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What are the Best Lob Wedges in 2021? The 5 Best 60 Degree Wedge Options

I think we can agree on this:

Recovering gracefully after a shot into the woods or a deep ditch is no easy feat.

As energy conserving creatures we ask ourselves - is there a way to make this easier?

Luckily, there is. Lob Wedges are specific wedges designed to give you the best chance in this situation.

This review covers the best lob wedges at 60 degree loft angles on the market and what to look out for when getting one.

Let's jump (or lob) right into it.

man playing with best 60 degree wedge out of bunker
Our pick for most golfers
Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged Wedge Nickel Chrome with Copper Strike, Right Hand, Steel, 35' Length, Wedge Flex, 60 degrees

Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge

Why is it the Best 60-Degree Golf Wedge Overall?
  • Excellent control and stability
  • Highly praised by different skill-level golfers
  • Uses a progressive centering of gravity

Featured Recommendations

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged Wedge Nickel Chrome with Copper Strike, Right Hand, Steel, 35' Length, Wedge Flex, 60 degrees
Best 60-Degree Golf Wedge Overall
Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge
  • Excellent control and stability
  • Highly praised by different skill-level golfers
  • Uses a progressive centering of gravity
Our rating:
Titleist Vokey SM6 Jet Black Wedge Right 60 12 K Grind True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Wedge
Best Value 60-Degree Golf Lob Wedge
Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge
  • Offer optimal performance
  • Improved shot versatility
  • Built on accuracy using the progressive center of gravity
Our rating:
Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX Wedge 52 Degree Steel, Right Hand
Best 60-Degree Lob Wedge for Stability and Control
Cleveland CBX Wedge
  • Consists of an innovative wedge design
  • Offers a great amount of stability
  • Very versatile with a good quality spin
  • Impressive on harsh surfaces
Our rating:
Mizuno 2018 S18 Wedge White Satin 60 Degree (Bounce 6, Right Hand, Steel)
Best Premium 60-Degree Golf Lob Wedges
Mizuno S18 Wedge
  • Offers stable performance complemented by carbon steel wedge
  • Rough face that gives it an extra spin closer to the green
  • Advanced sole grind
  • Golfers hardly struggle while exacting degrees of the bounce of the ball
Our rating:
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The Best 60 Degree Wedges 2021

Best 60-Degree Golf Wedge Overall
Although it is the least used club in your bag, a lob wedge significantly influences your performance in the game. With many available options to choose from, getting the ideal lob wedge can be a difficult task. The best 60-Degree Lob Wedge comes with features that help you take high-flying shots, graceful ball landing, and arch the ball high to avoid branches and other distractors. This award rewards the product with the best features, all factors considered.

This forged design of wedges from Callaway joins signature styling with primary tour performance to offer excellent control reinforced by the club's expert shaping and progressive centering of weight and gravity.

With the use of this style of club, you will experience strong control with lower-centered trajectory during lofts with the greatest height.

This brand model offers the novel 16-groove design, with an extra groove next to the leading edge. This will help you achieve the added spin on pitches and chips.

Especially when playing the shorter game, the crescent sole of this wedge allows more choices for precise shots. Made of 1025 C steel, this club offers the right feel for consistent performance, even on the roughest spots of the course. This leading lob wedge is made with a striking finish of nickel along with brushed slate.

  • highly praise praised
  • progressive centering of gravity
  • excellent control
  • Some golfers report having difficulty adjusting to the feel of this innovative wedge design, but most find it is well worth getting accustomed to for its benefits to the game

The Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge combines all the important features of the ideal golf lob wedge. You get a golf wedge made of 1025 C steel that offers the right feel for consistent performance, even on the roughest spots of the course. It offers optimal control thanks to the design and progressive low centered trajectory, weight and gravity. With 16 novel-grooves you benefit get more spins on pitches and chips. This is the lob wedge for you if you are looking for a versatile, easy-to-use and extremely forgiving club.

Best Value 60-Degree Golf Lob Wedge
Some golf lob wedges come with a high investment value. If you are on a budget, looking for the best wedge that guarantees you value for money, this product is worth your consideration. This award highlights the wedge that combines both performance and cost.

Among the multiple series productions of golf clubs made by Titleist, Vokey is one of the most popular.

The SM6 series of wedges made by this brand come in a variety of lofts and many with four grind options for different bounce angles.

The 60-degree wedges come with different grinds marked as L for a low bounce, M and S for a medium bounce, and K for king bounce. If your swing can handle the situation, then the higher the bounce, the better it will be for you as a golfer.

