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What are the Best Cheap Golf Club Sets in 2018?


If you are interested in starting to play golf and want to make sure your wallet is still ok after the initial purchases, this is just the article for you.

Let's face it:

Finding high quality, durable equipment without breaking the bank can be tough.


The standard golf club set consists of 14 clubs. You need a lot of equipment to play effectively. Thus Golf is generally more expensive than most other sports, but it doesn't have to be.

In this article we will cover the best cheap golf club sets so you can begin your golf journey without sacrificing your bank account or quality.

Let's take a look.

Editors’ Choice: Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece)

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece, Right Hand)

Specially designed to maximize the golf club performance, it comes with 12 pieces of clubs and a stand bag (for easy transport).

It is ideal for beginners as it has 5 hybrids. The stainless-steel cavity back irons provide more focused and controlled shots.

Shaft Material: Made of stainless steel. However, the two drivers are made of Graphite, these offer more forgiveness.

Grip: Made of rubber and synthetic material.

Items delivered: 12 pieces club set. Includes 2 drivers along with 2 headcovers, 1 hybrid, 5 iron or pitching wedge, one putter, and one stand bag.

Design or Technology: The iron and wedges are designed using perimeter weighting and progressive sole width technology that provides focus flexibility and control impact.

It provides a T-Style alignment that contributes to incredible precision to putter shots.

The drivers have a forgiving sweet spot and a shaft made of graphite, which makes it very light and contributes to the exceptional traveling distance of the golf ball.

The stand bag provided has five pockets, rain hood, and a backpack strap system. It is designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to carry while traveling.

Comparing the number of Pros and Cons anyone can conclude this is an exceptional purchase. Additionally, the price is very agreeable as well.



  • Graphite is used in the drivers, making them light and easy to play with.
  • T –alignment putter provides incredible precision.
  • Offers more forgiveness in the event of poor shots.
  • On impact, the golf ball travels with speed and precision.
  • It comes with a stand bag. Makes it easy to travel. No additional purchases required.
  • Comes with twelve items in one purchase.


  • Grip does not go well with water. Not recommended grip in drizzly condition.

Beginner’s Favorite: Cobra Men's Baffler XL Golf Iron Combo Set

Cobra Baffler XL Iron Combo Set (Men's, Left Hand, Stiff, 4-6H, Graphite, 7-PW, GW, Steel)

Cobra is one of the top golf club manufacturers. They are known to use the latest technology to develop their products. Cobra Men’s Baffler XL Golf Iron Combo Set is designed to provide consistent higher ball flight and easy distance for beginners.

Shaft Material: Made of graphite offers more forgiveness in the event of poor shots.

Grip: Made of Rubber and Synthetic material.

Items delivered: The club set includes 4-6 hybrids and 7-9 Iron club, along with a pitching wedge and a gap wedge.

Design or Technology: It is designed with oversized rails to deliver improved turf interaction. It’s large, and low center of gravity allows a high flight path for easy and faster distance from any line.

The golf club is specially designed for beginners and will improve your basic skills.


  • Designed to make good shots without any hassle. Even if the impact is off center, the ball will still travel with good precision, and land where you want it.
  • Lightweight club as the shaft is made up of graphite.
  • Designed to help in the improvement of the game.
  • It has an attractive modern look.


  • The clubs are specially designed for beginners, and it will become more difficult to use as your golfing skills improve.
  • Grip does not go well with water. Not recommended grip in drizzly condition.
  • Length is shorter, which can lead to a shorter distance shot.

Precision Leader: Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Club Iron Set

Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Club Iron Sets, Steel, Regular, Right Hand

Designed with a larger sweet spot, it is one of the best choices for beginners. It is produced with technological resources dedicated exclusively to improve the game of the beginners.

Shaft Material: Made of steel. Offers more forgiveness clubs in the event of poor shots.

Standard Loft: 22/25/28/32/36/40/45/50 degrees.

Grip: Made of rubber and synthetic material.

Items delivered: Eight club set: 6 Pitching Wedge (from 4 to 9) and 2 gap wedge.

Design or Technology: Designed for beginners for increased precision and launch control. Harmonic impact technology that tunes the club head to have a pleasing impact sound. Creates a spring-like effect upon impact with the golf ball.


  • Greater sweet spot compared to other clubs. The ball travels to the location intended, regardless of bad shots.
  • Better launching and control of the golf balls.
  • The steel shaft is very strong, resulting in high impact and momentum on the golf ball.


  • The shaft is made of strong steel, which makes the club heavier. Beginners may struggle with it initially.
  • Grip does not go well with water. Not recommended in drizzling condition.

Best Cheap Iron Set: Ping G400 Black Iron Set

Ping Golf Men's G400 Iron Set, Black Dot, RH 4-PW & UW, AWT 2.0 Steel Shaft, Regular Flex

Dot Irons: Ping is known to design and develop great golf clubs. It is designed with a combination of Cor -Eye technology and has a top rail undercut cavity to create blistering ball speed and travel remarkable distances.

