The Best Chipping Drills in Golf

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Distance control matters.

It’s no secret that mastering the short game is one of the most important skills you can learn. It’s also one of the hardest. Chipping isn’t just one skill; it takes a combination of

  • your stability and grip,
  • your swing technique,
  • your mental focus,
  • your chipping experience,

and strategy to build up a strong arsenal of chip shots.

Bottom line?

If you want a strong short game consistently, you need to be running chipping drills.

And in this article, we’re going to give you the ten best drills and other tips you can use to improve your chipping.

Let’s get right into it.

They say practice makes perfect. This is only partially true. Practice make permanent, so it is important to choose your drills wisely.

We selected some of the most effective chipping exercises below, so whether you are a professional golfer looking to improve your skills or a beginner looking to quickly get up to speed in chipping, then the drills below will help you.

Chipping Exercises for Beginners

1. One Legged Chip

The one-legged chip is a technique that trains the new golfer to learn how to balance the body weight while playing. During this shot, you will learn not to move your body around while making shots. You also learn to keep your weight forward using your leg.

The chip ensures that you can make consistent and crisp contact with the ball while making a shot. The one-legged chip technique also teaches you to stand on one leg and remain still while making shots.


  1. Take a narrow stance
  2. Ensure that most of your body weight is on the leg
  3. Lift your hindfoot off the ground and let your toe rest on the ground
  4. Do the chip shot.
  5. It is essential to practice this shot frequently to understand and master the technique fully

2. The 3, 2, one chip In Drill

The 3,2 one chip is chipping drill that is also beneficial for beginners. It requires the golfer to use three balls to learn the drill. The drill can take 10 minutes to an hour to learn.

To lean the exercise effectively, you will require three to four balls. Make sure you move around in different holes while you are practicing this drill.


  1. Get three golf balls
  2. Put the golf balls 4 to 10 yards away from the practice green
  3. Select the holes where you need to chip the balls
  4. Chip the balls one at time
  5. Once you chip the first ball, remove it so that you are down to two, then chip the second one and finish with the last one.

For more information see the video below:

3. Par 18 Putting Game

Par 18 chip drill

Putting Game is another chip drill technique that is suitable for beginners.

The best part of this drill is that it will challenge you to master your putting skills and learn to handle immense pressure that comes with golf.

You will need nine golf balls to practice this drill effectively. The best part of this drill is that you can effectively practice it on your own with maximum attention.


  1. Get four golf balls
  2. Divide the golf balls into threes and pick three easy puts, three medium and difficult puts, and three hard puts
  3. Place the three balls in each of the selected locations
  4. To start off, take two puts in each location to gauge how well you can do the chip and attain a score of 18
    alternatively, lower
  5. Try to beat your target score each time to build up the pressure. Ensure that you do not get too
    pressured as this may be discouraging and might put you down.

Nine is the best score you can get if you out one ball in the designated location and 18 if you put two balls in the selected areas. As with other chips, continue to practice and count down from 18 until you become perfect in this drill.

For more information visit the video below:

4. The Up and down Ladder Chip Drill

An up and down chip drill refers to when you successfully chip the ball onto the green and subsequently sink the next ball putt on the first try. This drill does not rely on two putts.


  1. Select three holes to use for the up and down attempts.
  2. Choose the first hole that is just 20 feet away, the second hole should be 40 feet away, and the last of the third hole should be 60 to 80 feet away.
  3. Start off by chipping the golf balls in the short distance hole, followed by the medium distance, and then the far distance hole
  4. Change all the three up and down putts in a row.
  5. Reverse the procedure by chipping to the furthest hole, then the mid-distance hole, and finally to the closest
    hole and make all three up and downs in a row.
  6. Keep practicing and ensure that you start over every time you miss to make all putts in the correct order.

Check the video below for more information:

Drill Techniques for Professionals

Drill techniques

A person needs to learn a new technique to make golf skills better, no matter how experienced he/she is.

As a professional, you will learn new technologies to improve the quality of the game you play, as well as gives you a winning advantage.

If you are a professional, looking for new chipping drill techniques to take your game to the
next level, you need to look at the methods given below.

1. The 5 Ball Circle Putting Drill

The 5 Ball circle putting drill refers to a standard placing drill that enables you to build up your drill
skills from all angles. The technique helps you to improve your skills around the holes and equips you with the ability to build your mental toughness to play well under high pressure.

This technique does not only allow you to get a better golfer, but it also enables you to learn better methods of handling pressure at the golf course. Aside from building your mental toughness, you also become physically prepared to face any challenges that come with professional golfing.

the 5 ball circle putting drills


  1. Start the drill off at 3 feet away from the hole and work upwards to 4, 5, 6, and so on as you pass each
  2. Choose 5 locations around the hole in a circle and place tees in the ground to mark the spot.
  3. Place one ball at each of the five locations.
  4. Be sure to move around the circles trying to make all five balls in a row to complete that level.
  5. Then move back to the next distance and repeat.
  6. For perfection, repeat these moves several times each time you fail to make the putt.

