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What Are The Best 3 Woods in 2018?

Best overall Golf Clubs

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's REALLY hard to master the second shot in the fairway or rough to maintain par.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramattically increase your chances of nailing this shot by adding this fairway wood with the number 3 to your arsenal…

…a club that's designed to cover long distance and bring you that much closer to the green.

In today’s article we are going to cover the best 3 woods on the market…and exactly how you can easily choose the best one for you.

Let's dive in.

Best 3 Wood for Beginners: Ping G20 3 Wood

Ping G20 3-wood, Rh 15 Degree, Graphite, Regular Flex

The Ping golf company is known for providing golf clubs that are solid and dependable for every round played. You may become too comfortable with their latest 3 wood model, Ping G20, as you can use it on every approach after your initial tee shot. One of the main reasons is the feel in your hands prior to taking a swing as the Ping G20 3 wood club gives golfers a better launch angle from less than ideal locations in the rough. These types of adjustments aren’t offered by other 3 wood models as the Ping G20 is becoming the preferred choice of golfers.

The club head angle is at 14.5 degrees, which offers a bigger and more rounder hitting area than any other 3 wood club on the market. The elevated ball speed and added power upon impact comes from the newly-designed steel shaft that flexes 30 percent more than previous Ping 3 wood clubs. Also, this feature will help to curtail slices, which often hurts a round’s score.

Owners of the Ping G20 have proclaimed it’s the highest launching 3 wood on the market, and that’s attributed to the thin club head that optimize forgiveness of a mis-shot. The lack of weight helps to increase the ball speed off the club head, which increases the ability to gain more stability on where you can place each shot attempt. You know a perfect shot has been achieved as the club head and weight distribution is spot-on upon impact on the ball because of the loud sound created.

Recent results show the ball speed has become at least one MPH faster than the competition, and the back spin off each approach carries at least three yards further than other 3 wood models. One of the reasons for this improvement is the texture of the club head’s face, which reduces the ball spin because of the club’s flexibility to hit at a higher angle. This makes it easier for golfers to develop their overall game and become more confident with their ability to convert shots into easy putts for par.

The Ping G20 3 wood comes in three different options: A standard version that is designed to be used by golfers of different playing ability. A SFT model that assist golfers who have trouble with left-to-right ball flight by offering a lighter swing attempt to help hitting the ball more squarely off the club head. The LST model positions the weight closer to the club head, which hopefully reduces the ball spin on longer flights upon impact. The engineers at Ping have created the best 3 wood ever because it’s hitter-friendly from any distance on the course.


  • Very playable from any distance
  • Provides accuracy and forgiveness
  • Ideal distance for a 3 wood


  • Slightly large club head
  • Struggles with leads to the right
  • Alignment technology might not appeal to more experienced golfers

Best 3 Wood for Mid-Handicappers: Adams Golf Tight Lies 3 Wood

Adams Golf Men's Tight Lies Fairway Wood, Right, Graphite, Senior, 16-Degree

All golfers are constantly trying to improve their shot attempts from the rough and fairway. Some have trouble being consistent with a hybrid club, and the use of the Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood can aid golfers to strike better shot attempts. The ball’s spin ratio gives each approach a good chance of hitting the desired target, which is most helpful to those golfers that have trouble with remaining consistent with their 3 wood club off the fairway.

The Tight Lies Fairway Wood from Adams Golf is designed to assist golfers with some relief for balls that land deep in the rough or hitting on tight fairways with little room for error. The club head can assist a golfer with reaching their final destination and placing the ball near the green. It comes with a sophisticated form of technology that increases the ball speed off the club head’s face upon impact.

The steel shaft has a 22 degree angle loft that provides flexibility on the shot attempt, which is helpful towards gaining a better launching angle for the ball and hitting the target squarely. The length of shaft works for most golf swings. The Tight Lies 3 wood club design makes it easy to hit the ball. The object appears larger and allows the golfer to hit behind the ball by flaring their lead foot out, which forces the side of their body to correctly follow-through on the shot attempt, which should gain more yards on the fairway towards the green. Other features include reducing turf interaction with the club head, which increases the chances of getting better lies near the flag. The smaller club head makes it easier to place the ball anywhere on the course.

The Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood provides accuracy, heightened ball flight and distance on each shot attempt, which makes it a great scoring tool for any scratch golfer. It helps to put the ball in the air, even in a light rough terrain placement, which was never the case before with past 3-wood models. They can expect to consistently put the ball on the green, and hopefully on some occasions, close to the pin from 200 yards out.


