Balls, Soft White

Produced by a renowned Japanese manufacturer in the golfing industry, the Srixon Soft feel is designed for beginners and slow swingers.

Since you are still starting to get a feel for the course, a simple golf ball like the Srixon Soft feel is simply better.

The latest release for the Softfeel series is softer because its compression is reduced to 60 compression rate, making the core much softer but we did not feel any change in the distance or the control of the ball.

With its design to produce a slightly higher launch angle, low compression, and reduced spin rate, the Srixon Softfeel will be a good companion on the golf course, especially at lower swing speeds!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Low compression – 60 compression rate
  • Soft feel but durable
  • Great distance
  • Reduced spin rate
  • New aerodynamic speed Dimples design
  • Available in several colors


  • Not recommended for players with a swing speed higher than 110 mph

Best Value: Slazenger Raw Distance

Slazenger 2017 Raw Distance Golf Balls (Long Yellow)

While its competitors focus on other aspects of a golf ball, the Slazenger’s goal is quite clear: to be the game’s premier distance ball manufacturer.

Although the buzz that this brand has is not as high as that of its competitors, the Slazenger RAW Distance Feel surprised us.

With its soft yet long performance and high launching shots, the Slazenger RAW Distance Feel excelled off the tee and around the green.

The ball’s two-piece construction and low compression make it ideal for slow swingers and high handicap players.

The Slazenger RAW Distance Feel will definitely appeal to value-conscious golfers as it outpaced our expectations considering its price and its lackluster popularity.


  • High launch angle
  • Great Distance
  • Low compression
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great Stopping power


  • Not as popular
  • Harder feel compared to other brands

Best Seller: Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball, Prior Generation, (One Dozen), White

With its high energy core and two-piece design, the Callaway Warbird is an easy choice for newer players in the course. It is also equipped with Callaway’s renowned HEX aerodynamics which reduces drag and promotes high launch for increased speed and greater distance.

In contrast to the other golf balls in this list, the Callaway Warbird has a higher compression rate and has a harder feel. While this may sound like a difficult ball for a slow swinger like you, the Callaway Warbird still covers high distance and has an excellent spin control.

With all the advancement in the technology of producing golf balls, the Callaway Warbird is the closest you can get to an old-school distance ball, and we definitely mean that as a compliment.

With its promise of high distance, The Callaway Warbird indeed lives up to its tagline “This Bird will fly”, (and it really does!)


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Great Distance
  • Excellent Spin Control


  • Prone to visible markings
  • Harder feel
  • Higher compression

Best Aesthetics: Volvik Crystal

Volvik 2016 Golf Balls (Dozen), Crystal Yellow

A South Korean company, Volvik, took the global golf market by storm. Stowing away from the traditional white, Volvik Crystal offers a tasty assortment of colors including orange, yellow, pink, and green, which will definitely make you stand out from the rest!

Despite its relatively new presence compared to its more established counterparts, the Volvik Crystal has already proven that it can deliver. With its patented two-piece core and softer compression, the Volvik Crystal is a safe bet for golfers whose swing is slow.

The Volvik Crystal also provides optimal spin rates which provides a better “stop and spin” control, especially for beginners. With its performance and its flashy aesthetics, the Volvik Crystal will definitely have a bright future on the market.


  • Bright colors
  • Optimal Spin rates
  • Great Distance
  • Soft feel


  • A bit expensive
  • Difficult to curve
  • No white color

Worthy Competitor: Pinnacle Gold

Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball Bright White 15 Balls

The Pinnacle brand is one of the pioneers in the golf industry. While its competitors are relatively young and more innovative, the Pinnacle did survive and has continued to become a golf ball of choice for a lot of the players.

The Pinnacle Gold is the company’s flagship ball and is popular among golfers for its bright yellow color. Although fairly old in the market, the Pinnacle Gold’s new gen is at par and competes with the technological advancements of its competitors. It offers a much softer feel compared to its predecessors and still provides a great distance even for slow swingers.

The newer model of the Pinnacle Gold offers a two-piece, high velocity, low compression alternative. And with that retail price, this golf ball will definitely be hard to beat.


  • Bright color
  • Minimal sidespin
  • Great Distance


  • Even if it has a softer feel compared to its predecessors, it is still hard compared to the other balls in this list.

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The ABCs of choosing the right ball for golfers with slow swing speed

Shopping for golf balls may have been the least of your concerns when you decided to take on golf as a sport. As a beginner, you might have dismissed the fact that choosing the most suitable golf ball is as important as choosing the club, the attire, or even the course you are going to play on.

Here is a helpful video to determine the type of golf ball you may be looking for:

In order to improve your swing speed, the right type of golf ball should match your level of expertise, the amount of money you have in your pocket, and the outcomes you want to have as a player.

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But don't worry!

We will help you choose the right ball!

It is as easy as ABC.

1. Anatomy

The appearance of a golf ball can be very deceiving. Someone who is just starting to play golf may not see any difference considering that all golf balls, whether premium or ranged, all look alike.

However, performance will be significantly affected by the ball’s anatomy and its construction. There are two types of golf balls in terms of how it was constructed, the two-piece and the multi-layer.

Two-piece golf balls have larger cores and thicker covers. Its construction maximizes distance while minimizing spin and movement, making it ideal for beginners and golfers with slow swing speeds.