It has a great finish of hydro pearl chrome that minimizes the friction in the rough and wet condition for consistency. Offers more forgiveness in the event of poor contact and a bad swing.

Shaft Material: Made of steel. Offers more forgiveness clubs in the event of poor shots.

Standard Loft: 30 degrees.

Grip: Made of rubber and synthetic material.

Items delivered: Eight club set: with 4 Pitching Wedge and 4 Ultra Wedge.

Design or Technology: It is designed with Cor – Eye Technology.

Looks very attractive and modern looking. It is recommended for beginners with less training.


  • The deep center gravity makes it light weighted and easy to play shots.
  • Offers more forgiveness in the event of poor shots.
  • Has an attractive modern look.


  • Club head appears to be very small, which intimidates some players.
  • Non-adjustable center of gravity.
  • Grip does not go well with water. Not recommended grip in drizzling conditions.

Most Forgiving Cheap Iron Set: TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

TaylorMade M4 Irons Set (Set of 8 total clubs: 5-PW, AW, SW, Steel Shaft, Right Hand, Regular Flex)

TaylorMade is a great golf club brand, they are consistently working on improving their products, and as a result, they created the new TaylorMade M3 iron set. It is a mixture of the latest performance technology.

Its design favors players who are after forgiveness, which makes it ideal for beginners.

Shaft Material: Made of steel which offers more forgiveness in the event of poor shots.

Grip: Made of rubber and synthetic material.

Items delivered: 6 club set: 4 Pitching Wedge and 2 Sand Wedge.

Design or Technology: Uses RIBCOR Technology, which makes the clubface hard and increases flexibility where you make contact. Creates high impact and transfer of the energy causes the ball to travel with speed to produce distance and consistency.

It also optimizes the center of gravity position and increases the moment of inertia for greater stability, thanks to the use of high-density tungsten weighting in the sole.

Looks very attractive and with a modern look. Well designed with RIBCOR technology and is suitable for beginners.


  • Deep center of gravity makes it lightweight and easy to play shots.
  • Offers more forgiveness in the event of poor shots.
  • On impact, the golf ball travels with speed and precision.
  • It has an attractive modern look.


  • The usage of strong steel makes the clubs heavy.
  • A non-adjustable center of gravity.
  • Grip does not go well with water. Not recommended for drizzling conditions.


Buying Cheap Golf Sets – What to consider?

Most complete golf sets consist of 14 to 18 Pieces. 

Do I need a complete golf club set when starting out?

Regardless of the whether you are looking for a set for women or men, you do not need a 14 club set, you can play with a 9 club set.
If you are a beginner and want to start with minimalism in mind, you could just start out with a driver, a simple putter and a pitching wedge in the beginning, so you get more comfortable with each club type until you decide to step it up and get an even better set of clubs.

Most of the clubs are engineered to perform a specific type of shot, like the woods or drivers. However, some may provide a more versatile use, such as the Hybrid that contains characteristics of both iron and wood.

Depending on the type of shot you want to execute, you should analyze the characteristics of the club, such as the size and shape of their head and the angle of the club face. They will determine the height of the shot. When you intend for the golf ball to perform a low loft angle, you should use long and medium clubs. Shorter clubs are used to make higher loft angle shots.

It is highly advised to buy branded golf clubs because they are engineered and designed with state-of-the-art technology. There are clubs designed especially for beginners to improve your game from the get-go and will allow you to learn faster and with higher quality. These clubs usually offer more forgiveness, which means they lessen the effect of a bad swing or poor contact with the ball.

What categories of golf clubs exist and how do they differ?

As you may have read in the descriptions of the club sets, there are several types of clubs. Following, we describe to you the 5 categories of golf clubs, and their useage.

The Woods (including Driver)

The woods are used when you want to have the longest shot by swinging fast. These are the clubs with the largest head (usually made of lightweight titanium, but still referred as wood) and are used exclusively for tee shots. It is called wood because traditionally it was made of hardwood.

Only recently, the club head for the woods has started to be produced with titanium, or composite material, such as carbon fiber.

Generally, this type of clubs is categorized into two types: driver and fairway wood. These are numbered in ascending order, starting with the driver and ending with a fairway wood. The driver has the lowest standard loft, which varies between 9 degrees to 13 degrees.

The wood (or driver) can generate maximum height and straight travel with maximum distance on impact with the golf ball. The Fairway wood comes with a larger sweet spot and is usually used to replace the long iron.

Here is an instructional video of how to hit a golf ball with a driver for beginners

The Iron

They have a smaller club head as compared to the wood. The iron set can contain 7 to 11 iron clubs in a standard set of 14 clubs. It can be used to execute fairway shots or giving more controlled tee shots on short holes. Iron clubs are numbered from 1 to 10.

Iron clubs numbered from 3 to 9 have a standard loft of relative angles on the clubface. Within the iron family, you can find different classifications, such as the driving iron, the long irons, the mid-irons, the short irons, and the
wedges. The driving iron is obsolete as its normal range can be replaced by the fairway wood.

Long irons are known to have the lowest loft and longest shafts, reaching distances of 200 to 300 yards.