  • Very versatile from any distance
  • Minimizes slicing to keep ball on target
  • Consistent length


  • Small club head might be a bit intimidating
  • Not enough forgiveness for slicers off the tee
  • Shaft too light for stronger golfers

Best Seller: Callaway XR 16 3 Wood

Callaway Men's XR 16 Fairway Wood

Most golfers believe the Callaway XR 16 3 Wood provides more forgiveness off each errant shot as the brand’s designers created a club that has the look and feel to hit easy shots with every attempt. It all starts with the swing as a golfer will feel the difference immediately after using the Callaway XR 16, especially in comparison to other 3 wood models used in the past. Sometimes, players get an immediate reward by the loud sound of a perfect executed shot with their new 3 wood club.

The Callaway XR 16 club head is rounded, with a symmetric design that is very forgiving as the shaft is lightweight, which helps to make swinging through the zone a much easier task. Sometimes, no time is needed to adjust your approach with hitting from a different angle as this club head is very forgiving on off-center shots. This approach offers more straighter, higher shots that will often hit your desired target as the ball jumps off the club head perfectly and stays up in the air for a longer flight than expected. You rarely receive this type of trajectory from other 3 wood clubs.

No question, the Callaway XR 16 3 Wood is lighter and has a very easy feel than it’s competition. The club head has a low center of gravity that provides some versatility in shots taken from the rough and fairway. You could gain perfect trajectory with a good roll on lower loft shots slightly away from the green. Players with a perfect swing technique can garner between 260-270 yards off each shot with the Callaway XR 16 3 Wood in favorable conditions on the course. Too many weekend players have come away being very satisfied with their results using the Callaway XR 16 3 wood club during their round.


  • Acoustics or perfect sound of the ball off the club head face.
  • Easy and effective to make quick adjustments
  • Impressive distance gains


  • Forgiveness off errant tee shots
  • Not ideal launch height
  • Not workable in terms of shaping shots

Best overall Golf Clubs

3-Wood Buying Guide

As stated, shots with a 3 wood are some of the more difficult shots to master in golf.

We're talking about hitting a second shot in the fairway or rough as most players are looking for distance from their 3 wood club to maintain par.

To achieve this goal, a club pro or course instructors can suggest a few adjustments to refine your swing, but your problems may have more to do with the condition of your 3 wood club.

This solution could solve the issue of hitting the ball, but sometimes, it isn't about ball placement and more about the quality of the 3 wood club being used in your bag.

The difference can be seen upon impact, where poorly made 3 wood clubs can cause a ball to curve off the fairway.

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Personal lessons are great, but having the best 3 wood club on the market in your golf bag could be the smartest decision you ever make in the game of golf.

Purchasing better clubs and receiving personal tutoring will help to improve your overall golf game in due time.

What is The Purpose of The 3 Wood Club?

A 3 wood club can used for different reasons on the course, it all depends on the situation that lies ahead for each golfer.

While 3 wood typically has a loft between 15 and 18 degrees, a 5 wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees, delivering a higher shot covering less distance.

Typically, a golf hole is approximately 450 yards from the tee box to the pin on the green, so a 3 wood club is ideal to use on the first shot after the initial drive to begin play on the hole and cover the most ground quickly.

Confident players will use a 3 wood club as an alternative to their driver on shorter distance (approximately 175 yards total) holes because it provides more accuracy than any other club in the bag.

Others use the club exclusively for each approach shot on the fairway to keep their par in place after a poor tee shot.

The popularity of the 3 wood club has been diminished by the advent of hybrid clubs into the sport.

However, 3 woods are still very useful on the course and should be included in every golfer's bag.

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It would be smart to refrain from becoming a hybrid-dominant player and begin using a 3 wood club more as this approach could helpful in making 5 or 6 holes much easier prospect to score par for your effort. Plus, it could lower your overall score into the high 80s, which is a desirable goal for any scratch golfer.

Today's 3 wood clubs are made from lighter metals, but they have thinner shafts and shorter club heads, which should gain more accuracy on each shot attempt. All of these advantages should help with consistently hitting a target from long distance range.

Recent changes to the design of 3 wood clubs, especially to the measurements of the shaft, has given golfers the added distance needed to make par on the more difficult holes. The newly-designed 3 wood clubs have increased the ball speed off the club head's face upon impact as this reduces the spin and produces better ball placement near the target.

To gain better results, the shaft of the 3-wood club must perfectly fit your swing. Most manufacturers created 3 wood clubs that are slightly heavier in the total weight of the shaft, especially in comparison to their drivers. The flex of the shaft should be softer to gain more distance off the club head. All of this is based on swing dynamics, shaft length and overall strength of each individual golfer.

Our Choice

Overall, I would go with the Ping G20 3 Wood to start with. If you are already an experienced golfer with a lower handicap, you can also find great joy in playing the Adams Golf Tight Lies 3 Wood.

However, I urge you to not make any rash decisions. Check the price of the clubs, try them out and once you feel that it is the club for you, go ahead any bring consistency to your long-distance shots.

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