On the other hand, the multi-layer golf balls consist of core and mantle layers and thinner covers. This allows advanced golfers with faster swing speeds to manage the ball better with its enhanced spin control.

2. Budget

Golf can be very pricey. If you are just beginning with the sport, it is important to invest in the proper gear that is appropriate for your skill level.

More often, we prefer the equipment that is a bit more expensive thinking that it is the best but for golf balls, this is not necessarily the case.

Premium golf balls are the most expensive ones and are not recommended for beginners because they require a higher level of skills in order to control and to get a better distance, you need to hit it harder.

Entry-level golf balls are generally cheaper and have a lot of distance characteristics which will help you get the ball far but at the same time, will give you a bit of spin and a better feel of the greens.

This is what I would recommended for you, until you feel you have mastered the basics to a point where you may benefit from the premium balls.

3. Compression

This is one of the most important considerations when choosing the appropriate golf ball.

Compression creates density in the golf ball which determines the force of the impact caused by the club and subsequently, the distance it will travel to.

This also gives the ball flexibility so that when hit, the ball can recoil and will not break apart.

Pro-golfers often tend to prefer high compression golf balls (above 90 compression rating) since it allows them to control the ball better.

For new golfers and those with slower swing speed, the golf balls with a compression rating of 60, 70 or 80 are more appropriate considering that it creates more distance and eventually shortens the course.

4. Distance

For beginners, it is important to choose a golf ball that even with a slow swing speed, will still travel a good distance. This will lessen the number of strokes, and increase their chances of winning the game.

Distance golf balls are designed to reduce the sidespin which will help to produce longer and straighter flights. The larger cores will help maximize carry and the thicker covers provide added protection.

5. Experience and Expertise

In golf, like in any other sports, experience matters especially in choosing the right gear.

Golfers who have mastered their strokes already have their preferred brands and type of equipment that they use whenever they play.

Beginners, especially those with slow swing speed, should be able to scrutinize really well which among the numerous choices best fit their level of expertise. It would not hurt to try out several brands and types of golf balls but once you have found what you are most comfortable with, consistency is the key. Using the same golf ball over and over will help you master and familiarize how it reacts to your every stroke.

6. Fitting

The concept of ball fitting is what this article is all about.

In golf, fitting is the determination on which ball matches a certain player’s skills. A slow swinger like you will most likely feel uncomfortable hitting a premium ball considering that it requires more force to attain the desired distance.

To choose the most suitable golf ball for you, correct assessment is very important. Ask yourself, which golf skill do I need to improve on? What level of expertise am I in? Am I a slow or fast swinger? If you properly answer these questions, choosing the right golf ball you will be comfortable with will become much easier.

Things you need to remember before choosing your ultimate golf ball

Before continuing to the written things, you may want to have a look at the following video covering importing points for choosing the right golf ball for you:

Now that you have an idea on which golf ball to buy as a slow swinger, here are final reminders in order to maximize your purchase and get your money’s worth.

1. Read Reviews

Before buying the golf balls you think you need, it is best if you read and ask for reviews of professional golfers who have been playing the game for several years.

While in theory, it is easy to choose which golf ball you want to buy, the experts’ first-hand experience will provide you with added knowledge especially when weighing in.

If you do not know any experts, you may also ask the stores selling golf equipment. For sure, they have ample knowledge about the products they are selling. They may also have their own assessment and fitting.

2. Go for the trusted brands

There are tons of golf ball brands available in the market today. While some of the newer brands offer cheaper and more convincing marketing, settle for those that have already proven its quality throughout the years. You may be able to buy a golf ball at a cheaper price, but if it wears out faster, it might not be worth your buck.

3. Don’t buy in bulk (yet)

Since you are still starting to get to know which golf balls fits you best, we advise that you do not buy golf balls in bulk just yet. It will only be a waste of money if you purchase dozens of balls you will not use because of you are not yet comfortable using them and is they may not be appropriate for your skill set.

4. Consider the weather

In playing golf, one of the most important factors to determine performance is the weather. Believe it or not, some golf balls
perform better under the heat of the sun while others are recommended during the cold season.

For example, when a golf ball flies through the colder air, it
loses distance since cold air is denser than warm air. This also results to a higher but shorter trajectory.

5. Test for the best

Don’t be afraid if you don’t get it right the first time. Just like they say about first love, sometimes it takes more than one try for you to find the right one. But regardless of how long it takes, the important thing is, in the end, you will only settle for nothing but the best.

6. Consistency is the key

Your golf gear is your partner. Like any other partners, the rule is that you should always be loyal. In this sense, if you
have found the golf ball that suits your needs the most, focus your efforts to get to know that ball and how it reacts to your every swing and at every circumstance in the course.

Our Choice

With all the golf ball choices available in the market, it is hard to choose which ball will suit you best.

But weighing the pros and cons, and in our experience, we feel that the clear winner here is the Srixon Softfeel!

Not only does it promises good distance and softer feel, it also delivers with its continuous innovation in technology.

The New aerodynamic speed Dimples design and the reduced low compression rates just prove that Srixon is serious in providing the best ball for the sport.

While we have declared our winner, always remember that choosing the right ball will still depend on what suits you best and what you feel comfortable playing with, so we recommend you don’t buy in bulk but test your way through some of the balls until you find the ball you feel most comfortable with.

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