2. The 15 Points Chip Drill Game

The 15 points chip drill game is an intense chip drill that is best suited for professional golfers. The 15 points chip is a short game drill in which you will require five golf balls to practice effectively. Once you have the five balls, choose a location around the practice green from which you will chip.

This technique helps you not only to improve at golfing but also allows you to master different techniques of chipping and scoring. It is useful for every professional who wants to learn various scoring techniques while playing golf.

15 Points Chip Drill Game


  1. Pick three holes that you deem can be considered as easy, medium, and challenging to chip too.
  2. Chip all the selected five balls to the easy hole first and record your score within 5 feet of the cup. Each successful chip inside 5 feet scores a point.
  3. Repeat this step for the medium and also hard locations while tracking your score.
  4. Now sum up your 15 chips and see how you scored out of 15
  5. If your score is 10, you are doing better. Any score below 10 indicates poor performance given your golfing history and this means you should repeat the procedures until you can score above 10.

3. A Hula Hoop Chip Drill

A Hula Hoop Chip is another drill fit for golf professionals looking to improve their golfing techniques. The important thing about this drill is, it helps you to master the techniques of chipping and scoring from the hula hoop. It equips you with the required accuracy to become a top scorer at golf.

You can learn this technique at the front yard of your house, practice range, or at a local park. Another important part of the hula hoop is that it also helps you to learn how to control the distance through which you chip the ball. If you can score from different distances from the hula hoop, then the chances are that you will get up and about more often.

Similarly, this chip drill is essential for professionals because it challenges you to learn how to utilize different types of chip shots while playing golf. The training further offers you a better method of tracking your progress. With this drill, you also learn to exert some extra pressure on the game while you try to clear most of the steps for the first time.


  1. First obtain a hula hoop alternatively, make a circle of the same size as the hoop using a string
  2. Put about five golf balls in a 5-yard range far from the hoop. Then place eight golf balls from 5 to 40 yards.
  3. Start your practice off by shooting the ball closer to the string or hoop, chip it, and ensure that it lands within the circle.
  4. Proceed to the next ball after every successful chip further from the hoop
  5. If you miss any shot, then you need to restart from the beginning to gain useful shooting skills.
  6. Examine how far you can successfully chip from the hoop before having to restart the drill

Check the video below for more information:

4. Y or Triangle Chip Drill

This Chip drill technique is important for professionals who want to learn how to score from close and for rages. While practicing this technique, put around 60 to 70 percent of your body weight on your front leg. Make sure that you maintain this position throughout your swings as you let the upper body to perform the swing work. The area will enable you to to create a downward hit on the ball and allow the golf club to do the job of lifting the ball into the air.


  1. Pick a few golf balls
  2. Place them outside the hula hoop
  3. Assume the Y position as shown in the picture above and practice the shots
  4. Keep count of the number of successful shots
  5. Repeat any failed shots until you are capable of making ten successful shots consecutively.
  6. Repeat the chip drill frequently, and you will improve in less than a week.

For more information visit the below-given video:

5. The Chip a Coin Chipping Drill

Many golfers find this drill an excellent chipping technique that you practice from your home.

You can practice this drill at home using a coin. Challenging yourself by chipping various coins does not only equip you with effective skills of making an adequate encounter with your chipping shots, but it will also make chipping at the ball much more comfortable.

Many golfers find this drill effective because it makes you assume a downward position while chipping, and play accurately with your wedges.


  1. Set about ten coins in your living room carpet
  2. Try to get clear contact with the coins as shooting them in the air.
  3. Shoot the coins one after the other as you aim for a specific position in the house probably a corner of the
  4. Calculate your score out of the ten coins and ensure that you score at least 7 out of the ten coins for better performance
  5. Practice this drill more often at home to ensure that you achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Visit the video below for more information on this drill:

6. The 10 By 10 Chip Drill

The ten by ten chip drill is one technique that does not only boost your confidence in golfing but also ensure that your score 2 out of 3 shots you make in golf.

Thus, it increases your chances of accuracy as well as winning if you are a professional golf player. It is important to realize that you make 120 hits within the time you have spent playing the golf.

You need the ten by ten skills and technique to score two-thirds of these shots.


  1. Obtain yard makers and mark off 10-yard distances from 10 to 100 yards.
  2. Practice placing your shots from the exact distance on the yard
  3. Learn the particular swings that you require to make every hit between 10 to 100 yards. For example, 25% swing generates a 15-yard chip, and 50% swing produces a 30-yard chip.
  4. Practice this chip more often for three to four days, and you will significantly improve your shooting abilities on the golf course.

Below is the video for more information on this drill:

Therefore, if you are a professional or a beginner at golf and looking for the most effective chip drill techniques to improve then the tips mentioned above are the way to go.

To start playing the golf, you have always dreamed of; you have to go with these chipping tips and drills.

You do not need to excuse for sacrificing the stroke on the green because of your poor chipping. The only thing you need to do is spend some time daily on the drills mentioned above, and you will see a drastic change in your golf game.