The Vokey SM6 series wedges provide exceptional feel along with accurate trajectory control and precise distance due to the progressive CG or Center of Gravity location.

These ranges of wedges also come with the improved shot versatility to help fit your swing type. These golf clubs also come with TX4 grooves along with new parallel face texture to provide additional spin to the golf ball.

This model performs well in sand and on rough areas of the course.

  • grooves that will help you control your golf shots more easily while offering optimal performance
  • not an exceptionally forgiving design and is not helpful to high handicappers

The Vokey SM6 Golf Lob Wedge by Titleist has a lot to offer but value for money is its strongest factor. It is built with high-quality metal construction and is available in a variety of lofts and four grind options. They provide an exceptional feel, feedback and accurate trajectory control due to the progressive CoG. You also get improved shot versatility and ball spin because of the TX4 grooves and parallel face texture. If you are looking for a club that gives you value for money spent, this is it.

Best 60-Degree Lob Wedge for Stability and Control
When hitting from hazards, stability and control enables you to take accurate, precise shots that influence your overall performance. This award rewards the product that offers you precision control and stability on the course.

This innovative wedge design offers tour-caliber spin and precision control. It also supports golfers with more forgiveness based on its cavity back style.

This advanced lob wedge design sustains versatility with its sole style, which incorporates two different V shapes. With the front to back V configuration, you as the golfer can cut through even tick areas of turf smoothly while maintaining good speed.

The V shape from heel to toe supports versatility while helping you navigate sand patches.

This club uses Rotex Face Technology, which aids golfers in achieving tour-caliber spin for optimal control.

Its impressive grooves act to direct any debris out from the face, which enables golfers to have full shots on a regular basis, mainly from the fairway or rough areas.

When the center of gravity is centered on the club face, you will experience a more comfortable feel and greater distance control over the entire course when using this lob wedge.

  • excellent stability along with
  • quality spin control while providing golfers a significant amount of versatility and good feel
  • Some golfers who like a low bounce have expressed some disappointment with the overall performance of this wedge

The Cleveland CBX Golf Lob Wedge is built to help you with control, stability and precision in your ball hits. The cavity back style design increases forgiveness, which makes it an ideal club for beginners and high-handicappers. The V-shape design helps you to cut through thick turfs smoothly, navigate sand patches easily and maintain good ball speed. The Rotex Face Technology aids you to gain ball spin and optimal control. If you are looking for lob wedges that give you maximum control and stability, amongst other essential features, the CBX wedges are ideal options.

Best Premium 60-Degree Golf Lob Wedges
Clubs with a high investment value come with advanced features and technology to boost your performance but getting the best options can be difficult. This award highlights the product with the most advanced features-the best that money can buy.

This brand of golf wedges has been moved recently into the top level of lob wedges on the market today.

Its specialized design combines an advanced center of gravity feature and a more reliable spin on the golf ball due to the shifting of the mass upward on the blade during highest lofts.

The Mizuno S18 lob wedge contains carbon steel, which reinforces the power of this wedge's action with nearly 30 percent more strength than that offered by other popular lob wedge designs.

With this wedge, golfers can achieve a desirable degree of versatility, supported by the club's bounce specific sole grinds.

Also, the face of this wedge offers improved roughness to enable the ball to have more spin closer to the green.

Both versatility and control are enhanced by the smooth movement of the center of gravity in this lob wedge design.

  • advanced sole grind
  • helps golfers achieve exacting degrees of the bounce of the ball without struggling
  • A major disadvantage of this S18 wedge is that it is currently available only for golfers who are right-handed

The Mizuno S1 Wedges were recently included in the top-level category of lob wedges because of their advanced features. They come in specialized designs and combine advanced CoG features, upward mass shift for reliable spin, and carbon-steel construction for increased strength and power. The rough club face increases ball spin while the sole grinds enable you to achieve desirable degrees of versatility. You also get improved stability and control on your shots and benefit from ball bounce without struggle. If money is not a major consideration and you are looking for the best golf lob wedge that money can buy, the Mizuno S18 Lob Wedges are an ideal set.

60 Degree and Lob Wedges: Buyer's Guide

A golf bag full of clubs includes woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and a driver, to be specific.

One complete range of golf clubs may be priced at a rate equal to a modest fortune.

Luckily, it is possible to purchase several different types of golf clubs on the sports equipment market at decidedly different prices.

This enables golf enthusiasts who have not yet won any major tournaments or discovered a hidden treasure chest to play this sport once reserved for members of the elite social set.

Wedges Explained

Most seasoned golfers and caddies recommend putting your wedge to use when your golf ball is approximately 100 yards away from the flagstaff.