Mid irons are usually numbered from 5 to 7. These are used for a longer approach shot from the fairway and rough.

Short irons are numbered as 8 and 9. They are generally used for shots that require high lofts. They can also be used to cover a moderate distance.

Finally, the wedges are considered as a subclass of the iron. However, they provide a higher loft.

The Hybrid

The hybrids are designed to have both the characteristics of the wood and the iron. These are the newest category and came into existence only in the 21st century.

They can replace clubs in the iron category, especially the long iron clubs. They are called hybrids because it is a mixture of the wood and the iron.

The hybrid has a head that is similar to a fairway wood, a lie angle like the iron but has a flatter sole than that of the fairway wood. It’s behavior also resembles that of the fairway wood.

When considering the loft performance, however, the distance carried is slightly smaller. It has the swing mechanism of the long iron, and the distance traveled by the golf ball is similar to that of the comparable iron number.

However, the ball travels higher due to the increased angle of launch. It also provides the ball with an increased backspin, due to the augmented loft along with tighter impulse.

Upon observing its behavior, it is possible to conclude that, in most of the circumstances, the hybrid can be used as direct replacement for a fairway wood, since it can help you out of tricky situations, such as tight lies.

The Wedge

It is considered as a subset of the iron family, and it is designed to play soft lies and short shots.

There are different types of wedges, based on their specific use, such as pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and ultra lob wedge.

Generally, the wedge is known to have the highest loft, the shortest shafts, and the heaviest clubheads.

The different characteristics between wedges help the player to perform precise short distant “lob” shots, to get the ball out of a tricky spot onto the green. These are engineered with improved soles, which will aid you in getting the golf ball that is fixed or even got buried under sand, mud or thick grass.

It is specially designed to help you move the club head through soft lies. The wedge is the replacement of the 9 iron (that has a flat design, with an angled face and no sole).

The 9 iron is difficult to use on soft grounds such as sand, mud, and grass.

Since the Mid-80’s the number of wedges available has grown from 2 to 5.

Pitching Wedge
It is typically used to hit short range shots. It is lowest lofted among the wedges, has an abbreviated “chip shot” swing and is known to produce high accuracy shots in the 30 to 70 yard range. The club can also be used to produce “bump and run” shots from rough and tricky spot onto the green.

Gap Wedge
It is considered as the next higher lofted wedge after the pitching wedge. It is used to cover lesser distance than that of the pitching edge. However, it can be used to play almost all of the shots where the pitching wood is used.

The bounce angle is different from the other wedges, this club produces higher bounce and is known to perform better in tall grass and soft lies.

Sand Wedge
They are specially designed to help you play the ball from sand bunkers. The sand wedge uses the idea of high mass, high loft, and bounce angle. The high mass plays a pivotal role to drive the clubhead along the firmer sand created in many golf courses.

The sand wedge clubhead has much higher mass, going up to a weight of 2 kilograms, the length of the shaft can vary. However, most of the sand wedge comes with a longer shaft than the other wedges.

Lob Wedge
It is known to have the highest loft (60 degrees). The extreme launch angle helps to generate specific shots that can make the golf ball travel a short distance of 10 to 50 yards. The extreme launch angles also help in the outcome of high backspin, which results in a small roll of the ball after the impact.

If you are a skilled golf player, you can use the long “hang time” of lob wedge shot to take advantage of the favorable wind.

Ultra – Lob Wedge
This is specially designed with an extremely high loft that can be as high as
70 degrees. It also comes with different marketing names such as a “flop wedge” or “final wedge.”

The Putter
The Putter is mainly used for the last stroke in knocking the golf ball into the golf hole. The shots played using the putter club are intended for short and low-speed strokes.

The clubhead is very flat with a low–loft striking club face. The most precise aspect of the golf game is knocking the ball into the golf hole.

Therefore, the putter is designed to provide the golfer with all the necessary technical advantage such as smooth stroke, good glide, sweet impact, and less loft. Its clubhead appears to be very flat, has a low profile and a low loft striking face, the shaft has longer length and grips.

Usually, you go for the putter club when you are in close distance of the cup, and no other golfer will play without a putter club. They are typically designed to reduce the “degree of freedom” allowed to the player, while he or she tries to put the golf ball into the cup.

Here is a video that explains what a wedge is and how use them

Our Choice

It is always recommended to go for branded golf clubs. Branded golf clubs are engineered and produced at the highest quality. Some of the best brands of golf clubs are Ping, Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway Golf, Cobra, Cleveland Golf, Nike Golf Bridgestone, among others.

As far as we are concerned, the Editor’s Choice: Callaway Men’s Strats Complete Golf Set is the best purchase choice for beginners. They are a branded set of golf clubs, affordable, and it comes with a traveling bag, which will save you the hustle of looking for one and buying it separately.

As a beginner, you do not want to spend too much money on your first golf clubs. However, quality needs to be considered while making the purchase.

Therefore, if you are planning on buying used golf clubs, make sure that there aren’t too many scratches on the clubface, as a worn-out appearance is evidence that it has been under extensive use, which will decrease their performance.

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