What is the Best Golf Bag Organizer on the Market in 2017?

As a regular golfer, you will end up with a fair bit of equipment on your hands over the years. Golf clubs alone can take up a lot of space.

Sure, you only need 14 clubs to make up a regulation set, but as you improve your game over the years, you will end up owning more than just fourteen. Add to that your varied collection of balls, golf bags, gloves, and caps and you are bound to have at least some storage related challenges.

Keeping all your golfing equipment in one place is highly desirable and as you can't just keep everything stuffed inside golf bags, a golf bag organizer can help you avoid unwanted clutter.

Here we have a comprehensive buying guide for golf bag organizers, with a review of the best golf club bag organizer of 2017.

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What is a Golf Bag Organizer?

Think an all in one storage space to keep all your golfing equipment in a neat and tidy manner, and you get a general idea. As its name suggests, a golf bag organizer is a place where you can keep your collection of golf bags along with space for other stuff like golf balls, shoes, towels, club head covers and everything else.

Golf bag organizers come in several formats, materials, and purposes. The most common variant of the golf bag organizer is the one you keep inside your home or garage. Other than this home storage option, there is also more portable golf equipment storage solutions for your car as well as long distance travel.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing exclusively on the home storage solution.

Why Use a Golf Bag Organizer

Modern golf clubs are manufactured using various raw materials like titanium, carbon fiber and graphite. They tend to have innovative hollow clubhead designs and can be quite fragile.

The safest way to store these clubs is to keep them in a high-quality golf bag, replete with club head covers for all the clubs. But keeping golf bags leaning on the wall is not a safe storage method at all. There is always the risk that they will fall over and cause damage to clubs.

You can avoid this risk with a golf bag organizer. Having one at your home will help you keep all your clubs and bags in one easy to reach space. You also get additional storage space for your other golf related equipment.

This will save you precious time when you are getting ready for a day on the local golf course. And since most organizers come in the sub-$100 price bracket, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a reliable storage option for your prized golf clubs either.

Golf Storage Organizer: Choice of Materials

Golf clubs can be quite heavy and require a stable platform for safe storage. Among golf bag organizers wood and metal are common choices. Of the two, metal is considered more desirable than wood, due to its sturdiness and durability.

The best-selling golf bag organizers in the market tend to be all metal affairs. They are also easier to transport over long distances, especially when you buy from online sources.

Basic Design of a Golf Bag Storage Organizers

These organizers are usually in the form of metal or wood racks with large spaces for storing entire golf bags filled with clubs.

Along with these larger areas, you also get an assortment of smaller shelves, racks, cabinets or baskets to keep the smaller items like golf balls, shoes, and gloves. A golf bag storage rack is designed with a balance between compactness and storage space in mind.

You can buy a golf bag organizer for the garage as well as any other indoor space in your home.

Two-Bag Variants Vs. Single Golf Bag Organizer

It goes without saying that a single golf bag organizer is the more compact option. But most golfers end up with more clubs than they can store in a single golf bag. It is quite reasonable for the average golfer to have at least two golf bags filled with clubs.

If you are a beginner, a one bag organizer will be enough. But unless you plan to golf only occasionally, a single bag option will not last very long. It is much better to go for a two bag variant to future proof your golf storage option. And even a cursory look at the top models on sale online will show that the two bag configuration is by far the most popular one.

Always check the product dimensions before buying to avoid ending up with a product that fails to accommodate your larger cart or tour bags.

Organizers and Compatible Golf Bags

There are at least five different types of golf bags used by golfers:

  • Carry bags: Carry bags are the lightest and most compact versions. These come with shoulder straps and are easy to carry around the course. They are ideal if you are a recreational or casual golfer. Due to their compact size, These bags will easily fit into any organizer out there.
  • Stand bags: Stand bags are heavier than carry-bags and have a pair of legs which enable them to be kept upright on the course. These can be used either carried around or used in tandem with a golf cart. They will also fit quite well into a golf bag organizer.
  • Cart bags: Cart bags are much heavier and less portable when compared to the other two bags. Since they have more storage space, they are also bulkier. You might have some trouble fitting two of these even onto a two bag golf organizer.
  • Tour bags: With maximum storage, tour bags are quite bulky and preferred by tour professionals. Since most golf bag storage organizers in the market are aimed at the recreational and amateur golfers, you may have trouble fitting those bags on an average sized golf bag club organizer.
  • Travel bags: Travel bags are huge contraptions that can easily store an entire golf bag inside them for transportation purposes. Golfers who want to travel with their equipment will use these bags. Since we are talking about home storage of golf bags, the issue of travel bags doesn't arise.

Golf Bag Storage Organizer: Assembling Vs. DIY

When you buy a golf bag storage rack online, what you are getting is a knocked down or disassembled product. This is, of course, the easiest way to deliver these organizers. You will have to spend an hour or so assembling the organizer at your home or garage. But the whole process should be easy since the best golf club organizers will come with detailed instructions on their assembly.

If you are really into the DIY ethos, you can even skip buying the prefabricated kits and do the whole manufacturing yourself at your workshed. For this, golf bag organizer wood variants are much easier than metal versions, since wood is much easier to craft.

But keep in mind that you will obviously need some metal or woodworking skills to create a reliable rack to keep your expensive golfing equipment. But if you are short of the time and inclination, buying a golf bag storage from a reputed manufacturer is the best option.

Here is a very helpful YouTube video for those who are interested in building their own home-brew version of a golf club bag organizer:



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