Wedges are designed to be useful for such short range shots when playing golf.

Your wedge is one kind of iron, and wedges fit into four major categories: Pitching Wedges, Gap Wedges, Sand Wedges and Lob Wedges.

As one of several different varieties of lob wedges, your 60-degree lob wedge is the most frequently used club during a game of golf.

However, a standard golf set does not include a lob wedge.


In fact, the lob wedge and the driver are two types of golf clubs that you will need to purchase in addition to your set of clubs if you want to use them.

As they progress in their playing skills, most golfers find that they need both the lob wedge and the driver in certain situations that can develop along the course.

For example, drivers are used for making fast, flat shots to cover a distance of about 100 yards airborne plus some additional ground distance after the ball lands.

Using the lob wedge (60 degrees), you can send the golf ball vaulting high in the air to land with a bounce or roll.

Many golfers choose the 60-degree lob type wedge to make chip shots from the green to the flagstick and for strokes onto the green from a distance of about 50 yards away.

Additional Uses for a 60 Degree Wedge on the Golf Course

Although the 60-degree lob wedge is categorized as a special club for golf, its value and uses in the game are varied.

It is true that lob wedges are limited in their use in comparison with golf clubs like hybrids.

However, as well as being helpful in lifting the ball high in the air, lob wedges can be of significant aid in landing accurate, precise shots.

They also lend strong support in freeing your golf ball from rough terrain or bunkers, getting it back in good placement for easy putting on the green to the hole.

Your lob wedge can also help you arch the ball high to avoid tree branches that may be in your way along the course.

Especially when the distance from a rough patch of ground to the green is short, and your ball is in the rough lie, a lob wedge can be just the club for your escape.

If your golf ball lands in a spot with water, trees or sand separating you and your ball from the green and the cup, you can count on the lob wedge to get you out of this precarious situation.

Introduction and Influence of the 60 Degree Lob Wedge

This versatile wedge with its strong influence in developing and expanding the game skills of many golfers of different performance levels was first used with success by pro and amateur golfers in major tournaments in the 1970s.

The concept for production and use of the wedge for enhancing the game of golf is attributed to a former NASA physicist, Dave Pelz, who was also known at the time as a guru for the short game of golf.

Pelz realized that a wedge of 60 degrees would be of great help to golfers in making high-loft shots that would land the golf ball gently, enabling it to stop shortly and abruptly when it reached the green.

Many experienced golfers decided that the introduction of the 60 degree lob wedge virtually initiated a new style of playing golf, and for many players, it improved their games remarkably.

Before this wedge entered the sports equipment market, the highest-lofting club was the 56 degree wedge.

Even top pro players gave the 60-degree lob wedge credit for bringing their games forward from excellent and very good to excellent.

These leading players also stated that with use of this newly developed lob wedge, their games were consistently better throughout an entire season and beyond.

Many noted players and coaches also remarked that the introduction and growing popularity of the 60-degree lob wedge also emphasized the actual value and importance of the short game of golf, no matter what level of skill and experience a golfer might have.

More significant strength in the basics of the game could do wonders for meaningful game improvements, even when a golfer was playing under stress.

They explained that, if golfers develop their skill levels and game performance in the short game, they will play on a more advanced level regardless of how expert they are at hitting and distance drives.

After the 60-degree lob wedge became popular and was used commonly by golfers, many leading amateurs and pros began using 64 and 65-degree wedges.

However, these require iron-arm control, so the majority of golfers are better off sticking with the wedge of 60 degrees.

Conclusion and Editors Choice

When considering golfers of varying levels of skill and experience today, the overall best option among the 60-degree lob wedges is the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge.

Although all the wedges discussed offer innovative and specialized features to strengthen and improve various aspects of golf performance, this Callaway wedge design provides greater levels of control along with lower trajectory in highest lofts.

These two performance improvement features are central to any golfer's continued learning and performance curves, regardless of their current levels of accomplishment in the game of golf.

This Callaway lob wedge is especially helpful in this manner due to its signature form and strong focus on the progressive center of gravity.

The 16 groove configuration is also extremely helpful in achieving added spin on pitches and chips. Also, the crescent sole of this lob wedge from Callaway provides golfers with a larger number of options for precision shots, which can be of help to any and all golfers in improving their games.

The combination of greater control and precision shots is essential to the overall improvement of a golfer’s game, and both features can lead to greater consistency in playing levels.

This can give you as a golfer greater confidence as well as a more enhanced and enjoyable game of golf. All features and aspects considered, the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge wins honors as the best 60-degree wedge in 2019.

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